GamesBike Blast- Bike Race Rush

Game overview

BMX your way through obstacles, pull off tricks and compete for the highest score in this endless running game, Bike Blast.

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Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled ride as you hop on your BMX and race to the finish in AceViral's latest cycle game! In this high-octane game, you'll need to use all your skills to swipe, jump, duck, dodge, and dash your way through the city, taking on crazy stunts and obstacles along the way.

Ride with your bike crew and grind the craziest rails in town, fly through the bike park, and show off your incredible skills by performing amazing tricks. But the real challenge begins as you blast through the subway and surf through the busy streets, dodging oncoming traffic and swiping through tunnels. Jump over bridges and buses, slide under obstacles, and ride across the city and park, all while trying to trick off the Mega Ramp for some insane air time.

Experience the thrills of racing with power-ups, such as a helicopter and a rocket, that boost your score, and upgrade them to get impossible run scores. Compete with your friends on weekly leaderboards and unlock achievements to show off your skills. With multiple characters to choose from, pick your #1 surfer and race to the top.

Help Max and Amy rack up the most extreme score possible and challenge your friends to beat it. Collect coins, complete missions, and speed through the ranks in style. Bike Blast is not your average running game ā€“ it's faster, smoother, and designed for the best players. Whether you're a boy or girl, there are plenty of funky characters and shiny cool bicycles to earn. With updated features and gameplay packed with content, you'll love doing flips, tricks, and stunts off ramps while testing your reaction times around town.

Join in on the action with your friends and download the game now. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay updated with the latest developments. If you encounter any bugs, click the feedback button in the options menu and let the Bike Blast team know. Are you ready to Bike Blast your way to victory? Play now!
Ace Viral
Release date
Dec 01, 2015
Single player