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Click" your way through Ragnarok's monsters and dungeons in an exciting new idle game by Playsaurus and Gravity Interactive. Collect MVP cards and form guilds for multiplayer challenges.

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Get ready to journey through the original classic world of Ragnarok Online in an incredible collaboration between Playsaurus, the developers of Clicker Heroes, and Gravity Interactive, as they come together to bring the monsters and characters of the game to life in the idle game genre.

Start your adventure with your loyal Novice comrade, explore the World of Ragnarok, and enlist more party members in your team to gain new skills and increase your damage potential. Level them up with zeny to take on increasingly difficult challenges, and capture MVP cards to gain extra special bonuses and enhance your gameplay.

Immerse yourself in the arresting beauty of Ragnarok's landscapes and face off against creatures ranging from the adorable Porings to the terrifying MVP Bosses. Progress through the dungeon levels, gathering mercenary helpers to assist you in collecting additional loot. Plus, team up with friends or create your own guild to tackle multiplayer challenges in the game.

Whether you prefer an idle approach or prefer an active one, Challenge yourself in your own unique style. And if you reach the highest dungeon levels, don't worry, you can restart your dungeon run with most items and MVP cards to try to achieve an even higher and faster level of gameplay. The game offers over 100 monsters and infinite dungeon levels, so the journey may be long, but it is undoubtedly worth it. Join the adventure of a lifetime today!
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