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Choose from 5 powerful classes with unique talents, tame and train majestic spirit beasts, make friends, and enjoy thrilling team fights in the mysterious lands.

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Unleash your prowess in spiritual combat with five distinct classes featuring unique abilities - the powerful Alkaid as a dependable ally that can take a hit; Dubhe with natural agility and lightning-fast attacks. Select the class which suits your playstyle the best and create a customizable avatar that matches your tastes.

Capture majestic beasts and harness their powers to augment your own. Seal, train, and enhance your sprite beast into a fearsome creature that will fight alongside you. Drawing inspiration from mythical creatures such as the Qilin, Zhulong, Baize, and Qiongqi that originated from the "Classic of Mountains and Seas," you can also mate and breed your own beasts to create even more formidable allies.

Forge friendships and create lasting bonds, whether through romance or the camaraderie of like-minded spirits, because adventuring is more fun with companions by your side. You'll require a buddy to navigate the thrilling challenges ahead.

Embark on exciting battles, be it multiplayer or single-player, and test your mettle against enemy guilds or daunting monsters. Overcome these challenges with the perfect team, and rise to glory as the undefeated victors.

Explore the captivating and enigmatic landscape filled with oriental concepts and aesthetics. From the storyline to the environments and the creatures roaming within them, the world of Oath of Peak is truly intriguing.

Don't hesitate, join us on this exciting journey to the peak! Connect with our community on the official page, Facebook, and YouTube. Discover what lies ahead, and prepare to take on the mantle of a true spirit master!
Release date
Jan 07, 2023
Open world

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