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Game overview

xTactics offers a fresh take on turn-based strategy with a cyberpunk twist, featuring squad-based combat, destructible environments, and a diverse cast of heroes.

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Indulge in an enthralling universe of xTactics, a Revolutionary turn-based strategy game that transforms the traditional gameplay style with a spellbinding cyberpunk ambiance. xTactics holds an exceptional position in the Tactical RPG realm, as it offers an unmatched team-based combat experience, enriched by fully destructible battlegrounds and a versatile selection of compelling champions.

With xTactics, you can create countless squad combinations using an assorted range of unique heroes. Master the art of strategic gameplay in this team-based combat game. Explore diverse team compositions to gain an upper hand and come out as a winner in this engaging strategy RPG.

Seize the thrill of rapid session battles in xTactics, an unconventional concept in the mobile turn-based strategy game genre. Dynamic environments and a variegated cast of heroes shape your device into a fierce strategic battlefield.

xTactics shatters the limits of a typical Tactical RPG. With its short and stimulating gameplay sessions, mesmerizing cyberpunk environment, visually stunning and optimized graphics, xTactics sets a new standard for turn-based strategy games. Are you up for the challenge of xTactics?

Take the helm as the commander in this exhilarating Sci-Fi RPG, and construct your team, boost their abilities, and steer them towards triumph in a technological, dystopian future. xTactics stresses on the significance of tactics and foresight, turning every turn-based encounter into a captivating game of intellect and agility.

At the core of this Tactical RPG is a mixture of a finely designed cover system, destructible battlegrounds, and a wide-ranging roster of heroes, culminating in a dynamic turn-based strategy game experience. xTactics challenges you with each distinctive map requiring unique strategies and tactical approaches, assuring that no two gaming sessions ever feel the same.
Release date
Jul 31, 2023

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