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Recycling Run: Explore 5 magical worlds with 30+ cute recyclings, collect plastic bottle caps, gain gems, unlock cool skins, race, hunt down bottles & party.

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Immerse yourself in a fantastic new universe filled with Recyclings Run! Join the celebration and explore five breathtaking worlds, where you will meet more than 30 Recyclings friends! Gather plastic bottle caps and prevent them from being discarded in landfills by transforming them into new Recyclings. With these small bundles of joy, possibilities are infinite, and they are grateful for their second chance at life. From farm animals to inanimate objects like speakers and sneakers, and even adorable penguins and pandas, Recyclings can transform into anything they want! Gather precious gems to unlock trendy skins for your recycled companions. With over 20 skins available, you can dress them as fierce pirates, mystical octopi, heavenly angels, or mighty Vikings!

Venture through a magical universe
- Unlock and explore five magnificent levels.
- Traverse the jungle in "Nature Channel," stroll through the aisles of "Shopping Trolley," and swim through the underwater caverns of "Under the Sea" to witness the adorably repurposed lives of these cute creatures!
- Pick up fantastic power-ups such as rocket ships to soar high into the sky or utilize hyper-jumps to spring yourself through the air and progress through your missions.

Ready, set, go!
- Initiate a never-ending race with other Recyclings to test your limits!
- Climb up the racing leaderboards and secure rewards.
- Will you achieve the top position and emerge as the champion?

Hunt for Bottle Caps!
- Enter the dance zone and bust a move in front of your merry Recyclings pals as you earn disco balls.
- Unveil novel methods to collect additional bottle caps - slide through the sky, zoom through subterranean conduits, or side-scroll through the enigmatic world.

Plastic is indeed fantastic!
- With over 30 Recyclings to unlock, you can mingle and enjoy the festivities with your favourite pals.
- Obtain your cherished Recyclings toys in the game and amass your collection!
- Customize your character with more than 20 sensational outfits that you can unlock.
- Progress through the missions, and become the ultimate recycler!
Release date
Apr 20, 2022
Single player




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