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Escape adventure game "Stray Cat Doors" has a new sequel! Solve mysteries and collect paints to create a beautiful room. Enjoy cute characters and costumes.

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Relive the memories of a journey at dusk, wandering through a lost city and returning home in the serenity of white breathing snow with the highly-acclaimed escape adventure game, Stray Cat Doors. And now, brace yourself for its much-awaited sequel!

◆Introduction to the Game◆

■ Features
Meet charming, cuddly characters, solve a plethora of mysteries, and conquer each stage in an escape adventure game. Even if you haven't played the previous game, you can still enjoy the new work to its fullest. Experience added capabilities of operating the character and exploring the stage along with hints to help solve any difficulties you encounter. Catch sight of cute kitties that will warm your heart along with several other vibrantly colored characters.

■ More Mysteries, More Stages
Play through nine thrilling stages, along with 30 additional stages that will leave your thirst for adventurous mystery-solving satisfied.

■ Dress to Impress
Customize your character's outfits from an array of costumes to select from.

■ Soothing Background Music
With more than 30 captivating numbers to make the experience more enriching, turn on the sound and venture on this journey.

■ Personalize Your Room
Play and collect materials to create unique furniture stickers. Arrange your stickers freely, completing an aesthetically pleasing room.

■ Recommended For
If you have played the previous game, or love healing or escape games, collect items or have an infatuation for adorable characters and animals, Stray Cat Doors Two is the game you won't want to miss.

◆How to Play◆

■ The Goal
Collect all four paints required to clear a stage by exploring and observing every nook and cranny.

■ Navigation
Move around stages using simple taps and swipes.

■ Mystery Solving
Solve the mystery by tapping on the cat footprint icon.

■ Using Items
Use items to solve mysteries and reveal puzzles by tapping or swiping them.

■ Bonus Stages
A bonus stage unlocks once you clear each stage. Commence the bonus stage to receive new costumes and pigments as clear rewards.

■ Redecorating Puzzle
If you collect sufficient pigments, challenge "the redecorating puzzle" at home. Comb through hints and use your pigments to create and move missing furniture. Get creative and rearrange furniture in a cleared room.

◆Strategy Tips◆

■ Use Hints
Tap on the [?] mark icon to receive hints and uncover the mystery. Please note, to avail of the hint function, you must watch a brief video. However, the bonus stage does not offer this feature.

■ Pay Attention to Detail
When playing the "redecorating puzzle" mode, note slight differences in each sticker's shapes and patterns, which appear symmetrical at first glance.

■ Enjoy Mini Games
Play mini-games to collect plenty of pigments. Pigments are also available as clear rewards in the bonus stage.

■ Watch Videos
Double the number of pigments acquired by watching brief videos. Gain a heap of pigments all at once!

[Official X]

For any inquiries, reach out to us via the official website. While Stray Cat Doors Two is free for basic usage, some in-app billing contents may require payment.
Release date
Aug 30, 2020
Single player


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