Reality Clash: AR Combat Game

Game overview

Experience real-time augmented reality combat in the innovative shooter game Reality Clash. Join factions, customize weapons and defeat enemies for glory.

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If you seek an immersive and innovative augmented reality FPS game, delve into the world of Reality Clash – the ultimate AR shooter. Challenge your friends or adversaries in real-time AR combat across various virtual terrains. Utilize unique virtual environments to engage your opponent and secure victory in this groundbreaking competitive AR shooter.

With Reality Clash, you can experience AR like never before. Step through the AR portal and enter “The Sim,” a virtual battlefield where your strategy, reactions, and movement are crucial to your success. Test your combat skills against others worldwide as they appear on-screen as digital avatars. Earn XP and additional resources with every victory to build powerful guns and defeat more advanced enemies.

Choose from a wide range of tactical weaponry such as pistols, submachine guns, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers to shoot up close or from afar. In the Armor, you can customize your guns to your liking with various skins, scopes, attachments, and much more. Utilize training modes to perfect your tactics such as enhancing your shooting accuracy or using cover for defense.

Join one of the three powerful factions fighting for control of the virtual world. Participate in augmented reality combat to gather the game's critical resources and attain the ultimate prize - glory. The game is optimized for smartphone use, features eye-catching graphics and incredible combat animations.

Reality Clash epitomizes the advancements in augmented reality technology resulting in an unparalleled AR gaming experience. However, the game is free to play with optional in-game purchases. You should note that a network connection is mandatory to enjoy the game. Moreover, Android 8.0 and ARCore support is needed to run the game.
Reality Gaming Group Ltd
Release date
Apr 16, 2019
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Reality Clash First tutorial gameplaySamTheOilMan
Reality Clash - The First Augmented Reality Combat GameCrypto & Ico Studio
Reality Clash AR Teaser Trailer (Reality Gaming) - iOS, AndroidUploadVR
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