Rainbow Six Mobile

Rainbow Six Mobile


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Rainbow Six Mobile: A competitive, multiplayer FPS game featuring destructible environments, specialized operators, and team-based PVP modes designed exclusively for mobile devices.

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Be among the first to experience Rainbow Six Mobile, the highly-anticipated competitive multiplayer first-person shooter game, with a limited number of players currently testing the early version. The game is not yet finalized and available for a wider range of devices, but stay tuned for more news. In Rainbow Six Mobile, you can take part in classic Attack vs. Defense game modes, becoming either an Attacker or a Defender in fast-paced, 5v5 fights with close-quarters combat requiring quick strategic decision-making. Choose from a range of skilled Operators, each with their unique abilities and gadgets.

Rainbow Six Mobile is tailor-made for mobile, with shorter matches and game sessions, and customizable controls in the HUD for maximum comfort and playability on the go. The game is based on the acclaimed Rainbow Six franchise, with its epic roster of Operators, cool gadgets, and iconic maps, such as Bank and Border, and a focus on PvP intense 5v5 matches with players worldwide.

Experience destructible environments in Rainbow Six Mobile as you leverage strategic thinking and teamwork with your friends. Explosives or Operators' unique abilities allow you to breach through walls and ceilings, or rappel from the roof and break through windows, turning the environment into a key part of your strategy. You can also set traps, fortify your locations, breach enemy territories, and bring your team to victory.

Master the skills and gadgetry of your Operators to win the game. Choose your team wisely based on their unique skillsets, weapons, primary and secondary, and gadgets. Privacy policy and game terms are available for your reference, and you can follow the latest news on the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Discord community.

Rainbow Six Mobile requires an online connection, 4G, 5G, or Wi-Fi, and offers a highly-specialized, strategic, and action-packed gameplay experience. Do you have what it takes to lead your team to victory? Join the limited player's test now and provide valuable feedback or ask any questions you may have through the Ubisoft customer support channels.
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