IdleOn: The Idle MMO

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Build a guild of unique characters and play as each one in a huge multiplayer pixel world; with no ads, IdleOn offers endless content and gameplay features.

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In IdleOn™, you can enjoy an idle game without any ads. The latest version 1.70 is now available, bringing new gaming skills, sailing, and divinity. You can even explore World 4 with new cooking, pet breeding, and lab skills. With the release of v1.30, you can cooperate with up to 10 people to play Party Dungeons. The game is now 50% larger with the new World 3, available in v1.20. You can join a guild with up to 170 people in v1.10, so invite your friends and enjoy playing together.

IdleOn is an MMORPG where you can create your own guild of unique characters. You can cast spells on bosses, complete quests, level up your skills, and chat with other players in this pixel world. Even when you are offline, your characters continue to gather resources, craft items, and defeat bosses. You can choose whether to actively grind mobs or gain idle gains by closing the game. With a large amount of content, IdleOn™ will keep you engaged for months.

You can create multiple characters, each specializing in different areas. All characters work equally when idle, which is unique and exciting in this game. With 20 specialized characters, each with unique abilities, talents, tasks, and quest chains, IdleOn is a refreshing break from pay-to-play games. This game keeps getting bigger and better, with new content added every few weeks.

IdleOn™ MMORPG has eleven unique classes with its own attack moves and talents to suit your playing style. There are twelve unique skills and subsystems such as Post Office Orders, Statues, Stamps, and Minigames, unlike most idle games and MMORPG. You can level up fifteen unique skills, from mining and smithing to alchemy and woodcutting. You can talk to more than fifty NPCs, each with its own hand-drawn pixel art animations.

There are more than 120 unique equipment items such as helmets, rings, and weapons that you can craft. IdleOn lets you talk with other players like you are talking to someone in real life and join Discord to stay informed about upcoming content. Why not download the game and experience IdleOn™ MMORPG now?
Release date
Nov 09, 2020
Single player


someonefrom Skich app
actually pretty good, it's an idle game but it isn't boring. there is a loads of quests crafting and other things wich keep it pretty fun for even hours of gameplay :)...

Gameplay & Streams

I Skipped 7,200 Hours Because I'm Lazy in IdleOnDangerouslyFunny
I became the ULTIMATE ENGINEER by doing nothing in IdleOn!Real Civil Engineer
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