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Defend your planet and alien babies against waves of invading humans in Attack of the Earthlings Mobile. Evolve and upgrade your alien army to survive.

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Are you ready to defend your land and the little alien offspring from the greedy "Galactoil" corporation in Attack of the Earthlings Mobile - an exciting, turn-based strategy game? Assume the role of a ravenous alien, fighting off waves of human invaders in the intense "survival mode." As the formidable Matriarch unit guides you, strategically spawn grunts and upgrade your alien army to overcome your foes. But the challenge doesn't end there - utilise your Biomass to evolve your units, unlocking unique abilities and exploring new territories while ensuring the safety of your maternal leader.

Attack of the Earthlings Mobile offers straightforward turn-based gameplay with tactical depth alongside the ability to unlock and customise a variety of units with unique abilities. Lose yourself in the quirky, often humorous portrayal of human nature, reverse stereotypes and indulge in colourful extraterrestrial landscapes. Sharpen your strategic prowess with the best plans and quirky yet lovable alien characters in your fight.

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Release date
Sep 26, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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