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Forge your empire and lead your legion to glory in Legions of Rome 2: a historically accurate, strategic and immersive experience.

Enter the shoes of a Roman military leader and forge your path in "Legions of Rome 2", an epic strategic game situated in the heart of the ancient Roman Empire. This game provides a spellbinding expedition through time, putting you in charge of leading your army to victory, expanding your territory, and outmaneuvering your foes in intense, tactical battles. Seize Rome's Might In "Legions of Rome 2", you hold the power to shape the destiny of the world's greatest civilization. Commence your journey as an eager officer and rise through the ranks to become a heroic commander. Your expedition will take you across verdant landscapes, arduous mountains, and vast cities, each brought to life by exceptionally realistic graphical representations. Historical Accuracy Meets Tactical Finesse Completely immerse yourself in a game world that flawlessly replicates the historical milestones. "Legions of Rome 2" painstakingly simulates the Roman army's units, weapons, and tactics, allowing you to experience warfare as if you were present during those times. Deploy your legions of infantry and archers, each possessing their own strengths and weaknesses. Sandbox Mode: Construct and Handle Your Empire Create your custom maps and save them. Edit the terrain, place buildings, trees and units. Modify the weather, alter the time of day, and create your levels with rain, fog, and more! Epic Campaigns and Battles Immerse yourself in a wide range of gripping campaigns that cover the entire Roman period. Whether you're defending Rome from invasions of barbarians or leading a campaign to conquer faraway lands, each mission presents you with a range of unique challenges and objectives. Participate in massive battles with hundreds of troops on the screen, each one striving for dominance. The dynamic terrain, as well as weather conditions, will test your strategic flexibility, compelling you to adjust your tactics on the fly. Personalize Your Legion In "Legions of Rome 2", no two armies are identical. Customize your army with a broad selection of units, each featuring customizable equipment and capabilities. Tailor your army to fit your playstyle and adapt to different environmental circumstances. Astonishing Visuals and Audio Our game presents stunning graphics that breathe life into the ancient world. Every battlefield, city, and unit is expertly rendered to create a thoroughly engaging experience that immerses you in the world of ancient Rome. Furthermore, the epic soundtrack and realistic audio effects enhance the mood. Highlight Features: Strategic Depth: Develop and implement multifaceted strategies both on and off the battlefield. RTS mode: Supervise your armies and lead them from a bird's-eye point of view. FPS mode: Tap to embody any of your units and play as them. Sandbox mode: Generate your highly custom-made levels. Epic Campaigns: Engage in a plethora of missions that test your strategizing skills and adapt to dynamic environments while playing as the Roman Empire or Barbarians. Customization: Personalize your troops with unique units to develop an army that suits your strategic vision. Breathtaking Visuals: Enjoy top-quality graphics and sound that bring the ancient world to life. Join the Legion, Conquer Ancient Rome! Are you prepared to author your own chapter in history? Join the ranks of "Legions of Rome 2" and embark on a momentous journey of strategy, conquest, and glory. The destiny of the Roman Empire rests in your hands. Will you accept the challenge and become Rome's greatest general? Download "Legions of Rome 2" today and commence creating your legacy!
DNS studio
Release date
May 21, 2024
Single player

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LEGIONS OF ROME 2 Android GameplayYNX94 Gamer
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