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Defend Oslo from darkness as a hero in this RPG. The dark queen leads an invincible army from hell to conquer the continent. Will light return?

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In Oslo, a peaceful and serene land, humans and beasts coexist harmoniously. A prosperous era of tranquility that lasted thousands of years saw the dimming of their awareness of evil. But, in silence, the shadowy is spreading like a disease.

The dark queen, previously defeated by the mighty humans, has reemerged, leading an army of formidable darkness from the abyss of hell, determined to conquer the world. Their power is unfathomable, obliterating the northern human armed forces and conquering cities that were once impregnable. The darkness has even penetrated the south, and the shadow army aims to rule over the entire Oslo continent.

Is there still hope? Late as it may be, humans and beasts are now mobilizing to resist the enemy. But will their efforts be enough to dispel the gloom that engulfs the land of Oslo?

Welcome to Oslo, the stage of this role-playing (RPG) game. You, as the player, will take on the role of a warrior battling for the light of the Oslo continent. Yes, it's the timeless tale of a hero saving the world. But deep within, everyone treasures a dream of becoming a hero. And now, you can live it as you play.

Join us in Oslo's quest for light. Let's fight together and vanquish the darkness!
Release date
Jun 14, 2023

Gameplay & Streams

Bright Reappear: iOS/Android Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Warrior (by MICH)App Unwrapper
Bright Reappear (iOS)macplash
Bright Reappear (by MICH) IOS Gameplay Video (HD)IOSTouchplayHD
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