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Join Cor and Louis on an adventure with customizable fortress and automatic battles, collect heroes and rare items to unleash skills. Stunning graphics await!

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Welcome to the adventurous world of Fortress Saga, where you accompany Cor and Louis on their journey as they carry the seed of life's power and the bloodline of a great hero. Customize your fortress to your taste, gather allies, and delve into dungeons across vast terrain. Grow stronger, conquer your enemies, and indulge in the stunning graphics and captivating chemistry between the heroes that will keep you yearning for more.

In Fortress Saga, you can strengthen your heroes and fortress 24/7 without lifting a finger, as they continuously level up and grow stronger. Engage in automatic battles and enjoy the ride while your fortress crushes your enemies, casting flashy skills, and activating synergies among heroes to become even mightier.

Experience the game's uniqueness in every aspect, from personalized heroes, including a variety of tanks, dealers among others, to the exclusive customization of your fortress with the latest gear and upgrades. Collect rare items and heroes to advance your abilities and overcome any challenge.

Get ready to immerse yourself in stunning graphics that come along with dynamic animation in the Art Nouveau style and voiced by an all-star cast. You would undoubtedly relish the heart-pounding experience that ensues while engaging in witty conversations and captivating chemistry between the heroes.

With Fortress Saga, the limits are boundless, and your imagination can go wild. Come explore and conquer in the pursuit of glory!
Release date
Jul 18, 2023

Gameplay & Streams

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