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8 is a thought-provoking, textless RPG game where players make choices that shape their future. Survive by overcoming puzzles and enemies while balancing good and bad karma.

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Embark on a challenging RPG adventure in 8, a point-and-click game filled with mind-bending puzzles and formidable foes that will push your limits. Every decision you make will have a lasting impact on the game's outcome, so choose wisely.

The game's story centers around a married mother who discovers her husband cheating on her with a friend and subsequently dies of a heart attack. She finds herself at the crossing to the spiritual world, only to be stopped by Death, a stunning woman who shares her own story of loss and loneliness. Death offers to restore the mother to life on one condition: she must kill a dragon so the creature's spirit can keep Death company in the afterlife.

With a heavy heart and a thirst for revenge, the mother accepts Death's offer, and thus begins a thrilling adventure of epic proportions.

In 8, your every move is automatically saved, so you can easily pick up where you left off at any time. There are no texts to guide you through the game, so you'll need to use your creativity and logic to solve puzzles and progress towards your goals. Choose your items carefully, as they will run out eventually and you'll be unable to proceed without them.

You can choose to be a hero or a villain in the game, and your actions will affect how NPCs react to you. Sometimes it's advantageous to be evil, while other times it's wise to seek balance between good and bad.

Don't be afraid to die in 8, as it's a natural part of the game. If it becomes too challenging, start over from the beginning and try again with the knowledge you've gained. You're sure to emerge from each playthrough with newfound wisdom and experience.
Thales Caus
Release date
Oct 23, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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2021 World Chess Championship (Game 8)GothamChess
EXIT 8Markiplier
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