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Campfire Cat Cafe

Manage a relaxing cat cafe with cute animal guests, delicious food, and adorable cat staff, while designing and decorating a dream animal restaurant.

Campfire Cat CafeHyperBeard
Create, manage and design a charming cafe and snack bar surrounded by a serene forest, where you'll welcome lovely animal guests and cook mouth-watering worldwide dishes in your own animal restaurant. Relish observing your kitty staff work hard and receiving tips as you idle in this adorable restaurant game. Decorate your Dream Restaurant by opening a gourmet food truck and gradually upgrading to a fancy three-Michelin-star cat cafe in an animal forest. Build and furnish your animal cafe, establish a seaside bakery, and explore a snow mountain paradise! Satisfy your desire for a diverse restaurant game by traveling worldwide in your pocket! Would you rather have your cats grilling burgers in an 80s-themed diner or serving beef tartar in a high-end restaurant? Perhaps your kitties will be making sandwiches in a charming French bistro? Enhance your dream restaurant's look and take it to the next level by unlocking furniture sets, cooking stations, colorful decorations, and comfy tables to cater to your clients. Become a foodie tycoon and transform your animal restaurant into an ideal culinary paradise! Cook Delicious Meals! Prepare food with recipes from around the world, and they will look fantastic and taste even better! (To our animal customers). Bake kawaii bread, cakes, and desserts to serve your adorable cat staff. Snacks such as salads, tacos, burgers, pizzas, steaks, and french fries are always on the menu at camp. Animal foodies that pass by will be attracted to the new recipes you learn to cook! Get tips to cook new dishes and get inspired with recipe ideas you could try in real life with a growing roster of daily specials, varying from Peking duck, sushi, and many pasta dishes. Adorable Cat and Animal Helpers are waiting for you! Manage a diverse crew of cute and cool cats & kittens that work at your café. From a white Persian cat chef, to a spotted Bengal kitten manager, and even a ragdoll serving as your waiter, the feline world is ready to impress you! As you idle, you'll earn tips! Discover and unlock accessories to dress up your adorable pet staff in stylish, adorable outfits. Bed and Breakfast Hotel with a Snowy Mountain View. Manage a beautiful resort and spa to attract more unique animal tourists to your location! After a delicious meal, send your cute animal customers to relax in a hot spring onsen bath. Check them into a peaceful camp on a snow mountaintop next to your cozy restaurant! Playing this cat game is similar to taking a relaxing dream vacation in a home away from home with your adorable clients! Live a Fantasy Story! Unravel the mystery of the original cafe owner and experience the narrative at your own pace, enjoying the game however you like! Dream, laugh, love, and cry at the hilarious, cute, and intriguing personal struggles of your lovable furry friends! Relaxing Simulation Game. Feel yourself unwind as you listen to our upbeat cafe music. Get into a rhythm as you attract customers and cook up a feast. If you fancy animal restaurant games, cute cats, or are seeking an easy, cozy fun game, this is the purrfect game for you! Welcome to the grand opening of your Campfire Cat Cafe!
Hatsune Miku: Tap Wonder

Tap to make crowds go wild at Miku's concerts! Collect costumes and support characters, and customize Miku with the Skill Trees feature. Free, with in-app purchases available.

Hatsune Miku: Tap WonderAteam Entertainment Inc.
Enter the world of Hatsune Miku, the popular virtual singer, and let your fingers do the talking with Hatsune Miku – Tap Wonder, an exciting game now available on your smartphone. Be a part of the action and bring the audience to life with a simple tap of your finger. The game features a simple and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to play. Dress up your favorite singing star in any way you like with a wide variety of costumes and adorable friends. Watch as she performs concerts around the world with popular virtual singers such as Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, KAITO, and MEIKO. Build your own Miku through your unique choices using Skill Trees and all sorts of items to create the kind of Miku you want to play in the game. Collect cute support characters that will help support your concerts. Watch your concerts go wild as you tap to keep the crowds entertained. In Hatsune Miku – Tap Wonder, there are tons of illustrations by popular artists available exclusively for this game. You'll never be bored of the game with all the amazing illustrations now available for use. This game is free to download but you can also enjoy in-app purchases available. You can take pleasure in the game experience on devices with Android OS 5.0 or higher and with OpenGL ES 3.0 or higher. While we are unable to support other devices, we recommend that you read and agree to the Terms of Service before playing. To ensure a smooth gameplay experience, we recommend playing with a Wi-Fi connection. The game may not perform smoothly with a poor connection or under certain conditions. If the game does not work correctly, consider closing the app, rebooting the device, or clearing the cache to improve performance. So what are you waiting for? Download Hatsune Miku – Tap Wonder and start tapping your way to becoming part of the Hatsune Miku fan club!
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Space Leaper: Cocoon

Join Doranana in randomly generated adventures with pixelated retro graphics and cute characters, unlocking talent trees to climb the rankings in this cross-platform rogue-like gameplay.

"Greetings, fellow adventurers!😺 This is a message from a being named Cocoon. Please take the time to read this message thoroughly, no exceptions, even if you are exceptionally beautiful! 😉 Announcer: Doranana Decoding mysterious message... ★Impressive Rogue-like Gameplay! Embark on an adventure with randomly generated levels and uncover the secrets lurking within the vast universe. Don't forget to share your findings with me! ❤️ Complete the talent tree for each season to climb up the leaderboard and gain access to new features. With enough effort, you could even reach my level. But for now, let's enjoy the adventure together! ★Amazing Retro Graphics! Step into a charming and adorable pixelated 2D world and meet the loveliest characters - including me! 🐱 Witness the beauty of our 3D universe as it transforms through a Leap in Space. Don't worry, I've made this journey many times before. ★Adorable Creatures Everywhere! Encounter the most beautiful beings from all corners of our galaxy!✨ Trust me, they will make your journey worthwhile. But don't forget, you have to treat me to some attention before anything else! ★Cross-Platform Compatibility! Enjoy an authentic mobile experience that will meet all your expectations, regardless of your device. Now you can play anytime and anywhere, just like me!💭
Pokémon Café Mix

Run your own café alongside cute Pokémon in Pokémon Café ReMix, featuring fun puzzles and the ability to dress up staff Pokémon.

Pokémon Café MixThe Pokemon Company
Do you love Pokémon? Then you're going to love Pokémon Café ReMix! This refreshing puzzle game allows you to work alongside your favorite Pokémon by mixing, linking and blasting away various icons and gimmicks. As the owner of your very own café, you'll whip up drinks and dishes for a range of customers, all of whom are Pokémon! But don't worry – with the help of your trusty staff Pokémon, completing these simple puzzles will be enjoyable and easy. In Pokémon Café ReMix, you'll encounter a range of puzzles, each one more fun than the last. Mix the icons around and link them together to create amazing dishes, all while aiming for three-star results. Each Pokémon has its own specialty and uniqueness, so make sure you utilize their skills to the fullest to master each puzzle. With a wide range of Pokémon to discover, you'll have plenty of help in your café. Befriend and recruit various Pokémon to your staff, each with their own outfit to liven up your café. As you level up your staff, they'll unlock new outfits and different colors to match their evolving abilities. Keep an eye out for special outfits released regularly for certain Pokémon. Are you ready to become a successful café owner and work together with your favorite Pokémon? Create a unique and amazing Pokémon café today!
Sailor Cats 2: Space Odyssey

Sailor Cats 2: Lost In Space - Dress up your kitties, upgrade your spaceship, and explore an entire galaxy while searching for your lost feline friends.

Sailor Cats 2: Space OdysseyPlatonic Games
Set sail with your feline crew on an exciting SPACE mission! Unleash your inner astronaut as you search the cosmos for your lost cats! After your cat-rocket explodes, it's up to you to recover your furry friends. Luckily, you'll make some new acquaintances - and discover some incredible celestial beings - in the process. - MAIN FEATURES - ⭐ A delightful click-and-collect game ⭐ Simple and easy to play - just tap to fish! ⭐ Choose from over 100 darling outfits and costumes to dress your kitties in. ⭐ Earn metals, coins, and stars to upgrade your spaceship while fishing! ⭐ A vast and awe-inspiring galaxy full of planets, nebulas, robots, and extraterrestrials to explore ⭐ Fun for all ages and interests, whether you're a mom, grandparent, animal lover, or just a casual gamer. Enjoy Sailor Cats 2 with the whole family! ❤️ Stunning, sweet, and cuddly graphics that celebrate all things kawaii -- You won't need to make any in-app purchases to complete the game. An offline game: no Wi-Fi necessary. #PROTIP: Discover all of the relics to unlock special skins *nudge nudge* -- ⭐ Our talented, youth-driven team created this game, and we'd love to hear from you! We eagerly welcome your opinions and feedback ^-^ Whether or not you're satisfied, please contact us at Ready to take a leisurely journey through outer space? 🚀
Kuma Sushi Bar

Help bear chef Kumaki run his sushi bar with the help of animal assistants. Decorate, level up, and perfect your sushi-making skills!

Kuma Sushi BarHyperBeard
Get ready to sharpen your culinary skills and enter a delightful new world of adventure! As Kumaki, the charming bear chef, takes up the challenge of maintaining his family's legacy, you must assist him in creating a sumptuous and appealing sushi menu that will leave your customers begging for more. Whether you are new to restaurant management or an expert in the field, we've got you covered! A team of enthusiastic and eccentric animal assistants is at your disposal to help you run the restaurant smoothly. You can choose from a diverse pool of candidates to find the perfect hires who share your vision and are always eager to lend a helping paw. Make your sushi café stand out with unique décor that reflects your style or your customer's preferences. Every aspect of the restaurant can be customized to create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere that customers won't stop talking about. Practice makes perfect, so come back often to check on the progress of your restaurant. Level up your sushi-making skills and learn more about the fascinating lives of your staff members as you help Kumaki become a top sushi chef and preserve his family's culinary heritage. Are you ready to become part of this exciting and tasty new world? If so, join Kumaki now and discover what it takes to become a top sushi chef!
Fairy Bakery Workshop

Experience farming, baking, and store renovation in this cute, free simulation game. Can you save your grandma's bankrupt bakery and attract fluffy soft creature customers?

Fairy Bakery WorkshopWinning Starters
Welcome to the world of baking! Take on the challenge of running a bakery in this free simulation game that lets you experience the thrill of growing wheat in the fields and designing your store's interiors. Imagine receiving a rundown bakery from your grandmother, who is struggling to keep it afloat. Not only does it lack flour, but it also needs a much-needed makeover. Will you be up to the task of reviving it? Explore the charming city filled with adorable creatures and take your bakery to the next level. With this game, you get to do more than just baking bread. Discover a vast collection of furnitures to give your bakery a unique and cozy ambiance and have fun with fashion as you change your clothes to suit your mood. Don't miss out on the thrill of the lucky draw system. Collect interesting and rare items that will aid your baking journey along the way. What's more, we understand the impact excessive ads can cause to your gameplay. So, we ensure they don't interfere with your gaming experience. Finally, if you come across any glitches or bugs, please do not hesitate to report them to us. We want to make your gameplay as smooth as possible. Enjoy the game and become the ultimate baking mogul of the city!
Star Healer

Join Sakura and her allies in Star Healer, a cute character cultivating RPG set in a candy galaxy, and fight the Sea Urchin Virus to protect the galaxy together.

Star HealerCrazy Rich Game
Greetings fellow adventurers, Prepare yourselves for the exciting and highly anticipated release of Star Healer, available now on Google Play starting from 6/30/2022 20:30 (UTC+8), as the game enters its OBT phase. Existing user data from the closed beta will remain untouched allowing players to seamlessly continue their journey into the candy galaxy by installing or updating to the latest version of the game app. If you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us. Reach out to us on Facebook -, Twitter -, or Discord - You can also send us an email at 【Background】 In the year 4003 AD, Sakura lives on earth, a barren planet abandoned by nobles. By pure chance, she finds herself transported to the mystical Candy Galaxy, where the sweet aroma of candy is pervasive. Unbeknownst to her, a grave threat is looming on the horizon... As the Sea Urchin Virus begins to spread, Sakura is reincarnated as a savior, leading her allies to become star healers, dedicated to protecting the galaxy as a team. 【Summon and Nurture Adorable Characters】 Enter a paradise designed for all of you collective players with a love for all things adorable! Unleash the potential of your characters, pets, and weapons by developing an array of unique skills and proficiencies, and save the galaxy by fighting off the Sea Urchin Virus! 【Build Your Dream Team to Take Part in Battle】 Don't brave the battle alone - join hands with fellow adventurers and fight together as a team, collaborating with strategic players to create your dream team. The flavor of jelly-filled bullets and amazing combat technique evoke unique emotions in players as they take on various daily and limited-time tasks. 【Idle AFK Fight and Manage Your Home】 Reward yourself even when you're AFK, take advantage of Automatic Fighting to maximize the benefits even when you're not actively playing. Beyond intense battles, you can also delight in managing your home and yard, a playstyle adored by SLG players. Whip up delicious and incredible meals found in our wacky menu to explore an entirely new aspect of simulation gaming on Sweetland! And remember, any dish, no matter how peculiar it may look, will have a unique effect on your characters! 【Immerse Yourself in an Enthralling Storyline】 As Sakura and her allies discover more about their past, dangers continue to emerge. Unravel complexities within factions, uncover the truth about members, and experience an adventure like never before in this fantasy galaxy. Watch your back, as the boss controlling the deadly Sea Urchin Virus will stop at nothing to eradicate all Star Healers. 【Anime Art and Original Music Creation】 Our charming anime maids, stylish cross-dressing protagonist, delectable fried chicken pets, and loveable briquettes are unique and beyond your wildest dreams. ACG enthusiasts will surely find their perfect combat partner in this captivating world. With vibrant background music on loop throughout the game, the battles take on an exhilarating and invigorating quality! Are you prepared for your destiny to take flight, dear Star Healer? The countdown has already begun.
Kotodama Diary

Kotodama Diary is a virtual pet game where your choices determine the evolution of over 100 cute and bizarre "kotodummies" characters.

Kotodama DiaryPolaris-x Inc.
Experience the joy of raising a cute virtual pet with Kotodama Diary - the ultimate game for pet lovers! In this game, you can create your very own adorable character by feeding them with words of your choice. The best part is, these characters can grow into something unexpected based on your decisions. You can get the cute pet of your dreams or discover weird creatures that you never expected to have. With over 100 different species of "kotodummies", the possibilities are endless. Kotodama Diary is a simple yet entertaining virtual pet game that lets you explore bizarre characters that evolve based on your word choices. To play, you need to collect hearts by touching or swiping on them and use them to feed your virtual pet. Once you have enough hearts, words will appear. Choose one of the words, and your kotodummy will evolve based on your selection. You can also draw fortunes using gems or tickets to get accessories for your pets. They will wear the accessories, and if they like them, they will give you useful items in return. The kotodummies will also collect coins, which you can use to purchase furniture. The furniture can help you progress faster through the game and decorate your room as per your choice. You can enjoy playing with your favorite kotodummies and create your very own virtual pet diary. Kotodama Diary is a perfect game for those who enjoy slow-paced, relaxing games and love collecting unique pets. You would love this game if you are fond of pixel art, gachas, absurd screenshots, and putting accessories on characters. It's an excellent choice for those who want to decorate their virtual room and pass some time for free. Overall, Kotodama Diary is an enjoyable game that promises to give you an unforgettable experience of raising virtual pets.
Tiny Animal War

Collect and merge cute animal troops, plan various battle strategies, level up powerful heroes, and compete in the arena in Tiny Animal War.

Tiny Animal WarCJ-Games
Behold! Behold! A lovely canine has arrived~ Explore the tranquil enchanted forest filled with diverse cute creatures. Formulate your own animal army to counter opposing invaders! ●Devising various tactics  -Numerous well-designed stages to relish diverse battle challenges  -An enormous 7x7 battlefields to relish massive-scale battles  -Over 30+ exceptional abilities to execute personalized gameplay ●Hire heroes to level up、Amalgamate troops to expand your forces  -Upgrade potent heroes to lead your army  -Recruit animal soldiers using in-game currency and amalgamate them to boost your might on the battlefield  -Acquire over 45+ distinctive animals to gather ●Passively obtain resources、Compete in the arena  -The animals will gather resources while you're absent  -Lead your troupe in competitive battles against other players ============================= Please feel free to get in touch with us if you experience any technical difficulties or glitches. We'll address any concerns you may have promptly. Follow us on our official Facebook Page for the latest updates! Facebook: Twitter: Reddit: Line@:
Cat Flower Tree

Collect and nurture Nyan-flowers to become a hero of the new scientific theory in Cat Flower Tree, the unattended healing cultivation game full of cute cats.

Cat Flower TreeSample games
Collect an array of adorable cats in this cat-healing fantasy, Cat Flower Tree - the ultimate unassisted healing simulation game! Grow Nyan-flowers on trees by tending to their hydration, feeding, serenading and security needs. No need to hurry - take in the picturesque scenery alongside your feline companions. After all, the cats themselves are inherently cute! Here are the rules of the game: Select your target, wait for the Nyan-flower to grow to fruition, harvest the beautiful buds, gather Nyan-coins, and upgrade facilities to discover new Nyan-flowers. Find them all to become the hero of the new botanical theory! Armed with this special secret knowledge: Nyan-flowers love attention and will grow faster from your touch; their gourmet appetites dictate their willingness to reveal rare cat grasses; and incorporating older equipment while upgrading will maintain your skills to the max. This game is great for anyone who loves cats, desires a unique and easily accessible game, enjoys cute and vibrant graphics, seeks a soothing break from the daily grind, craves a simple yet engaging gameplay experience, longs for a fun indie game, and adores collecting and the farming genre. It also takes up minimal mobile storage space, giving you all the more reason to download and dive right in!
Cozy Islands

Build and renovate a cozy island village from scratch, explore mystery islands, and make friends with lovable villagers and pets in Cozy Islands.

Cozy IslandsTetrox Limited
Experience the charming nostalgia as you return to Cozy Islands to rebuild the village of your childhood. In this adventure-filled game, you will embark on a journey of crafting, building and travelling to make a cozy island village from scratch. With your plot overgrown with trees and stones, dive in to create a tranquil village and venture on to mysterious islands to help friendly villagers settle in new abodes, away from mundane city life. Playing through the character's eyes, enjoy an immersive gameplay experience where you get to renovate each house, piece by piece, in outstanding mechanics. Feel the warmth of the atmosphere and environment with delightful aesthetics, giving you a peaceful vibe. This game come jam-packed with features that will make you fall in love with Cozy Islands over and over again. Mystery islands like never seen before, with unique autogenerated locations waiting for you to explore. You can even travel and experience different cultures based on real-world experience. With lovable characters that you meet throughout the game, you can become friends and share your experiences. Moreover, you can even have your own cute animal companion to assist you with your daily tasks. This game is under development, and developers have incredible plans for future updates. So, come on in and join the adventures of the Cozy Islands, redesign your own island, build unparalleled houses, and relish the warm and pleasant atmosphere while helping villagers create new memories in their new homes.
My Dear Farm

Grow crops, customize your character, and build your farming empire in this sim farming-adventure game filled with playful vegetable decoration.

My Dear FarmHyperBeard
Experience an exciting and engaging farm-simulation adventure like never before by indulging in the world of vegetable decoration! Cultivate your crops with utmost care and love, as this is your chance to showcase your best farmer skills! Personalize your avatar by customizing its appearance with striking hairstyles and outfits. Additionally, opt for a charming companion that fits your character best! Grow your crops with passion and nurture them with utmost sincerity, as the fruits of your labor will help you establish your farming empire in the marketplace. There, you can sell your products and achieve unprecedented success! - Embellish your farm with alluring furniture pieces and decoration sets that are waiting to be unlocked. With My Dear Farm, you have infinite options to style your farm with creativity and develop an unparalleled farm design sense.
Alchemists' Garden

Create and evolve your own box Garden with life, strategy, and puzzle elements. Recruit diverse characters and compete with others in intense Guild Wars.

Alchemists' GardenIGG.COM
Discover the magical world of Alchemy and experience the thrill of creating your own unique box Garden filled with life and wonder in the Garden Simulation RPG x Strategy x Puzzle game. This game takes you on a journey to a faraway land in a different era where you become an Alchemist in the Academy, receiving a Garden that will eventually evolve into a world of its own, influenced by your magical abilities and willpower. Explore this mystical world at your own pace, collaborating with other players and even competing against them. Enhance your Characters and grow your Garden in any way you want. Join a Guild with friends, engage in Guild events, and participate in intense and thrilling Guild Wars. Recruit fascinating Characters to join you on your adventure, including beast-eared maidens and mecha ladies with intriguing personalities. Enhance each Character to unlock their full potential, becoming a vital part of your assault team. Immerse yourself in a world of wonder and beauty with a powerful voice cast featuring dozens of well-known voice actors, including Koga Aoi, Mineda Mayu, Inoue Honoka, Tajima Saran, Yamaki Anna, and more! Join the community on Discord and Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest news and interact with other players. Experience the excitement of creating and growing your own unique Garden, filled with life and stories woven by the future alchemists. Ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure? Play Garden Simulation RPG x Strategy x Puzzle now!
Vamp: Lord of Blood

Homeless vampire siblings seek revenge in VAMP, a pixel Hack and Slash game. Customize your character with costumes and items. Survive monster attacks.

Vamp: Lord of Bloodkikike corp.
Experience the aftermath of Asgard's most legendary and fierce battle between the mightiest Dragon and legendary heroes in VAMP, set a hundred years after the war. While our valiant heroes preserved Asgard, not everyone was fortunate enough to remain unscathed. Two poor vampire siblings, now left homeless in the wake of the battle, have resolved to hunt down and take revenge on those responsible for their predicament. VAMP boasts an endearing handmade pixel graphics meticulously crafted by skilled artists to produce a 100% natural and adorable feel. The game offers a traditional Hack-and-Slash gameplay where every hit counts, as players slaughter countless monsters with a single shot. The fresh hit satisfaction is overwhelming, thanks to the game's cool skill combinations. Say hello to Monsta, a clan of monsters that challenges players to survive between their projectiles and skill attacks. And as if that wasn't enough, VAMP has hundreds of millions of items and cute costumes, offering you an extensive selection of ways to build up your character and compete favorably among others. You can create your unique vampire with every item and costume change. VAMP is the perfect game to keep you entertained while waiting for Diablo 2 and Lineage queues. Keep up-to-date with the latest news and updates from the official page at
Stray Cat Doors 2

Join the cute character in the worldwide hit escape adventure game "Stray Cat Doors" continuation, now with more mysteries, stages, costumes, and furniture customization!

Stray Cat Doors 2パルスモ株式会社
Indulge in a mesmerizing adventure filled with unforgettable moments at the house, journeying at dusk, exploring a lost city, and finding your way back home through the white, breathing snow. The second installment of the globally acclaimed escape adventure game, "Stray Cat Doors," is finally here! This cute character-based escape adventure game lets you immerse in the mystery, and clear each level with ease, even if you haven't played the previous work. In the new game, you can explore and operate the character simultaneously, and if you have trouble cracking a riddle, the hint function is always available to help you out. You'll have a great time as the kitties from the previous game charm you with their warm hearts, and an array of other colorful characters take you on an exciting journey through over 9 stages. With 30+ extra stages and various costumes to experiment with, the dress-up function elevates the game experience by letting you design your character's outfit. Moreover, the title's impressive background music that decorates each stage with an array of more than 30 songs will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. Let your creativity take over as you collect pigments to create unique furniture stickers and customize the room as you wish. You can freely arrange the furniture in the room after completing the "redecorating puzzle" mini-game that challenges you to create and move missing furniture. If you like escape games, cute characters, and animals, or just enjoy collecting items, "Stray Cat Doors" is an ideal game for you. On each stage, collect the four paints required for clearing the stage to solve a mystery by tapping where the cat footprint icon appears and using items in the item column. Completing a stage rewards you with a bonus stage, where new costumes and pigments are up for grabs. For those struggling to solve puzzles, the [?] mark icon provides hints and answers at the cost of watching an in-game video. Keep in mind there's no hint function in the bonus stage. Additionally, pay close attention to the shape and pattern of stickers in the "redecorating puzzle" mode, and play mini-games for collecting some extra pigments. You can even double the number of pigments acquired by watching videos, so go ahead and get all the pigments at once! You must have Android 6.0 or higher to play this game, and some terminals may not support it. Just head to the official Twitter handle or website to contact the game's support team if you come across any issues. The game is free, but there are some in-app billing contents. Get ready to embark upon a one-of-a-kind adventure, filled with cute characters, mesmerizing mysteries, and exciting escapades.
Mini Mini Farm

Build your own island farm in Mini Mini Farm! Relax, take on requests, and explore while gathering resources in this charming, free-to-play farming game.

Mini Mini FarmCoffeeBreak
Mini Mini Farm is a delightful farming game embellished with captivating pixel art. The game can be played effortlessly with just one hand, making it ideal for short intervals of leisure throughout your day. You have the chance to build your own island farm at your own pace in Mini Mini Farm. Take on quests from the villagers, explore the island, make money, and unveil its secrets as you develop the land for its future occupants. The game plot sets in ancient times when people lived on scarce land, and you were sent to work on a remote and wild island while yearning to reunite with your family someday. What sets Mini Mini Farm apart from other farming games is its no-pressure, no-high stakes gameplay, which allows the player to have a relaxing farming life on the island. The game is easy to pick up and play, allowing you to progress in short-term sessions while killing time. Additionally, it is designed to be played in an offline mode, enabling you to play at your preferred pace. Mini Mini Farm is a simple yet addictive game, and once you start playing, it is hard to put down. The charming game is also trendy and freely available to play. Moving about in Mini Mini Farm can be done with simple swipes across the screen, and occasionally, a tap is all you need. For instance, when cutting trees, moving next to a tree is enough. Similarly, you can break rocks by moving next to one, and to plow fields, stand next to a crop field. While exploring the island, you will come across resources that you can collect for future use. Trees on the island provide wood or fruit in at least three stages, and fruit trees, in particular, will let you pick fruits from them. Rocks are available in plenty, giving you unlimited stones to use. Plant fields that are part of your farm yield different crops, with different types of land allowing you to harvest different varieties of crops, including daikon raddish, tomatoes, carrots, and blueberries, among others. Sheep provide wool, whereas cows on your ranch provide milk, and you may even strike gold while mining ores you stumble across. Moreover, shrubs growing throughout the desert island hide coins within their branches. All of the resources regenerate after some time, allowing you to collect them again. As such, it is essential to patrol your island frequently and make the most of everything available to you. Mini Mini Farm was developed by programmer @CafeBreakin and graphically designed by @Vryell and @BrvFlame.

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