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Join Sakura and her allies in Star Healer, a cute character cultivating RPG set in a candy galaxy, and fight the Sea Urchin Virus to protect the galaxy together.

Greetings fellow adventurers, Prepare yourselves for the exciting and highly anticipated release of Star Healer, available now on Google Play starting from 6/30/2022 20:30 (UTC+8), as the game enters its OBT phase. Existing user data from the closed beta will remain untouched allowing players to seamlessly continue their journey into the candy galaxy by installing or updating to the latest version of the game app. If you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us. Reach out to us on Facebook -, Twitter -, or Discord - You can also send us an email at 【Background】 In the year 4003 AD, Sakura lives on earth, a barren planet abandoned by nobles. By pure chance, she finds herself transported to the mystical Candy Galaxy, where the sweet aroma of candy is pervasive. Unbeknownst to her, a grave threat is looming on the horizon... As the Sea Urchin Virus begins to spread, Sakura is reincarnated as a savior, leading her allies to become star healers, dedicated to protecting the galaxy as a team. 【Summon and Nurture Adorable Characters】 Enter a paradise designed for all of you collective players with a love for all things adorable! Unleash the potential of your characters, pets, and weapons by developing an array of unique skills and proficiencies, and save the galaxy by fighting off the Sea Urchin Virus! 【Build Your Dream Team to Take Part in Battle】 Don't brave the battle alone - join hands with fellow adventurers and fight together as a team, collaborating with strategic players to create your dream team. The flavor of jelly-filled bullets and amazing combat technique evoke unique emotions in players as they take on various daily and limited-time tasks. 【Idle AFK Fight and Manage Your Home】 Reward yourself even when you're AFK, take advantage of Automatic Fighting to maximize the benefits even when you're not actively playing. Beyond intense battles, you can also delight in managing your home and yard, a playstyle adored by SLG players. Whip up delicious and incredible meals found in our wacky menu to explore an entirely new aspect of simulation gaming on Sweetland! And remember, any dish, no matter how peculiar it may look, will have a unique effect on your characters! 【Immerse Yourself in an Enthralling Storyline】 As Sakura and her allies discover more about their past, dangers continue to emerge. Unravel complexities within factions, uncover the truth about members, and experience an adventure like never before in this fantasy galaxy. Watch your back, as the boss controlling the deadly Sea Urchin Virus will stop at nothing to eradicate all Star Healers. 【Anime Art and Original Music Creation】 Our charming anime maids, stylish cross-dressing protagonist, delectable fried chicken pets, and loveable briquettes are unique and beyond your wildest dreams. ACG enthusiasts will surely find their perfect combat partner in this captivating world. With vibrant background music on loop throughout the game, the battles take on an exhilarating and invigorating quality! Are you prepared for your destiny to take flight, dear Star Healer? The countdown has already begun.
Release date
Jun 27, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

Star Healer : Open Beta Impressions Mini (No Wipe)FG3000 - UwU Gang
Worth it Banget Buat Dicoba! - Star Healer (Android)Lein Xceed
Game Ini Buat Gw Ngantuk Jir. . . | Star Healer (CBT) | Wibu Asal MainWibu Asal Main


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