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WolframWolframfrom Skich app
Hasbik run: African chase

Hasbik run: African chaseGG Arm LLC
Fun Runner: Create & Play

Fun Runner: Create & PlayK Creative
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Super Wings : Jett Run

Super Wings : Jett RunJoyMore GAME
Little Krishna

Little KrishnaZapak
Postman API-First Journey

Use Postman powers to destroy bugs, dodge obstacles, and reach the API-First World in the monolith escape game.

Postman API-First JourneyPostman GPlay
Embark on an epic adventure to break free from the monolith in this action-packed game. Maneuver your way through an array of obstacles, vanquish pesky bugs, and unleash the full extent of your Postman abilities to enter the API-first realm. With each passing level, you'll need to display quick reflexes, tactical thinking, and keen problem-solving skills to stay ahead of the game. As you progress, the challenges and hurdles you'll face will grow increasingly complex, pushing you to your limits. But fear not, for you are armed with an arsenal of devastating Postman powers that can blast through obstacles, clear your path, and shield you from harm. Use your powers wisely and strategically to overcome the toughest of challenges and make your way to the ultimate destination, the API-First World. With stunning graphics, a gripping storyline, and fast-paced gameplay, this game is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure and emerge victorious from the monolith. The fate of the virtual world rests in your hands!
Fun Santa Run-Christmas Runner

Run as Santa on endless subways in the top free Christmas runner game, with new Halloween mode. Collect coins and avoid obstacles for nonstop fun.

Fun Santa Run-Christmas RunnerDolphin Games - Endless Entertainment
Get ready for a festive treat as Santa Claus brings you an exciting, endless runner game this Christmas 2022. With its addictive subway gameplay, this Xmas game promises to double the fun and thrill of the season. Invite your friends for some offline arcade-style running and select your favorite Xmas character to collect as many coins as possible. It's time to run your Santa on endless subways and become an expert surfer. For those who love runner games, this top free Santa Claus Game is a must-have for the Christmas holidays. Experience the joy of the season with our Christmas Adventure Game 2022 and test your character's speed on endless subways. Avoid obstacles and run fast to score the highest position. This game offers several free and adventurous modes with high-quality graphics. Our Fun Santa Endless Runner Game is unlike any other generic Santa Claus game. We present you with a realistic snowy Christmas Eve experience and make both kids and adults happy. With our new update, you can enjoy a Scary Halloween Adventure mode that adds more fun and adventure to your Halloween fest. Be a pumpkin or a monster and collect coins to unlock Halloween-themed characters. This addictive Santa Running Game is the only best Christmas Game that you won't be able to resist. Run, jump, and pass all the obstacles on tricky tracks, and enjoy a snowy environment for added excitement. Try all three modes and become a pro-surfer on this Fun Santa Run Xmas Game. So why wait? Download now and celebrate your Halloween and Christmas 2022 holidays with endless running fun. We wish you a safe and relaxing holiday season and appreciate your valuable feedback. Let us know what you think, as it helps us improve the game.
Skate Run Endless Skateboard

Skate Run - Collect coins, dodge traffic, and pull off wild stunts with helicopters and rockets. Upgrade your skateboards and dominate the streets!

Skate Run Endless SkateboardAce Viral
Hop on your board and skate towards an epic adventure of collecting coins and dodging traffic in this mind-blowing skateboard game! Who needs a half-pipe when you can perform tricks in the air with helicopters and rockets? Speed through traffic and execute death-defying stunts, hop over mountains and grind your way to victory! Test your skills and dominate the streets, hire more crew members, accumulate cash, and upgrade your collection. Do you have the potential to become the king of the streets? Features: Unleash your wildest tricks and perform insane stunts! Unlock power-ups and unveil hidden rewards! Impressive selection of various skateboard designs. Expand your crew and engage in challenging missions. Take your skills to the next level with extreme aerial missions using helicopters. Skate Run is a completely free game with no in-app purchases. Download now and dive into this ultimate skateboarding experience!
Bike Blast- Bike Race Rush

BMX your way through obstacles, pull off tricks and compete for the highest score in this endless running game, Bike Blast.

Bike Blast- Bike Race RushAce Viral
Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled ride as you hop on your BMX and race to the finish in AceViral's latest cycle game! In this high-octane game, you'll need to use all your skills to swipe, jump, duck, dodge, and dash your way through the city, taking on crazy stunts and obstacles along the way. Ride with your bike crew and grind the craziest rails in town, fly through the bike park, and show off your incredible skills by performing amazing tricks. But the real challenge begins as you blast through the subway and surf through the busy streets, dodging oncoming traffic and swiping through tunnels. Jump over bridges and buses, slide under obstacles, and ride across the city and park, all while trying to trick off the Mega Ramp for some insane air time. Experience the thrills of racing with power-ups, such as a helicopter and a rocket, that boost your score, and upgrade them to get impossible run scores. Compete with your friends on weekly leaderboards and unlock achievements to show off your skills. With multiple characters to choose from, pick your #1 surfer and race to the top. Help Max and Amy rack up the most extreme score possible and challenge your friends to beat it. Collect coins, complete missions, and speed through the ranks in style. Bike Blast is not your average running game – it's faster, smoother, and designed for the best players. Whether you're a boy or girl, there are plenty of funky characters and shiny cool bicycles to earn. With updated features and gameplay packed with content, you'll love doing flips, tricks, and stunts off ramps while testing your reaction times around town. Join in on the action with your friends and download the game now. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay updated with the latest developments. If you encounter any bugs, click the feedback button in the options menu and let the Bike Blast team know. Are you ready to Bike Blast your way to victory? Play now!
Run and Gun

Endless Runner Battle Royale: Battle other players while running through immersive environments. Collect weapons and abilities to outmaneuver opponents.

Run and GunAce Viral
Get ready to experience an exhilarating adventure with Endless Runner Battle Royale. This intriguing twist on the classic endless runner game incorporates intense PvP battles, and you'll need to do more than just run through breathtaking and immersive environments. Besides the endless run, you will be part of a battlefield, fighting against other players in a competition inspired by the battle royale-style genre. With fast-paced gameplay, it's imperative to have good reflexes and a sharp strategy to outmaneuver your opponents and emerge triumphant. Throughout your journey, there will be various excellent locations such as the vibrant and busy city streets, alluring forests full of life, and ancient temples with a story-rich environment. During the game, you will pick up powerful weapons and special abilities that will add an extra edge to your combat prowess, providing you an upper hand while battling against other players. Whether you're a fan of the iconic games Subway Surfers and Temple Run or enjoy the thrill of exciting running games, Endless Runner Battle Royale guarantees an immersive experience. So hurry up, download Endless Runner Battle Royale now, and get ready to conquer!
Recyclings Run

Recycling Run: Explore 5 magical worlds with 30+ cute recyclings, collect plastic bottle caps, gain gems, unlock cool skins, race, hunt down bottles & party.

Recyclings RunCactus Production Studios
Immerse yourself in a fantastic new universe filled with Recyclings Run! Join the celebration and explore five breathtaking worlds, where you will meet more than 30 Recyclings friends! Gather plastic bottle caps and prevent them from being discarded in landfills by transforming them into new Recyclings. With these small bundles of joy, possibilities are infinite, and they are grateful for their second chance at life. From farm animals to inanimate objects like speakers and sneakers, and even adorable penguins and pandas, Recyclings can transform into anything they want! Gather precious gems to unlock trendy skins for your recycled companions. With over 20 skins available, you can dress them as fierce pirates, mystical octopi, heavenly angels, or mighty Vikings! Venture through a magical universe - Unlock and explore five magnificent levels. - Traverse the jungle in "Nature Channel," stroll through the aisles of "Shopping Trolley," and swim through the underwater caverns of "Under the Sea" to witness the adorably repurposed lives of these cute creatures! - Pick up fantastic power-ups such as rocket ships to soar high into the sky or utilize hyper-jumps to spring yourself through the air and progress through your missions. Ready, set, go! - Initiate a never-ending race with other Recyclings to test your limits! - Climb up the racing leaderboards and secure rewards. - Will you achieve the top position and emerge as the champion? Hunt for Bottle Caps! - Enter the dance zone and bust a move in front of your merry Recyclings pals as you earn disco balls. - Unveil novel methods to collect additional bottle caps - slide through the sky, zoom through subterranean conduits, or side-scroll through the enigmatic world. Plastic is indeed fantastic! - With over 30 Recyclings to unlock, you can mingle and enjoy the festivities with your favourite pals. - Obtain your cherished Recyclings toys in the game and amass your collection! - Customize your character with more than 20 sensational outfits that you can unlock. - Progress through the missions, and become the ultimate recycler!
Love Diana Pet Dash

Help Diana find her lost pets in a magical journey through various lands. Unlock new outfits and power-ups while hanging out with lovable pets!

Love Diana Pet DashCactus Production Studios
Step into the magical world of Diana’s Land of Play and embark on a thrilling adventure to rescue Diana’s lost pets. Run, leap, evade and glide your way through the Castle Gardens, Enchanted Forest, Crystal Cavern and Candy Land to reach your destination. Gather an array of beneficial items such as magnets, jet packs, shields and token doublers to aid you in your quest to save the pets. By discovering Diana Diamonds, you can unlock new attires including Princess, Doctor, Firefighter and many more! Each outfit possesses exclusive boosters that will assist you in conquering your adventure. Don't forget to spend time with all the pets you save. They'll adore spending time with you :) Game Features: - Interact with 20 delightful pets - Choose from over 15 distinct outfits - Discover cool power-ups that provide added assistance - Accomplish missions and challenges to earn rewards and obtain new dresses - Play as Roma The game is available for free download. You can also purchase Diana Diamonds and Dress Packs while playing the game. For more information about our privacy policy, please visit:
Runner Heroes: Endless Skating

Runner Heroes features animal heroes in an endless runner game. Run, jump, and skate to escape the evil boss and stop the plans of the tech company.

Runner Heroes: Endless SkatingIVYGAMES
Runner Heroes is an exciting and entertaining endless running game that stars heroic animals. Your objective is to escape from the clutches of an evil boss by running, jumping and skating your way through an obstacle-filled world. Help the animal heroes derail the wicked plans of a tech company and protect the animal city! As you play, collect gold coins and food across the animal city to continually set new high scores. You get to unlock numerous heroes like a cute rabbit, smart fox, and strong orangutan. Are you game enough to run for miles and beat your previous records? -- HERO RUNNER ENDLESS RUNNING GAMES. Every new run comes with a possibility of surpassing your best score yet. To achieve that, upgrade your heroes to add to your score multiplier for even better results. Enjoy fast-paced action with hero runner as you jump, dodge, and slide through an aesthetically pleasing yet challenging obstacle course. -- PLAY ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. Runner Heroes is accessible whenever and wherever you feel like it, so you can continuously track your progress in collecting high scores even when playing offline. The game is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for everyone to play like a pro from the get-go, anywhere, be it your phone or tablet. -- NOVEL SKATING EXPERIENCE. Try out unique roller skates to help you avoid obstacles and slide through streets, showcasing your unparalleled skills! Different skates possess different abilities that will take you places. -- BOOST YOUR RUN WITH SURPRISONIC POWER-UPS. As if the game wasn't already challenging enough, there are numerous power-ups you can use to boost your run and collect more coins! Double jump, shield, jetpack, double gold coins, and more are all at your disposal. -- COLORFUL AND HD ENDLESS RUNNER GAME GRAPHICS. The game features stunning graphics as you sprint through different beautiful scenes such as toy towns, futuristic cities, and stunning malls. Runner Heroes is an eye-catching game full of vibrant colors that will blow your mind! -- MORE HEROES AND OUTFITS. As you progress through the game, more animal heroes will automatically unlock after completing multiple tasks. You can even dress them up in flashy new clothes to show your style and fill their wardrobes with the latest outfits. Join us now to save the animal city! Are you ready to run and jump across challenging obstacles? FOLLOW US: If you have any comments or suggestions, kindly get in touch with us via our Facebook Homepage:
Cat Runner: Decorate Home

Decorate your home and enjoy hours of fun with Cat Runner. Dodge cars and collect coins to buy props and pets. Rush online with world players.

Cat Runner: Decorate HomeIvy
Cat Runner is more than just a cat running game - it's an endless runner packed with adventure! Take control of your favorite furry friend and hit the ground running as you chase down robbers, collect gold coins and explore new worlds filled with fast cars and trains. With endless city scenes to explore, you can rush through streets, alleys, and tunnels, collecting coins and avoiding barriers along the way. But that's not all! Decorate your home for free with a variety of styles to choose from. Whether you're focusing on the living room or bedroom, there are many rooms to design and decorate with your favorite items. Choose from a cat, unicorn, or dog and run fast to collect coins to get new props. Each pet runner has a unique style - see which one you like the most and be the first runner to reach the finish line. With original running, endless, and athletic rush modes to choose from, you'll never tire of playing Cat Runner. In the athletics mode, get chests and observe prizes like diamonds, coins, or props. Upgrade MEGA HEADSTART, score booster, and hoverboard props to gain an edge over other players. Compete with other players from around the world in the thrilling and fun competing mode, and earn prizes along the way. In Cat Runner, you'll also find levels specially designed to challenge you and your furry friend. Decorate your home as you run through exciting new environments, collecting coins to buy your favorite decorative items. With more decorative options to choose from and interesting room designs to create, you'll never run out of things to do! Cat Runner - Decorate Home features a 3D game, sensitive controls, and a background that will keep you enthralled for hours on end. Suitable for all ages, Cat Runner is the perfect game for anyone looking for adventure, excitement, and endless hours of fun. Don't waste another second - download Cat Runner today and join the endless race through the city!
Cristiano Ronaldo: Kick'n'Run

Play as Cristiano Ronaldo on the streets of Paris, compete in online tournaments, avoid defenders, and use power-ups to become a football star.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Kick'n'Run5th Planet Games Development ApS
Are you ready to step into the shoes of Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the world’s premier football players? Experience the thrill of running, dribbling, kicking and scoring like the Man UTD star in this 3D arcade runner game. Gear up and make your way through the bustling streets of Paris, aiming for the highest possible scores in competitive football games. With a bit of luck, you might even find yourself facing off against the actual Cristiano Ronaldo! MULTIPLAYER FOOTBALL GAMES Enter the competitive world of multiplayer football by going up against real players from all around the globe in 1v1 online matches. Compete for incredible prizes, climb your way up leaderboards and become the ultimate football star by honing your running and shooting abilities, channeling the great CR7 himself! ONLINE MULTIPLAYER TOURNAMENTS Join forces with your friends from all over the world to compete against other teams in online multiplayer tournaments. Prove yourself as the invaluable star striker in your team and dominate in the eyes of football and soccer legends from esteemed clubs like Manchester United. Perfect your kicks, score the most points and make a name for yourself in the online competitive scene. POSITION YOURSELF FOR SUCCESS In order to score that winning goal, you must place yourself in optimal spots and perform the perfect kick. Take control of your game like Ronaldo does, taking on the extensive streets of Paris all while being mindful of your proper positioning on the field. AVOID YOUR RIVAL DEFENDERS To best your opponents and score points, you must outmaneuver rival defenders and become an unstoppable runner. Be quick and precise as you run and dribble past them, until you're right in front of the goal and ready to unleash the ultimate killer strike, much like Cristiano Ronaldo himself. POWER-UP ON THE FIELD Smash through obstacles and crush your enemies with special items found along the way, collecting loads of points and advancing up the multiplayer leaderboards in the process. Gear yourself up along the way with fresh new items and get worldwide recognition as a football or soccer heavyweight. LOOK LIKE A CHAMPION We know Cristiano Ronaldo likes to look his very best on every occasion, particularly when he's out on the field tearing up his opposition. Choose from an awesome selection of football apparel and boots and get yourself looking great like the man himself! Remember to share your experience with us and rate our app – we're always looking for ways to improve what we do.
Over Rush: Runner Game

Multiplayer running game where a team of heroes fight robots across many locations. Collect coins and resources, improve cards and guns and unlock new heroes and outfits.

Over Rush: Runner GameInpleron
Jump into the action-packed world of "Over Rush: Runner Game," a thrilling multiplayer running game featuring an array of runners. Assemble a group of heroes to battle an army of advancing robots seeking to conquer the world. Work together with other players to defeat powerful foes through running, jumping, and skateboarding to protect the planet! Travel through diverse cities and countries, collecting resources and currency while upgrading your weapons and cards to enhance your overall rating. As you progress, unlock new heroes, including a tenacious girl on a unicycle, an audacious pirate cat, a formidable warrior on a hoverboard, and even a robotic marvel. Have what it takes to outrun them all? ■ Arena Mode - Race against the clock while battling foes. Each new venture into the arena will allow you to gain new cards and weapons. By successfully completing missions during the race, you can unlock bonuses and upgrades. Attempt to run as swiftly and cautiously as you can! ■ Online Play - Compete with fellow runners from across the globe. Take part in online competitions against players worldwide, striving to come out on top. An internet connection is vital for achieving top scores and winning great rewards, since racing in the arena is not feasible without one. With effortless controls and simple finger movements, anyone can become a parkour master and enjoy the game on their phone or tablet. ■ Unique Arcade-Style Runner - Show off your skills Take control of various characters, dodge obstacles, and demonstrate your ability in this battle runner set in the Hero World. Change up the game entirely with different weapons and cards! ■ Enhance Your Running - Boost your hero's capabilities Experiment with different card and weapon combinations to upgrade your hero's running, including increased jump height, improved abilities, and greater slide distance. Win matches and obtain fresh items to participate in the online race! ■ Clans and Team Race - Unite with others Create and join clans to lend one another aid and request resources and cards. Talk and race against the robots! ■ More Heroes and Costumes - Keep unlocking new characters Complete challenges to unlock new characters, and discover stylish outfits to stock up your favorite runner's wardrobe. ■ Stunning Graphics - Run through beautiful locations Travel through gorgeous locations like a charming desert oasis, a winding jungle path, a factory in a volcano, a cold arctic forest, and more, all waiting for you! Join a squad of courageous hero runners and participate in high-speed, online races to defeat the robotic menace! Follow Us: If you have any suggestions or feedback, connect with us through our Facebook page or on Discord: http://facebook/overrushgame
Agent Dash

Run for country in this spy blockbuster, dodging traps and battling Dr. Quantumfinger. Collect gadgets & outrun lava. Featuring jetpacks & slow-mo.

Agent DashFull Fat
Run endlessly and push your limits! Experience the most dynamic and adrenaline-pumping adventure on your mobile device!


Be a part of an ultimate spy drama! Embark on a top-secret mission-packed escapade from the creators of Blocky Football, Flick Golf, and Blocky Pirates, and join over 20 million players worldwide! “The highest point of its genre” - Pocket Gamer


Take command of the fearless Agent Dash, or choose from a colossal range of characters that include gallant heroes, daring villains- even the Queen Herself! “The graphics are strikingly vivacious” - AppSpy


The challenge is tough - garner your courage and accept the task to vanquish Dash's ruthless arch-nemesis, Dr. Quantumfinger. Beware! Dr. Quantumfinger, a superlomaniac, is more dangerous than a megalomaniac.


Race through the magnificent secrets of Quantumfinger's elusive island fortress while dodging complex puzzles and snares. As you sprint along, watch out for collapsing structures, lasers, lava, and other traps. But don't panic; you have Dash's unyielding resilience on your side! “The design is flawless” - App Advice


Scavenge for life-saving utilities like jetpacks, magnets, cloaks, and time-accelerators as you move forward in the game. Enhance your gadgets at the main base to encumber any treacherous plans.


🔫 Flawless tapping and swiping controls 🔫 Mind-blowing levels with unforgettable highs and lows 🔫 Explosive actions, invasions, and breakouts 🔫 Characters with fantastic attire and benefits 🔫 Next-generation graphics 🔫 Leaderboards and achievements 🔫 Awesome audio effects inspired by classic spy films 🔫 High definition resolution
Jetpack Hyperleague

Jetpack HyperLeague Space Run offers intergalactic obstacle dodging, power-ups, and stunning visuals. Compete globally and customize your alien bot in this addictive game.

Jetpack HyperleagueVirtua Metaverse
Get ready for an incredible adventure across the galaxy in Jetpack HyperLeague Space Run, an addictive mobile game that promises to thrill and challenge you with each new level. As an extraterrestrial robot, you'll need to navigate through intricate corridors and tunnels while avoiding obstacles, traps, and other formidable machines. This game has been designed to be immersive and engaging, with a gameplay experience that combines precision, strategy, and quick reflexes. Jetpack HyperLeague Space Run features intense and fast-paced dodging of different obstacles. You'll be captivated by intergalactic environments that are richly designed with vibrant cosmic landscapes. Touch controls are available for accurate navigation, making it easy for you to maneuver even through the trickiest sections. You'll be able to collect coins that will give you access to power-ups and upgrades, helping you to advance in the game. To add to the fun, there are global leaderboards where you can compete with other players for top scores. The game has stunning visuals that are characterized by a colorful and highly detailed environment, with mesmerizing vistas and intricate alien technology. Immersive sound design and atmospheric music further enhance the sense of adventure as you journey through the game. The game also comes with a variety of exciting power-ups that are meant to aid you on your journey. For instance, you can enjoy invincibility, super speed, or magnetism for a limited amount of time, making it easier to get past obstacles and collect coins. As a player, you can also unlock different characters with unique abilities and appearances, adding a personal touch and allowing you to express your style. The Jetpack HyperLeague Space Run's gameplay features running, gliding, and dodging obstacles in a fast-paced environment. With intuitive touch controls, you'll be able to anticipate and react swiftly to the different hurdles that come your way. Collecting coins is a vital aspect of the game as they serve as a measure of success and function as currency within the game. Use the coins to purchase power-ups, upgrades, and cosmetic enhancements for your space bot while enhancing both your performance and visual appeal. Achieving a high score is essential in the Jetpack HyperLeague Space Run game as it motivates players to improve their performance and strive for excellence. The game encourages players to avoid obstacles and collect coins efficiently to maximize their score and climb the global leaderboards. Compete with players from all over the world, showcase your skills, and establish yourself as the top alien bot runner. Jetpack Hyperleague offers a multitude of exciting features that make it a captivating and unforgettable experience. Enjoy a visually stunning cosmic destination brought to life with attention to detail captured in impressive visuals, immersive sound design, and atmospheric music. The power-ups add an extra dimension of strategy to the gameplay, while the unlockable characters offer an opportunity for personalization and creative expression during gameplay. Embark on a cosmic adventure and hone your reflexes as you prove your worth by becoming the ultimate alien bot runner in this thrilling intergalactic escapade!
Kingdom Dash - Endless Runner

Kingdom Dash is an endless runner game where you dodge obstacles and battle enemies in a vivid fantasy world, collecting power ups and coins to gain high scores.

Kingdom Dash - Endless RunnerVenum Spyder
Kingdom Dash is an exciting Endless Runner game developed by Venum Spyder where the player embarks on a thrilling adventure through a beautiful and majestic fantasy world, while trying to avoid the grasp of an evil overlord and his army of knights. The game requires you to evade incoming steam-powered hover trains and mine carts while dashing through the train tracks to gather coins and power-ups in a race against time. The game boasts visually stunning 3D graphics which run smoothly at a consistent 60 frames per second, immersing you in a highly detailed and engrossing fantasy world complete with magnificently designed, textured buildings. To defeat enemy knights and rack up high scores, you can hurl fireballs, perform incredible acrobatics with hover skates, use a jet pack to leap over hover trains and obstacles, and soar high above the world with the energy wing power-up. Kingdom Dash also enables you to compare your progress against your friends, adding a competitive edge to the game. To enhance your gaming experience, you can collect random prizes and power-ups by stepping over hover pads scattered throughout the game. Experience hours of epic fun with Kingdom Dash, an endless runner app featuring a stunningly detailed fantasy world optimized to run seamlessly on all devices.
Street Chaser

Chase robbers, complete missions, play online, and collect rewards in this endless runner game with realistic 3D graphics.

Street ChaseriGold Technologies
In this game, your companion has been robbed by a group of criminals and you need to chase them to retrieve the stolen item. Your main goal is to catch them and you will have to run as fast as you can while avoiding obstacles that come your way. The robbers can be caught by throwing bottles and hitting them with balls that you have picked up along the way. You have to jump, slide, and dodge to avoid obstacles while running through the streets. You have to use various objects that you find on your way to hit and kick the robbers. The game has hundreds of missions with unique objectives like chasing, collecting coins, finding items, and bringing them back. You can compete online with other street surfers and play with eight players at a time. You can collect coin rewards based on your rank achieved in multiplayer missions. Moreover, there is an endless runner mode that allows you to chase all robbers one by one and collect coins to boost your powers. The game also has daily challenges that offer rewards like lucky wheel spins, coins, and lives. The recent update has refreshed the game with several new heroes and features. The online multiplayer runner game has refreshed new streets and buildings, and existing users can update to this version to enjoy more free lives and rewards. With a gang of ten robbers and a dozen heroes to choose from, this game is very addictive due to its various mission types, such as chase run, missions, and multiplayer game modes. Moreover, you can choose your own avatar, power up with boosts, compete with friends, and experience swift controls and gameplay with realistic and cool 3D graphics.
Rail Rush

Grab gems, dodge obstacles and break rock eggs in Rail Rush! Venture through 10 worlds, earn power-ups, collect characters, and compete on leaderboards.

• GAME DESCRIPTION • Ready for an unforgettable journey? Get on board and let the adventure begin! Take control of your cart and embark on a thrilling journey of exploration. Speed through the rails while tilting and swiping to avoid obstacles. Collect gems and valuable gold nuggets to boost your explorer's collection. Unravel surprises and earn special gifts during your expedition! In the underground mine, discover exciting paths across 10 different settings. Experience the adrenaline rush as you race through the Crazy Caves, confront hordes of zombies in the Zombie Caves, indulge in the Sweet Wonderland, make your way through the dangerous Amazon jungle, plunge into the Undersea World, survive the Horror Land, explore the Snow Land, navigate the Steam Factory, traverse the Jurassic Jungle and uncover the Pharaoh's Tomb. Equip your cart with power-ups, complete missions and rank up to become the ultimate explorer! Choose from a pool of 18 different characters and experience the stunning graphics and action-packed gameplay. Earn achievements, check game statistics and climb to the top of the Game Center leader boards. How far can your exploration go? Find out by downloading Rail Rush now! **************************************** Play the free web version of Rail Rush on our website: Learn more about Miniclip: "Like" Rail Rush on Facebook: Watch the official game trailer: Follow Rail Rush on Twitter:!/railrush Follow Miniclip on Twitter:!/miniclip.
Ultimate Sackboy

Race, collect, duel and dress as iconic hero Sackboy in Ultimate Sackboy's adventure. Swipe, dodge and jump through awesome tracks to win prizes!

Ultimate SackboyExient
🎮Embark on a thrilling adventure with Ultimate Sackboy and unleash your creativity! 🏆Assume the role of the legendary hero Sackboy and plunge into Craftworld's latest, challenging and wacky obstacle racing tournament! Can you stylishly slide, dodge and overcome the classic Sackboy enemies while outshining your competitors to grab amazing prizes? 🏆Swipe to dodge, slide and jump in this captivating competitive runner game! Impeccable timing, quick reactions, and smart thinking will enable you to stay ahead of your challengers and collect all the Bubbles for victory. As you proceed, you'll unlock more Tiers that will allow Sackboy to traverse an array of awesome tracks ranging from the brightly sewn race circuits to the library halls crafted from paper! 🏆Participate in the Daily Duel every day and fight for remarkable rewards! Accept the challenge of your rivals and engage in head-to-head contests and tournaments. Take part in Marathon events and complete outrageous missions to win Coins, prizes, or even your foes' outfits! 🏆Dress to impress with the vast array of clothing varieties to unlock, collect, upgrade and flaunt! The more you upgrade, the more extensive your score will soar. Therefore if you're participating, you ought to look the part! Race your way through the Season Pass levels to acquire the trendy new costumes and shiny medals and win in style! - From the creators of Lemmings- Puzzle Adventure; they have now released it on all devices and downloaded over 8 million times. Start rescuing little critters today! Check out our Privacy Policy at ©2023 Sony Interactive Entertainment. “Sackboy” is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Metarun is a free-to-play mobile runner game with NFT assets. Play-to-earn and trade NFTs on a full-stack marketplace empowered with DeFi features.

MetarunEncore Games
Immerse yourself in the mystical realm of Danvig, where the cycle of time repeats itself over and over again. Take on the challenge of the infinite run as one of the three unique characters - the undefeatable Oro, Ignis the conjurer, or the intelligent Penna. Defeat enemies, conquer monsters and overcome obstacles in Metarun - the world's premier free-to-play & play-to-earn multiplayer mobile runner game, fuelled by the BNB chain and designed using Unreal Engine 5 technology. Metarun employs a straightforward P2E (play-to-earn) system, rewarding you with in-game currency OPAL upon completion of a run, enabling you to cash out for the native token, $MRUN, with ease. Increase your earnings by acquiring NFT skins from the fully-stocked Metarun marketplace featuring 27 characters. NFT skins' prices vary, and each carries an estimated ROI that spans from 180% to 220% within 30 days. Main features of the game include unrestricted PVP and PVE modes, decent graphics, a well-crafted storyline, unrestricted PVP for up to three players and a real-time multiplayer mode. In-game ads are non-existent, and you can earn perks for being an $MRUN holder. Featuring OPAL, a stable currency safeguarded from market fluctuations, Metarun enables players to trade their NFTs or upgrade them inside the game, taking advantage of DeFi capabilities. Join the Metarun community today by visiting their website, Telegram, Twitter, YouTube and Discord pages and start earning now!
Talking Tom Time Rush

Join Tom and friends on an epic adventure to recover stolen Crystals in Talking Tom Time Rush's extraordinary worlds.

Talking Tom Time RushOutfit7 Limited
Join Tom, Angela, Hank, Ben, Ginger and Becca and experience an amazing adventure together in Talking Tom Time Rush, a fun and exciting endless runner game! The gang discovers a magical gate but their enjoyment is rudely interrupted by the mischievous Rakoonz, who steal valuable crystals and escape into a fantastic new world. It's now up to Tom and his friends to retrieve the crystals, explore hidden paths and reveal special secrets as they pursue the Rakoonz across different worlds. In this epic chase, you get to play as any of the six friends who are all unlocked right from the start. Travel through incredible new worlds with diverse landscapes, routes and numerous surprises hidden along the way. Want to try something new? Hop into a cool vehicle or activate supersonic power-ups that will boost your speed and abilities. Be sure to collect new outfits and customize your favorite characters as you go along. Talking Tom Time Rush is another hugely addictive runner game developed by Outfit7, the same company behind the popular games My Talking Tom, My Talking Angela 2 and My Talking Tom Friends. If you love games like Hero Dash and Gold Run, you won't be disappointed with Time Rush. Please note that this app contains links to Outfit7's various products and websites, personalized content, and YouTube integration. Although making in-app purchases is an option, alternative ways to access all the features of the app without spending real money are available. It’s important to note that not all user data is processed for young users and you can learn more about our privacy policies by checking the provided links. So, are you ready for some non-stop running and chasing fun with Tom and friends? Download Talking Tom Time Rush now and join the gang in this exciting adventure!
Red Ball Super Run

Red Ball Superheroes must run, dodge, jump and roll to defeat minions and bosses in this exciting 3D endless runner game.

Red Ball Super RunFDG Mobile Games
Prepare for battle in Red Alert! The malicious cubic minions have returned, devastating everything in their path. It's up to the Red Ball Super Running Heroes to intervene and thwart their plans. Embark on an endless and thrilling Red Ball adventure, created by the team behind the original hit game, Red Ball 4. Choose from one of four playable Red Ball superheroes and race through the streets. Dodge obstacles and enemies alike to pick up pace and gain speed. Jump upon foes to defeat them, bringing back the nostalgic feelings from the previous Red Ball games. Immerse yourself in four different locations, which include the City, Harbour, Subway, and Factory, with even more locations to come! Unleash your special abilities to raise above the rest and become the best runner of all time. Defeat the four epic bosses that feature unique action and shooting mechanics. Experience the adrenaline rush while you race through this brand new 3D Red Ball game. Collect stickers to fill your comic album and unlock new costumes for your heroes. Who's ready to step up to the challenge and save the world? Prepare for an unforgettable adventure with Red Alert!
Subway Princess Runner

Subway Princess Runner: dodge trains, surf subway with favorite character, escape police, earn high scores. Upgrade, unlock characters, and compete globally!

Subway Princess RunnerIvy
Join Lucy and Kevin as they try to escape the police in Subway Princess Runner, a thrilling endless running game. This game allows you to surf on a skateboard while dodging oncoming trains, rushing as fast as possible to earn high scores. You can select your preferred character to play as and maneuver through obstacles with an easy screen touch. With the double tap function, you can activate the skateboard and experience a unique running experience. Challenge players worldwide and earn a spot on the leaderboard by achieving the highest score in this subway-themed game. The higher the level, the higher the score you can earn. Grind trains with your crew, and enjoy the colorful and vivid HD graphics that enhance the overall experience. Upgrade all properties to gain endless power and make your journey more fun and enjoyable. To play, simply jump, slide, and smoothly touch your phone screen to avoid obstacles and collect coins and diamonds. Running left or right is easy, and you can use props for scores and coins. Upgrade your level by completing tasks and selecting your preferred characters to escape police officers. Join the game's events such as Daily Highscore, Crazy Runner, and Team Battle and accumulate points to win special characters and exchange coins. Be brave and run as far as you can while experiencing the most daring chase with Lucy and Kevin. Stay updated by following us on our Facebook Homepage; if you have any inquiries or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. Play now and enjoy this exciting endless running game!
Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!

Join Crash and Coco to save the multiverse by running and jumping through legendary locations, defeating bosses, unlocking skins and upgrading weapons.

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!King
Crash Bandicoot and his sister Coco are back in action, and this time it's to save the multiverse! In this fast-paced adventure, you'll have to keep Crash and Coco running, jumping, spinning, and smashing in lanes filled with obstacles. With wild and exotic locations to explore, you'll swipe your way to victory. Customization is key in this game. You can customize Crash and Coco with N.Sane Skins and collect stupendous weapons to take down infamous bosses like Nina Cortex, Dingodile, Dr N-Gin, and Fake Crash & Coco. These enemies, along with new ones, are stealing Power Gems and it's up to you to stop them and save the multiverse. In addition to single-player gameplay, you can team up with friends for greater rewards and compete for the highest score on the leaderboard. With exciting skins to unlock, varied challenges to overcome, and multiple routes to explore, there's always something new to discover. Boss battles require precise aim and quick reflexes. Dr Neo Cortex won't go down without a fight, but with weapons like Frosty Ray Guns and Nitro Bombs, you just might have a chance! Help Coco develop her Wumpa Island HQ by collecting resources and building high-tech labs where weapons get made. In this game, the possibilities are endless! Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! is free to play, but some in-game items may require payment. You'll need an internet connection to access the game, and additional content will be installed upon opening the app. By downloading this game, you agree to the terms of service, which you can find on the website. Easily sync the game between devices to access full game features. King shares your personal information with advertising partners to personalize ads, but you can contact them via the in-game help center to exercise your Do Not Sell My Data rights. Join Crash and Coco on their adventure today!
Subway Surfers

Escape the grumpy Inspector and his dog! Run, dodge trains, grind trains, and surf on a hoverboard while performing lightning-fast swipe acrobatics.

Subway SurfersSYBO Games
Experience an adrenaline-packed adventure in this game by putting your speed and reflexes to the test. Race against time as you DASH forward as quickly as possible, while avoiding the oncoming trains. Assist Jake, Tricky, and Fresh in their escape attempt from the grouchy Inspector and his furry companion. Grind trains with your gang of cool characters and enjoy the vibrant and vivid High Definition graphics. Take advantage of the Hoverboard feature, and surf through the levels in style. Equip yourself with the Paint-powered jetpack and be prepared for an action-packed experience. Swiftly perform swipe acrobatics and challenge your friends in this exciting game. It's time to be daring, join the chase and escape the clutches of the Inspector. This Universal App offers HDR optimized graphics to enhance your gaming experience. Originally co-developed by SYBO and Kiloo, this game is sure to provide electrifying entertainment.
Sonic Dash - Endless Running

Race, jump, and battle in SEGA's Sonic Dash! Join Sonic and friends in this fast and frenzied endless runner game with epic racing boss battles.

Sonic Dash - Endless RunningSEGA
Get ready for an unforgettable action-packed adventure with the original and thrilling endless runner game developed by SEGA, Sonic Dash! Join Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles, Tails, and other Sonic heroes on a race and endless runner game as you run and jump through fun 3D race courses. In this fast and frenzied endless running game, players of all ages can enjoy racing past challenging obstacles! Unleash your incredible speed and racing abilities and run fast with Sonic in the exciting and electrifying SEGA's endless running game! With super speed and running powers, you'll race and run faster as you jump through epic courses. This fun and thrilling runner game will test your fast running and jumping skills as you race through challenging courses filled with loop-de-loops and obstacles. The ultimate goal is always to finish the race in record time, so keep your eyes on the prize and stay focused! Experience heart-pumping adventure as you race and run in Sonic Dash's stunning and immersive graphics. You'll feel the rush of adrenaline with every turn and jump as you transport to another world with tracks that seem to never end. Join forces with Sonic's friends, including Tails, Shadow, and Knuckles, and let the fun begin! Choose your favourite runner and blast your way through this super-fast endless running game. Fans of Classic Sonic and Classic SEGA games will surely love Sonic Dash! Get ready for epic racing boss battles as you join forces with Sonic to take on his two biggest rivals, Dr. Eggman and Zazz. Race and jump through exciting levels and battle villains, both classic and new! Keep on running and racing to boost your rewards in this thrilling game! Unlock exciting new characters, such as Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow, as you reach new milestones. Everyone, from kids to players of all ages, can join in on the excitement and adventure! SEGA's Sonic Dash is ad-supported, and in-app purchases are not required to progress, however, ad-free play is accessible with an in-app purchase. This game may include "Interest-Based Ads" (please see for more information), and it may collect "Precise Location Data" (please see for more information), so please review the privacy policy and terms of use. © SEGA. All rights reserved. SEGA, the SEGA logo, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, and SONIC DASH are registered trademarks or trademarks of SEGA CORPORATION.
Cookie Run: OvenBreak

Run, jump, & collect jellies in Cookie Run, the endless runner game with challenging levels, real-time races & unique Cookie characters with special skills.

Cookie Run: OvenBreakDevsisters Corporation
Looking for a game that combines excitement and sweetness? Check out Cookie Run, the addictive and thrilling endless runner game that will keep you hooked for hours! This game offers challenging levels, fun running modes, and awesome rewards. Control your Cookie character as you run, jump, and slide through dynamic side-scrolling levels. Collect adorable Pets and unlock new Cookies to take on ever more difficult challenges. Keep your energy levels up and see how long you can go. Complete fun mission challenges and speedy trophy races, and climb your way to the top of the leaderboard. Join GingerBrave and his Cookie friends as they escape from the Witch's oven and try to avoid being crumpled. Collect different characters with unique skills, such as Hero Cookie and Cocoa Cookie, and match them up with your Pets for extra bonuses. With over 200 Cookies and Pets to collect, you'll be playing this game for months. Each month, new Cookies and Pets are added, and you can upgrade them to achieve high scores. Plus, Cookie Run is free and offers endless hours of fun and adventure. Choose from unique game modes like Breakout, Trophy Race, and Cookie Trials, and add some competition by racing online against players from around the world. Explore the magical lands of the Cookie World and enjoy this never-ending adventure. Download Cookie Run today and dive into the endless fun! Don't forget to read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and feel free to contact us for any help and support. You can also subscribe to the Royal Club Membership to receive some exclusive benefits.
Alnahsha Run

Escape your father through the streets of Riyadh, Cairo, and soon Dubai in Alnahsha Run, an endless Arab runner game with challenging missions and stunning graphics.

Alnahsha RunModern Doctors
Looking for an Arabian-themed running game that will keep you hooked for hours on end? Look no further than Alnahsha Run! In this intense endless runner game, you'll be running through the streets of Riyadh, Cairo, and soon Dubai, dodging obstacles and completing missions to earn points and upgrades. With stunning graphics, simple controls, and a great storyline, Alnahsha Run is the perfect game for anyone looking for a fast-paced, challenging, and addictive gaming experience. One of the standout features of this game is the high-quality graphics and sound effects, which make it feel like you're really running through the heart of the city. The gameplay is also incredibly engaging, with plenty of challenging missions and obstacles to overcome. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a newcomer to the genre, you're sure to find something to love in Alnahsha Run. The game's story follows a mischievous character who is running through the city to escape punishment from their angry father. As you progress through the levels, you'll collect coins and power-ups, complete missions, and unlock new characters and outfits. With its great sense of adventure and fun, Alnahsha Run is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. But what really sets Alnahsha Run apart from other running games is its focus on arcade-style gameplay. With its fast pace, challenging quests, and upgradable boosts and outfits, this game is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a thrilling, action-packed gaming experience. And best of all, it's completely free to play with no hidden fees or subscriptions required. So what are you waiting for? Download Alnahsha Run today and start running, jumping, and dodging your way through the streets of the city in this addictive and exciting endless running game. With stunning graphics, challenging quests, and endless hours of gameplay, Alnahsha Run is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an engaging and immersive Arabian-themed gaming experience.
Minion Rush: Running game

Run endlessly through various locations, collect bananas & dress up as secret agents in Gameloft's Minion Rush. Play offline, anytime!

Minion Rush: Running gameGameloft
Get ready to embark on an exciting adventure with the unpredictable and irreverent Minions! Illumination Studios, Universal and Gameloft present Minion Rush, an offline endless running game, perfect for playing anytime and anywhere! Explore numerous amazing locations, avoid perilous traps, fight wicked foes and get your hands on plenty of bright and stunningly beautiful Bananas! Awesome Game Features Set the Trend With Gru now on the right side of the law, the minions have a new objective: becoming the most distinguished covert agents ever! Therefore, they’ve developed an abundance of spiffy Costumes. Wearing them will not only make you look sharp but also grant you special skills, including increased speed, skillful Banana grabbing or even transforming you into the powerful Mega Minion; Endless Possibilities Travel through bizarre and unpredictable locations like the Anti-Villain League HQ, Vector's hideout or even ancient times. Each location is distinctive, providing unique obstacles and challenges you must overcome. Once you’re ready, you can enter the Top Bananas Room and face off against players from all around the world to unlock tons of amazing prizes! Unlimited Fun Offline All the excitement and thrills of Minion Rush can be enjoyed offline without Wi-Fi. Revel in the game’s captivating features anytime, anywhere. ________________________________________ Minion Rush is committed to protecting your privacy. For more information, please read our privacy policy: Please carefully read our terms of use before playing: The end-user license agreement can be found here: Please keep password protection activated, especially if other people have access to your device or if you have children. Disabling password protection can lead to unauthorized purchases. This game includes advertisements for Gameloft’s products and third-party products. Clicking these ads will redirect you to a third-party site. If you do not wish to receive interest-based advertising, disable your device's ad identifier via the Settings app > Accounts (Personal) > Google > Ads (Settings and Privacy) > Opt out of interest-based ads. To access certain aspects of the game, you may need a stable Internet connection.
Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

Run as Sonic & friends through 3D worlds, new courses, & epic graphics, unlock characters & special running powers in Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom.

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic BoomSEGA
Get ready to race through the stunning sequel to SEGA’s popular endless runner game, SONIC DASH. Experience the exhilarating world of SONIC BOOM, the hit new TV series, as you run and dash with Sonic and his pals. Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom takes the fun to the next level with fresh and riveting running action that you're sure to love! Explore new and captivating 3D environments filled with exciting challenges and never-ending gameplay. Take your pick of your preferred Sonic the Hedgehog character as your runner. Select from classic Sonic characters like Sonic the Hedgehog himself, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, or Sticks the Badger, Sonic's latest addition to his team! Jump, smash, and dash through thrilling stages with top-notch graphics. Sonic Boom offers a wide array of levels and running courses with plenty of obstacles to dodge. Beat the odds, jump over hurdles, and make your way to the finish line! Sonic Boom has a gameplay style that appeals to both kids and grown-ups alike. Continue running to unveil new characters and choose your favorite runner! Prepare to race with Sonic the Hedgehog and his buddies! KEY FEATURES IN SONIC DASH 2: - RACE with up to three characters in new teamwork-based gameplay! Exchange runners during your race to maximize your scores! - UNLEASH new exciting running abilities like Sonic's Dash Ring Magnet, Amy’s Ring Hammer, Knuckles' Slam, and more! - CONQUER new levels, obstacles, and outrun Badniks. - DASH on new fast-paced tracks both on the ground and high above in the stunning Sonic Boom world. - MASTER the fresh Swing & Tilt gameplay with the super-enhanced Enerbeam. Tilt your device and let the runner swing towards the Rings and Orbs. - COLLECT, develop, and race with the magical Sprites. - WIN special prizes in new Events and Daily SEGA Challenges! - - - - - Our Privacy Policy: Terms & Conditions: SEGA’s Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom includes advertisements and offers in-app purchases. However, no in-app purchases are necessary to progress. An ad-free experience is available via in-app purchases. Except for minors aged below 13, this game may contain "Interest-Based Ads" (discover further at Additionally, it may obtain "Precise Location Data" (read more at © SEGA. All rights reserved. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, SONIC DASH, SONIC BOOM, and the SEGA logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd. or its affiliates.
Lara Croft: Relic Run

Lara Croft races through dangerous environments to uncover ancient relics and solve a sinister conspiracy. Collect rewards, power up weapons, and defeat bosses.

Lara Croft: Relic RunCDE Entertainment
Join Lara Croft on an adventure where you run, swing, drive, and swan dive through treacherous terrains, unveiling ancient treasures to uncover the truth behind a menacing conspiracy that poses a threat to the world. The game is set in jaw-dropping locations such as the jungle, desert, and mountains, where danger looms at every turn. Master Lara's unique parkour moves to make daring escapes. You will also have the chance to ride fast-paced vehicles like ATVs and motorcycles, giving you more ways to conquer the terrain. Experience epic Boss Fights and encounter iconic enemies. Be ready to face the T-Rex once again in this incredible game. Progress through the campaign map, gathering relics, and solving the relic run mystery. Equip Lara with an array of weapons, upgrade her arsenal, and engage in frantic combat to maintain the upper hand on your enemies. Suit up Lara in classic outfits, each with its unique perks to choose from, and swap and upgrade equipment to maximize her abilities. Set new records on the leaderboards and earn bragging rights in the endless mode with nonstop action. Though the game is free to download, please note that Cloud Save is not a supported feature. The game is optimized for devices running Android 4.4 versions and higher, with the gameplay performing best on devices from 2015 and later generations. The older devices may experience graphic loading issues, but they generally, run without issue. For more information on how to transfer saved files, please refer to the FAQ or contact customer support on
Flip: Surfing Colors

Skateboard through colorful cities with friends. Realistic physics, challenging obstacles, diverse boards and characters. Collect coins to unlock new challenges.

Flip: Surfing ColorsLimitless Rocket
Experience the ultimate thrill of skateboarding in some of the world's most famous cities. Each city is a vibrant explosion of color, and as you navigate through its streets you'll break through obstacles that explode with spectacular bursts of color. Challenge your friends to a high-speed race and show them who's boss! The skateboard physics in this game are smooth and realistic, making it feel like you're actually riding on the board. Each city has a unique and fantastic theme, and you'll feel like you're gliding through a dream as you skate through the vivid colors that inspire them. Overcome the sophisticated challenges posed by each city, navigating your way past a variety of colorful blocks. Choose from a diverse selection of skateboards and characters, each with their own unique flair. To gain the edge over your competitors, pay attention to the pose of each character as they jump around the map. Maximize your earnings by collecting coins and performing combos and boosts. Discover the secrets of each city and collect the pieces of masterpieces hidden throughout. Complete each mission to earn valuable rewards and become a true skateboarding legend!
Blades of Brim

Become the ultimate knight in Brim, with unlimited weapon upgrades and challenging missions. Collect treasures, defeat enemies, and earn achievements!

Blades of BrimSYBO Games
Join the thrilling adventure to become the most remarkable knight Brim has ever witnessed. Embark on an extraordinary journey where enchantment and disorder lurk around every corner, overflowing with thrilling errands and infinite weapon and armor upgrades to choose from. Embark on a journey as one of Brim's awe-inspiring heroes to defend the land against the invasion of the Goon army. Jump over breathtaking cliffs and sword-fight the gruesome bosses and Goons with your magical sword. Gather glittering golden coins and valuable treasures, whilst evading and slaughtering your way through the army of Goons, to enhance your legendary characters and blades. Explore the murky portals and ancient temples to achieve unbelievable accomplishments unlocking even more gears and objectives. Leap energetically over majestic cliffs and outrun the Brim Goons. Navigate through the obstacles and foes as you make your way towards greatness. Collect mystical items and glimmering coins to discover extraordinary heroes and blades. Thrash the monstrous opponents with astounding weapons. Welcome extraordinary pets such as elementals, wolves, steeds, and mystical dragons into your world. Boost your equipment and level up to strengthen your abilities. Execute rapid hit-combos as you venture towards becoming the greatest hero of all time. From the makers of the revered Subway Surfers, this game offers hours of jouissance and limitless entertainment. Set out on a peril-filled mission and start playing now!
Bendy in Nightmare Run

Swipe to jump, dash, and counter-attack while collecting weapons and improving your abilities as Bendy™, Boris the Wolf, and Alice Angel in Bendy™ In Nightmare Run.

Bendy in Nightmare RunJoey Drew Studios
Bendy™ In Nightmare Run is an exhilarating game where you take the mantle of Bendy™, Boris the Wolf and Alice Angel to combat the largest and vicious antagonists depicted in the 1930’s cartoons of Joey Drew Studios. With just a swipe, you get to jump, dash and counterattack while running past obstacles across four unique cartoon worlds including pirate ships, city streets, a junkyard and a library filled with deafening silence. Your primary objective is to safeguard your character by evading hurdles and fending off foes who are trying to keep up with you. Ensure your character grows stronger and better equipped for the challenges ahead by collecting weapons and increasing your level. Enhance your abilities with Bacon Soup, an energy drink that can be collected and consumed that enhances your powers. You also get to customize your characters using never-seen-before costumes, weapons and other in-game collectibles that display episode-specific themes. Celebrate your victories by purchasing exclusive official merchandise such as T-Shirts, Plushies, Posters, Keychains, and more. Bendy needs your support in this thrilling game world filled with endless excitement and unexpected twists. The action-packed runner offers a smooth game play experience with all-new enemies that adds an extra element of fun to the game. Stay tuned with consistent updates set to roll out throughout 2018 and beyond as you play on Android 6.0 and newer devices. The chase is on, and Bendy™ needs you!
Slash & Girl: Endless Run

Join 'maniac' girl Doris in a collision of power and art against Jokers. Parkour, action, and speed with customization options.

The world is under the control of Jokers and one daring individual, a girl known as Doris, fights alone against them. She's not seeking to save anyone, she simply finds happiness and gratification in running and fighting endlessly. Features: 1. Be an adventurer! Overcome the Jokers and reach the end! This game isn't just about displaying your parkour skills; it's also an action-packed game where you destroy all encountered enemies. Nothing can obstruct you, and there's no unbreakable barrier! Our focus is to provide you with a vivid and immersive fighting experience while ensuring extreme smoothness in your gameplay. In this game, every move is an incredible combination of power and artistry! 2. Speed and fury! If you find parkour games tedious, then dash through our game! Slash down and accelerate! In this one-of-a-kind Fever Mode, you will relish an unconventional war in classical music. Teddy bears are also waiting for you at each checkpoint besides battle and blades! 3. Dress up! Showcase your unique taste by dressing up Doris! We offer a variety of costumes and weapons which you may personalize and share on any social media channel! Get ready to join in a war between Doris and Jokers! Are you geared up for this? Follow us on Facebook:
Angry Gran Run

Guide Granny's escape, run, jump, dash, slide and bash bots in the streets of New York and Rome. Upgrade your costumes and power-ups in Angry Gran Run.

Angry Gran RunAce Viral
Embark on an exciting adventure with ANGRY GRAN RUN! Granny is held captive in the Angry Asylum by a man named Fred, dressed in white. Luckily, she's determined to escape and she's counting on your help to guide her through the streets after breaking out! Dash, jump, slide, and run your way through a variety of bizarre and CRAZY obstacles in this never-ending running game! Have no fear, because the bots are here! Knock them out of the way, collect their coins to restore order to the streets for good! Transform your appearance by purchasing a range of quirky costumes, such as a hippy granny from the 70s, a superhero granny, a zombie granny, and even a penguin costume! Forget about running through temples, jungles, or subway stations when you have two major cities at your fingertips - New York and Rome, with their bustling streets await you! Upgrade and purchase numerous power-ups that can increase your speed, such as bullet-time, or provide protection, like invincible shields. Beware of aliens, dinosaurs and other unimaginable threats ! If you're a fan of grandma inspired games, then ANGRY GRAN RUN is the ideal game for you! Available for free, this 3D running game is guaranteed to provide non-stop amusement!
Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir

Save Paris as superheroes Marinette and Adrien in this addictive, obstacle-dodging runner game, facing off against Dark Cupid, Stormy Weather, The Bubbler and more.

Miraculous Ladybug & Cat NoirCrazyLabs LTD
This is not your average red with black polkadot game: this is the OFFICIAL Miraculous Ladybug app! Embark on a fun-filled adventure with Ladybug and Cat Noir as they attempt to save Paris from destruction! Play as either Marinette and Ladybug or Adrien and Cat Noir, and explore the amazing Miraculous universe. It's up to you to rescue Paris, the city you love, from the supervillain Hawk Moth and his evil Akumas. While everyone thinks you're just an ordinary and awkward teenager during the day, you're actually a superhero by night. Run through the streets of Paris, agilely dodging obstacles and defeating the villains, in order to save the City of Love. Leap over rooftops and scamper through alleyways in this exhilarating runner game. Collect tokens and other surprises along the way while enjoying awesome power-ups. Face off with dangerous villains like Dark Cupid, Stormy Weather, and The Bubbler, among others. As a Californian resident, you have the option to opt out of CrazyLabs' sale of personal information. For more information, you may visit their official privacy policy. Get ready to become the ultimate superhero in Miraculous Ladybug! Save Paris from destruction and put a stop to Hawk Moth's evil plans!
Talking Tom Gold Run

Help Talking Tom catch the sneaky Roy Rakoon and return the gold in Talking Tom Gold Run. Thrilling chases, action-packed time trials, and exciting worlds await.

Talking Tom Gold RunOutfit7 Limited
Put a stop to Roy Rakoon's thieving ways in this thrilling game. As the pesky raccoon makes off with all the gold, it's up to players to guide Talking Tom through wild worlds, using speed and agility to dodge obstacles and snag treasure. With action-packed time trials and exciting chases, this game offers endless excitement. Discover awesome power-ups and unlock new friends such as Talking Angela, Ginger, Ben, and Hank, each with fun new outfits to try on. From the creators of My Talking Tom, My Talking Angela, My Talking Tom Friends, and Talking Tom Hero Dash. This game is certified by PRIVO, ensuring compliance with the FTC Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Safe Harbor. In addition to immersive gameplay and exciting challenges, this app features a range of customizable content designed to keep players coming back for more. Personalize the experience, watch in-game videos of Outfit7's animated characters, and choose from a range of virtual items to purchase using in-app currency. The game also offers alternative options to access all functionalities of the app without using real money. Please note that this app contains promotions for Outfit7's products and advertising, as well as links that direct customers to Outfit7's websites and other apps. To learn more about the game's terms of use and privacy policies, please visit the links provided. For customer support, email
Pet Runner

Run, jump, and collect items with your pet in Pet Runner. Build and unlock more characters and costumes to compete with global players.

Pet RunnerIvy
Experience the excitement of endless running mobile game with Pet Runner! Unlock a variety of pet characters by building and explore different game levels. Jump and run with your furry friend to dodge obstacles hindering your path. While running, collect various items such as coins, score, elastic shoes, jetpacks, magnets, and booster packs to upgrade your pet and achieve high scores. By speeding up, you can quickly rack up more coins and score, which can be used to acquire a variety of costumes and specific items. Pet Runner offers an exciting building experience featuring a variety of feature scenes to explore. Players can unlock more pet characters and game levels by constructing and completing new building structures. Join the fun and unlock cool and unique outfits for your pet character. Collect fragments during the run to unlock a new scooter, which can help you win the game level. Each suit or character has a unique action design. Pet Runner features classic run and jump gameplay, a variety of innovative gameplay, interesting building experience, rich scenes and level design, a variety of sets of clothing, an exciting background score, upgrade props, competing with global players, and more rewards. So, what are you waiting for? Join the most daring rush game today!
Talking Tom Hero Dash

Players help Talking Tom rescue his friends from The Rakoonz in this endless runner game. Avoid obstacles and explore different terrains.

Talking Tom Hero DashOutfit7 Limited
Get ready to embark on an exciting adventure! In this game, you'll help Talking Tom chase after The Rakoonz and save his friends Angela, Ben, Hank, and Ginger, who have been captured by them. Your task is to navigate through lost temples, ancient cities, desert dunes, and snowy peaks by jumping, dodging, and dashing, to overcome obstacles and reach the end of each level. This endless runner game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Developed by Outfit7, the creators behind the popular games My Talking Tom, My Talking Tom Friends, My Talking Angela, and Talking Tom Gold Run. This app is certified by PRIVO and adheres to FTC Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Safe Harbor guidelines. Some features of this app include: - Opportunities to learn about and purchase other Outfit7 products and promotions. - Access to Outfit7 websites and other apps. - Personalized content to encourage users to come back and play. - YouTube integration to allow users to watch videos of Outfit7 animated characters. - In-app purchases that allow users to purchase items using virtual currency to advance progress. - Alternatives for users to access all app functionalities without purchasing items with real money. For more information, please see the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you need help or have any questions, please email our customer support team.

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