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Rainbow Six: SMOL - NETFLIX

Rainbow Six: Siege - Recruit squad, defeat cultists, and save Smol amid destructible environments. Unlock new operators, gear, and patches for endless gaming fun.

Rainbow Six: SMOL - NETFLIXNetflix, Inc.
Membership to Netflix is required to play this game. Get ready for an action-packed, fast-paced, rogue-lite shooter, based on Tom Clancy's famous "Rainbow Six" series. Team up with the best squad and free hostages, defuse bombs, and defeat enemies in the world of Smol! As a rookie in Rainbow, you are entrusted with the mission of busting open doors and taking down cultists. Liberate the perplexing world of Smol from the unknown enemy, and devise a plan to return your teammates home safely. Destroy everything in your path! Whether you want to go undercover and eliminate your targets with only a few bullets, or take down entire buildings with your squad, it's up to you. Explore the stunningly designed environments that are totally destructible and take full advantage of it. Engage in tactical combat with your squad, and craft strategies to rule the battlefield. Create a team of unique Rainbow Operators, each with their extraordinary abilities. Will you lead with Sledge or scout for enemy traps with Valkyrie? The decision is yours! Unlock new content by finishing Operations, accomplish objectives to obtain operators, gear, classes, tactical patches, and Books of Power. You will become an unstoppable force of tactical power. Hundreds of deadly enemies, loads of missions, and infinite disposable Recruits await you. This game is developed by Ubisoft Entertainment and is perfect for hours of entertainment and destruction.
Riftbusters (Early Access)

Riftbusters: join the co-op to fight alien invaders, loot epic gear, and customize your weapons in stunning 3D realms.

Riftbusters (Early Access)Phantom Gamelabs
Welcome to Riftbusters, where explosive team action, powerful loot, and non-stop adventure are at the heart of the game. As a freelance defender in Safeguard, your ultimate assignment is to keep alien hordes at bay and ensure the future of Earth. Get ready for the challenge of a lifetime as you equip yourself with uniquely designed weapons, gather allies, and brace yourself for mayhem! Enter the world of Riftbusters and embark on a one-of-a-kind adventure. Will you defend Earth and rise to become the hero who saves the world from alien invasion? UNIQUE CO-OP MODE Prefer company during your fight for humanity's salvation? Engage in thrilling co-op missions with other players. Strategize with your team, and execute moves in unison to conquer your alien foes. ULTRA-POWERFUL LOOT Customize your fighter with a vast range of weapons, gear, and upgrades. Go after legendary loot, unlock special abilities, and turn the tide of battle with ultra-powerful gear. The best loot awaits those who have the guts to face the fiercest opponents. UPGRADES AND CUSTOMIZATION Fine-tune your gameplay style with exciting weapons, grenades, and gadgets. Tailor your weapons and gear to match your unique style of play, thus paving your way to conquering the battlefield. EXPLORE STUNNING WORLDS Feast your eyes on stunning 3D environments, from night-time futuristic cityscapes to terrifying alien-infested territories. Explore hidden secrets and discover the mysteries behind the rifts. ENGAGE IN FIERCE BATTLES Engage in action-packed fights against waves of relentless alien invaders and heart-stopping boss fights. Experience the adrenaline rush as you blast, loot, and defend Earth against annihilation.
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Sipher Odyssey

Packed with rogue-lite elements, Sipher Odyssey combines fast-paced combat and procedurally generated levels in a sci-fi fantasy world.

Sipher OdysseyAtherLabs
Sipher Odyssey is an action-packed RPG game that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat. With its rogue-lite features, the game mixes both melee and ranged combat mechanisms with different rogue-lite elements such as procedurally generated levels, challenging gameplay, and restricted resources, making it an endless game experience. Get ready to embark on an exciting adventure that will take you on a journey through a virtual universe constructed by an almighty artificial intelligence. In a world where humanity's fate is dependent on fighting avatars that venture to explore and safeguard their new planet, you'll need to prove your worth. Set in a sci-fi universe, you will face several difficulties and enemies as you explore various universes, revealing the unique storyline of Sipheria.
Dust & Neon

Dust & Neon: a top-down, twin-stick sci-fi shooter, as the Gunslinger, fight an army of killer robots in a futuristic Wild West.

Dust & NeonNetflix, Inc.
This thrilling shooter game is exclusively available for Netflix members. As the Gunslinger, you must find loot and take down the boss in a futuristic Wild West filled with killer robots. These machines that were once intended to assist humans have now taken over the planet and threaten the existence of the human race. The Gunslinger, a legendary figure in the Old West, has been resurrected by a crazed human scientist to fight against the robot rebellion. Dust & Neon is a top-down twin-stick shooter game that features RPG progression and takes inspiration from both roguelites and looter shooters genres. Players will start at the home base, where they must collect gear and upgrade their weapons before selecting a mission and fighting off waves of robots. In this game, players need to shoot, kill, reload, and repeat to survive. In Dust & Neon, death is just the beginning. Players will get the chance to power up their character across endless runs and deaths. With each run, players will level up and gain more power. There are various mission types to choose from, such as Kill All, Train Heist, and Sabotage Objective. As players progress through the game, they must keep an eye out for cash and better weapons to upgrade their equipment to increase their chances of success. One unique aspect of the game is the boss fights. These adrenaline-fueled battles will push players to their limits and test their skills. As players rank up and upgrade their character, they will draw closer to the ultimate showdown with the next boss in line! The game has been developed by David Marquardt Studios and Rogue Games. Play Dust & Neon today and become the Gunslinger, the savior of humanity in a world overrun by robots!
Alien Shooter

Alien Shooter: Clear deserted base, fight hordes of monsters in 10 missions, save humanity, level up abilities, see monster corpses pile up at the end.

Alien Shooter8Floor Games
Welcome to the world of Alien Shooter - a legendary PC game now available on your Android device! Enter the deserted military complex which is infested by hordes of merciless extraterrestrial creatures. Your mission is simple- to eliminate the monsters and clear the base. Your ultimate goal is to discover the reason behind the alien invasion. You need to burst through 10 missions that have multiple levels, each filled with intense action-packed combat. This time around, you get a chance to experience the thrill of seeing corpses of your enemies littered around the battleground. You will enjoy a user-friendly interface that offers you complete control over your character. You can enable the auto-aim option to enhance your shooting accuracy; this feature will come in handy as you stand up to the huge crowds of monsters appearing on one screen at a time. As you progress, you can level up and try out some superhuman fighting abilities to aid you in the intense battle. The corpses of the monsters eliminated do not disappear - you can check out what happens at the end of each level and view the aftermath of the chaos you unleashed. It's time to stand up to the challenge. The alien invasion has begun, and we have only one chance. Stop them cold at their staging area and prevent them from escaping the facility. You are the last hope of humanity; the fate of the world rests on your shoulders. Mow them down, stay alive, and save humanity from extinction.
Neon Chrome

Neon Chrome - Endless twin-stick top-down shooter fun with procedurally generated levels, powerful AI, cybernetic perks and amazing destruction effects.

Neon Chrome10tons Ltd
In search of a top-notch game that has action and never-ending challenges? Neon Chrome offers an infinite twin-stick top-down shooter, where you get to choose your character and embark on a challenging journey in the destructible environment. Your primary objective is clear - bring down the Overseer, but it won't be easy, you'll have to work on it again and again until you succeed. Neon Chrome takes pride in its gameplay, as it's an endless symphony of fight, perish, improve, and repeat. Suitable for any player, as it has the ultimate replayability factor, where all levels are procedurally generated, so you'll never get tired of playing them. The game has a rich AI behavior, consisting of multiple types of enemies, ranging from security guards to massive boss hover tanks. To strengthen your player, you'll have to go ahead and overpower your enemies by using the loot that you earn from each win. Not only that, but you can bank on the perk system, which comes in the form of cybernetic enhancements, to improve your performance. Neon Chrome is a game that caters to high-end gamers, thanks to its graphics, filled with massive explosions and countless bullets, providing an overall immersive gaming experience. Do note that certain older devices may not function as per the high frame rate required for the game. The game also showcases exciting features like discovering and unlocking numerous enhancements, abilities, and weapons. Neon Chrome is crafted by the reputed and renowned 10tons, a company that also produces the cult hit game - Crimsonland. With more than 100 hours logged in, Neon Chrome is a never-ending journey of thrill, challenges, and action, waiting for you to explore.
Space Marshals 3

Join Space Marshal crew's adventure in outer space, use tactical combat, stealth, and gear to hunt space crooks. Try before you buy, each chapter sold separately.

Space Marshals 3Pixelbite
Join the rough Space Marshal crew on their latest escapade through the vast depths of space. Prepare yourself for some action-packed space crook hunting by lacing up your boots and gearing up! This game is jam-packed with an intriguing storyline that puts a heavy focus on tactical combat and stealth. Even if you haven't played the prequels, don't worry, as it stands well on its own. TEST IT OUT FIRST Before committing to buying, take advantage of the free trial we offer that allows you to play through the first few levels. We are an independent studio developing the game one chapter at a time, each of which will be priced separately. We promise no other in-app purchases so that you can enjoy the game worry-free! TACTICAL COMBAT Make use of your surroundings to get the upper hand. Instead of going toe-to-toe, seek cover to evade any attacks, or if possible, get behind your enemies for a more effective assault. Gain an advantage by utilizing a variety of tools such as traps, flashbangs, smoke grenades, and more. CUNNING STEALTH Plan your moves wisely and pick your battles. Running into a fight with guns blazing isn't always the answer. By using distractions, you can lure out individual enemies. Eliminate them one-by-one using stealth tactics or silenced weapons to decrease the number of opponents. Commandeer gun turrets to fight your battles for you or even entice enemy factions to fight each other. GADGETS & GEAR Your techniques lay heavily on what loadout you choose. In addition to your armor and grenades, you'll pick from one single-handed and one two-handed weapon. Whatever your style, there's a weapon for you - big, small, loud, silenced, beaming, bouncy, and much more!
Space Marshals 2

Space Marshals 2 is a tactical top-down shooter, emphasizing stealth and combat, as you play as specialist Burton fighting the criminal elements of space.

Space Marshals 2Pixelbite
Space Marshals 2 takes you on an exciting sci-fi adventure filled with tactical combat and stealth action. You step into the boots of a specialist, Burton, who is tasked with fighting the criminal elements of the vast galaxy. Unlike ordinary shooters, the game emphasizes tactical combat, stealth, and packs a story that lures players in. Strategize and use the environment to your advantage. Take cover to avoid attacks, flank enemies for maximum efficiency while avoiding being flanked. The game provides a vast arsenal of tools to gain an edge in battle, including frag grenades, flash bangs, drones, gun turrets, proximity mines, and much more. Choose your approach carefully, as some levels require a more stealthy approach. Distract enemies to divide and conquer or use stealth takedowns and silenced weapons to eliminate enemies quietly and covertly. Take over gun turrets to turn them on their masters and let rival factions fight each other. Selecting the right gear and weapon is critical to your strategy. The game offers a wide variety of weapons to achieve your mission, including shotguns, handguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, crossbows, energy weapons, throwing axes, and much more. The game features 20 levels, and your performance in each determines the reward you receive. Game progress is also monitored by TAMI. The game spotlights beautiful, stylistic HD graphics, gamepad controller support, and Google Play achievements. You can also save and access your games across devices with cloud save game support. Space Marshals 2 is a must-play for anyone with a soft spot for sci-fi and tactical adventure. Note that the game requires OpenGL ES 3.0 support and has been showcased on SHIELD Hub.

Command an emergency team in an infected, arctic terrain. Recruit, fight, explore, and manage to secure safe zones and mitigate danger in this offline, tactical game.

Start playing Xenowerk Tactics now for free and experience the emergency response team commander roleplay, owning responsibility for handling the disaster that strikes a secret arctic lab hidden away deep in the polar region. You can either save the world or uphold the Xenowerk Corporation's name and make an effort to maximize their profits, depending upon the version of this story you believe! Delve into the post-apocalyptic realm and send squads on expeditions into the infected zone. Explore the breathtakingly ferocious scenery filled with remnants of Xenowerk's absurd research facilities. Your journey through the zone comes with numerous risks, perils, and mishaps, which you can tackle using your operatives' skills, traits, and mutations while pushing them to their limits and without wasting precious time. Travel through jungles, swamps, laboratories, shelters, and factories, scavenging for invaluable resources, carrying out various missions, securing strategic safe zones, and finding and rescuing M.I.A. operatives. As you control your squad and combat against hordes of mutants, use operative skills and mutations such as Bait & Trap, Pyrokinesis, Frag Grenade, Adrenaline, and many more to skew the odds in your favor. You can activate tactical pause at any time to give more specific orders during the real-time combat. Assemble your team by recruiting and evolving Marines, Rangers, and Scientists based on your needs and objectives. But be cautious because some members may acquire dubious traits or mutations. Utilize the resources earned during your expeditions to boost your base of operation, which includes Barracks, Recruitment centers, Field hospitals, Armory, and so on, along with spending on treatments, upgrades, and recruitment to fortify your team. Your funding is tied to how much you generate profits for the Xenowerk Management; if you cater to their whims, you'll get more funding, and if you earn some extra money by selling off resources on the Black Market, you can keep your operations running smoothly. You can save up to ten different save games and store them in the cloud. This tactical squad-based real-time combat game is only for a single player, does not require the internet, and is available in languages like Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano, 한국어, 简体中文, 日本語, Português do Brasil, русский, and English. So, become the emergency response team commander now, and save the world!

Build your own JYDGE & enter Edenbyrg, a never-sleeping megacity. Choose companions & modify weapons to eradicate crime.

Jydge10tons Ltd
Craft your ultimate JYDGE, infiltrate Edenbyrg, and come out unscathed in this high-stakes roguehate shooter, JYDGE. Take on the bustling metropolis, rife with crime, and employ your cybernetic law enforcer to bring order to the chaos. With countless personalization options to choose from, including cybernetics, armaments, and companions, you can tailor your JYDGE to suit your unique playstyle. - Select from a massive selection of over a billion different configurations for cybernetics, weaponry, and companions. - The law is merciless and so are you, harness the power of a varied arsenal including bullets, high explosives, lasers, electrical charges, and other essential tools. - Bravery pays off, earn accolades for your heroic feats, unlock new gear, and augment your equipment.
Space Marshals

Space Marshals is a sci-fi tactical shooter where you hunt down dangerous fugitives. Use cover, stealth, and a variety of weapons and gear to complete your mission.

Space MarshalsPixelbite
Space Marshals is an exciting sci-fi adventure game that will take you on a journey through outer space. Immerse yourself in the thrilling life of specialist Burton as you search for dangerous fugitives following a disastrous prison break. With tactical top-down shooting mechanics, you must utilize the environment to your advantage in order to avoid enemy attacks. Use cover to your benefit, flank your opponents for maximum precision, and stay alert to avoid being flanked yourself! Gain an edge over the enemy by using frag grenades, flash bangs, personal shields, proximity mines, and other useful tools at your disposal. Stealth is key in this game, and you must choose your approach wisely. Running into battle with guns blazing may not always be the best option, so use distractions to separate opponents, or disguise yourself and sneak past irrelevant guards. You can even reduce enemy numbers covertly by using silenced weapons. Choosing your load-out is crucial to your success in the game. You can carry both a two-handed and a single-handed weapon in each mission, along with body armor and grenades. There are a variety of weapons to choose from, including shotguns, handguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, crossbows, energy weapons, throwing axes, and more. This game requires OpenGL ES 3.0 support. It features an episodic storyline in three chapters, all of which are available now. The game also boasts gorgeous HD graphics, an extensive range of weapons and gear, performance based mission rewards, and multiple factions to fight with or against - or even pit against each other. Dual stick controls with various options and gamepad controller support ensure a smooth playing experience, while Google Play achievements and leaderboards give you the opportunity to compete with other players. Space Marshals is optimized for NVIDIA Shield Tablet and Console, and it's available in English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano, 한국어, 日本語, and русский.

Join the Tiny Squad, kick doors down, defuse bombs, collect credits, improve gear, choose companions and compete on daily operations in this destructible world shooter." (23 words)

👋 Greetings, Operator! 👋 🔫 You have been assigned to the Tiny Squad, and your ultimate goal is to infiltrate, breach and clear the enemy compound while simultaneously handling an explosive device. The world you'll be operating in changes rapidly and unpredictably, and on your missions, you'll face death while you gather resources to enhance your equipment. 💪 However, you won't be alone in the field, as you'll have access to various Companions, each with their own unique abilities. For example, you can rely on Brick's brute strength and firepower to blast your way through obstacles, or Prime can help you chart a path around lethal traps and enemies. You can also experiment with the other members of your squad to change up your approach entirely. Join the Tiny Squad Today : 🏆 Challenge yourself with brand new operations each day and top the leaderboard 🧨 Use a diverse range of weapons to demolish fully destructible environments 🙋 Meet a vast array of intriguing characters to play as or eliminate 🎁 Unlock countless rewards such as permanent upgrades, skins, companions and other secrets 🔍 Uncover the secrets of the Tiny universe. If you have any inquiries, don't hesitate to contact us at any time at: Privacy Policy :
Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops

Tiny Troopers make a comeback in Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops, with new uniforms and weapons. Survive endless waves of zombies and rule the enemy territories.

Tiny Troopers 2: Special OpsCHILLINGO
The Tiny Troopers have returned, fully equipped with new gear and uniforms, and ready to dive back into the battlefield! Take on challenging missions and lead your troops to victory in three thrilling, high-stakes special operations. Sit atop a humvee and control the powerful .50 Cal turret-gun while your driver navigates through enemy lines, dodging tank shells and gunfire. Go on a troop customization spree, dressing your soldiers in new uniforms and training them to become ranking military officials. Upgrade their equipment and body armor to help them last longer amidst the chaos on the battlefield. Expand your team with a variety of specialists, including medics, machine gunners, Delta Force warriors, and Flamers handling flamethrowers, to aid you and ensure your success in your various missions. Move your squad using the touchscreen controls and deliver a deadly hail of bullets, grenades, rockets, and airstrikes to annihilate enemy forces. Get ready to last against waves of zombie hordes in three action-packed maps in a survival mode. See how long your team can survive amongst an endless sea of zombies. Consult with the bill payer before making purchases within the app. Important Consumer Information: To use this app, you must first accept EA's User Agreement. By downloading this app, you agree to EA's Privacy and Cookie Policy, which includes in-game advertising and data collection via third-party tools. A persistent internet connection is required (network fees may apply), and the app provides direct links to social networking sites and the internet that are intended for users over the age of 13 and includes communication via Facebook notifications and gifting, which may be disabled through the in-game settings. For assistance or inquiries, visit the Tiny Troopers 2 support page. Finally, note that EA may retire online features and services after providing 30 days' notice at
Mystic Gunner

Evade and shoot your way through randomly generated areas filled with powerful enemies. Collect gear and improve skills to save humanity.

Mystic GunnerBuff Studio Co.Ltd.
Take on the challenge of saving humanity from the worst creatures that have ever appeared in human history! Don't hold back, quickly dodge enemy attacks and fire away with your weapons without any mercy. Arm yourself with gear and skills and venture out into randomly generated areas, each with their own unique monsters and bosses. Explore wave areas, supply areas, and shop areas to obtain new skills, restore health, and purchase items. The gameplay is easy to control and the roguelike elements will keep you on the edge of your seat. In this post-apocalyptic world, humanity is facing a war of attrition against the "Ark", who have left the world contaminated with ashes and radioactivity. Take on the role of a hero who can turn the tide of the war and defeat the enemies. Features of this free game include hundreds of random areas with various monsters and bosses, powerful and random skills, character abilities such as dodge rolling and parrying, level ups, and various game modes to challenge yourself. The game also offers daily quests and rewards to keep you coming back for more. If you're a fan of action, RPG, shooter, and adventure games, you won't want to miss out on Mystic Gunner. This roguelike game can be played offline and is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys smooth controls, upgrading and collecting items, completing challenging missions, and defeating countless zombies and monsters to save the world. We're always looking to improve our games and welcome any feedback or bug reports. As we continue to create more fun adventure, roguelike, and shooter games, we ask that you share this game with your family and friends to help support us.
Mystic Guardian

Mystic Guardian is a story-driven JRPG with 7 classes, 150 skills, 60 boss battles, and secret storylines set in a steampunk fantasy world.

Mystic GuardianBuff Studio Co.Ltd.
Mystic Guardian is a JRPG developed by two dedicated creators who are fans of the genre themselves. The game was designed to create a nostalgic atmosphere for classic JRPGs in the 90s. After five long years of development, refinement, and attention to detail, Mystic Guardian is finally ready to bring back that feeling of old-school RPG games. Those seeking to relive the good old days will love this JRPG that is story-driven and allows for exploration of a new and exciting fantasy world with countless surprises. One can even replay it multiple times to explore all of the branching storylines! Be prepared to uncover the secret storylines in this thrilling offline RPG! Mystic Guardian is one of the most versatile old school games out there. Not only can players fight enemies and bosses along with the story, but they can also craft their own weapons and equipment while exploring alchemy! In the vast world of fantasy RPG games, players are up against the forces of darkness and must become the hero of the guardian tales. Players will need to deploy all of their tricks and role-playing games skills to win this one. The game has intuitive controls and combat mechanics, which lets players fight evil bosses like never before. The game features satisfying combo attacks on enemies and one can even learn new skills during battle. There are more than 150 skills to master while fighting in this action RPG! The game's graphics and animations create a cozy and nostalgic atmosphere of classic RPG games from the 90s. If players have been longing for old-school RPG games offline, then they will truly appreciate the style of Mystic Guardian. The game features a fascinating story inspired by the world of steampunk, which blends machinery and alchemy. With two playable main characters, players can experience completely different storylines leading to secret storylines and alternate endings. The game has more than 500 narrative scenes for players to uncover. Players can switch between any of the total seven classes. Each class has unique skills that can be permanently learned. In addition, players can create their own skill combinations, allowing them to customize their gameplay experience. The game features powerful summons and 60 ultimate boss battles. Mystic Guardian also has a Raid Mode, which offers endless dungeon challenges, and players can compare their scores with others. Overall, If you're a fan of games like Another Eden, Diablo, Zenonia, RPG Adventure Games, or Fantasy Games, then Mystic Guardian will certainly be up your alley! Furthermore, this premium version includes no full-screen ads, and the final chapter is free of charge. In case players encounter issues logging into the Google Play service, they can update both their Google Play service and Android OS to the latest version.

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