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An immersive text-based world war RPG with alliances, ops, battles, and weekly tournaments, allowing players to build their army and economy to dominate enemies.

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Battle Cry - World War Game is a captivating text-based RPG game that will keep you hooked for hours. Join the ranks of the greatest military force and dominate the world with your power. With over 500,000 downloads on Android, you can be sure this game is worth your while.

Build your own army, air force, navy, and outposts to prepare yourself for epic battles with your enemies. Recruit commanders to lead your units and upgrade your Federation Captains to defend your zone in Federation battles. Manage your economy to build your income, conduct R&D, and participate in military drills to become the best.

Engage in operations at various parts of the world, capture the land back, and clear out enemy sectors. Build your vast military force with a large set of units to choose from. Build up your defense with outposts, show off your military power in battles, and progress through unlimited levels. Update your military strategy with skill points, tactic points, R&D, and various military drills.

Recruit commanders and assign them to command your units during battle, build infrastructure, industries, and power units to manage your economy and gain cash flow. Defend your Federation zones, defeat the enemy waves, and level up your FED Captains. Infiltrate enemy lines and engage in special ops to capture strategic locations and gain a critical advantage. Use your command center to switch your command to various war fronts around the world.

Join powerful alliances to rule the world as a team, equip powerful alliance arsenals, and engage in alliance wars to win exciting war rewards. Earn Alliance's respect and become the general or start your alliance and recruit your members to build a new team.

Capture other alliance states and assign your governor to collect hourly payouts sent to all your alliance members. Join total domination to war 3 other alliances simultaneously, and the winner takes all the rewards. Take part in weekly tournaments and win respect for your alliance and yourself.

Sync your account with Facebook, Google, and Google Play Games login, and use custom avatars with Gravatar, Facebook. Get real-time in-game notifications, live leaderboards, and an in-game player profile with live comments.

Experience this feature-rich and diverse world war RPG that offers a unified gaming experience, whether you're on Android devices, iOS, Facebook, Chrome-Store, or your browser. Play Battle Cry - World War Game now and lead your forces to victory! For any help or support, email or visit the helpdesk at
Release date
Sep 09, 2013
Single player




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