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Lovecraft Quest is a comics-style horror game inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's works. Solve puzzles, avoid traps, and escape Lovecraftian horrors in multiple endings.

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Lovecraft Quest is an enthralling and immersive game, created in the style of comics and inspired by the works of horror genre master, Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Your ultimate aim is to find your way through the maze-like Temple of Nameless Cults, filled with Lovecraftian horrors, while simultaneously avoiding traps, solving puzzles, and making quick decisions that could make or break your journey.

You will come across Dagon, the lord of the Deep Ones, Shoggoth, an ancient servant of the Ancients, and, possibly the most daunting of all, Cthulhu himself. The choices you make, twists in the plot, and even the ultimate fate of the main character, all rely solely on your decisions.


Visualize reading a colorful and captivating comic book, infused with various interactive elements such as puzzles, alternative endings and mini-games, much unlike typical comic books. Each scene is hand-drawn with exceptional attention to detail and respect for the works of Lovecraft to accurately communicate the original style of his stories. The game interface, representing a minimalistic comics style, lets you effortlessly immerse yourself in the mysterious atmosphere of the ancient dungeons, thereby thoroughly enjoying the game's storyline.


The game begins after a shipwreck in which you find yourself stranded on an island lost in the vast ocean. The sole gateway from the bay where you wake up appears ancient, with a possible hidden threat. It serves as the entrance to the dungeons of the Temple of Nameless Cults, where you need to discover what secrets and beasts are trapped in the labyrinths of this temple and the possible consequences of engaging in idle curiosity.


The game comprises classic puzzles styled as old school 2D point-and-click quests, along with reaction mini-games. You will experience a real adrenaline rush in the dynamic duel-like scenes where quick-thinking and making appropriate choices are essential. For instance, when confronted by one of the beasts inhabiting the dungeons of the Temple, you will need to try and escape, selecting the correct door within a limited time.


Lovecraft Quest has six alternate endings, with most of them resulting in the main character's death. Be careful while making your decisions, as the Temple of Nameless Cults is replete with death-traps. Every step you take could be your last, but if you're daring, you could explore all the doom variants of your hero, and the power rests in your hands!


The game, in an attempt to provide an immersive and unique gaming experience, uses random events and procedural generation when creating labyrinths.


If you explore various rooms of the Temple, you may find various artifacts from Lovecraft's stories, including the Necronomicon, a book written by a crazy alchemist and necromancer, Abdul Alhazred. This book reveals the story of the Ancients, immensely powerful beings that exist beyond the boundaries of our dimension, and the magical rituals that can awaken them. The original book was lost irretrievably, but the last of the remaining copies is stored in the Miskatonic University's library located in the town of Arkham. You could search for all the artifacts, learning the history of each one.


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