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Tinker Island 2: Survival

Explore, survive, and unravel the mystery of Tinker Island 2 by managing resources, crafting tools and weapons, and battling monsters in this story-based adventure game.

Tinker Island 2: SurvivalTricky Tribe
Embark on the most thrilling survival adventure of your life with Tinker Island 2. Roam the vast island and explore over 50+ locations to uncover the mysteries it holds. The game features an exciting and amusing storyline that will captivate you throughout your journey, and the choices you make will affect the outcome of your adventure. Encounter intriguing characters along the way and include them in your party to upgrade their abilities. Erect buildings and improve your camp while managing resources such as food, wood, and metal. Battle fierce animals and monstrous creatures with your crafted weapons, or tame them to make them your pets. Solve complex riddles and discover the hidden village and the fabled lost city in your quest for the truth. Discover the island's secrets while supporting the intriguing characters in fulfilling their fate. In Tinker Island 2, you must be resourceful, battle-ready, and tactful to progress. Experience Tinker Island 2's easy-to-learn yet challenging-to-master combat mini-game, which will put your skills to the test. Based on the award-winning original Tinker Island mobile game, Tinker Island 2 takes you on a captivating story-based adventure on a deserted island full of riddles, epic battles, and mysteries that even the brightest minds are yet to solve. Join the Tinker Island 2 community and share your experiences with others. Stay up-to-date with the latest episodes and updates on Twitter or Facebook. With Tinker Island 2, you can play for free, but some items are available for purchase. So, if you do not want to use this feature, adjust your device's settings accordingly. Installing this game implies that you agree to the terms of service outlined on the website.
Ruins Story

Explore and battle the crisis facing Ruina and Nekoro in a high-speed, multi-perspective 2D rogue light action shooter.

Ruins StoryWinning Starters
As a vertically held smartphone game, this 2D action shooter provides a fast-paced battle experience that can be operated using a single finger. The game requires swift movements, precise aiming, and quick shooting to succeed and explore various items to unlock new builds and strategies on every attempt. The game emphasizes action, requiring the player to move at high speeds using flick gestures on floors, walls, or ceilings. Two types of weapons can be used throughout the battle with simple swiping and tapping operations. To succeed in the game, resource management and well-timed attacks are essential. Depending on the combination of enhanced items, the fighting style can change drastically, so planning a strategy is crucial for defeating powerful Boss Enemies. Equipment acquisition is critical in this game. Various enhancement items can be obtained during the search, and they have powerful abilities that can be lost when returning from exploration. Once the search is complete, the player can then unlock new equipment using the obtained items, leading to many opportunities for players to find their perfect builds to use in the next round. The game's story progresses with each exploration made by the main character Ruina, and her support robot Nekoro. The game tells the story of the duo through the Genesis Log, unveiling the past and present of the two characters while they deal with the crisis facing humanity. In conclusion, this 2D Rogue Light Action Shooter game provides a refreshing experience for mobile games. The simple one-finger operation and various equipment make the game exciting, while the story creates an immersive environment for players to engage. Get ready to join Ruina and Nekoro on their journey and explore deeper into the game's universe!
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Ezetta Prophecy

Guide your team in mastering the elements of nature and recruit legendary heroes to save the world of Ezetta in this visually stunning fantasy RPG and real-time strategy game.

Ezetta ProphecyGaeaMobile
Embark on a remarkable fantasy journey with real-time strategy by gaining mastery over the elements of nature, rallying legendary heroes and exploring the vast continent of Ezetta to save it from the impending darkness seeping through the cracks in the sky in this visually breathtaking RPG game. Play in real-time and face difficult choices during battles, as every decision turns the tide of the fight. The elements of nature deeply interplay with each other, creating a tactical depth to win battles against foes stronger than you. There is a sprawling, well-designed story campaign to follow, exploring the continent of Ezetta and encountering different types of dark forces. Assemble a team of the most formidable heroes from various factions to join the adventure. Each hero can master the five elements of nature and can be customized through the Talent system, allowing you freedom of choice in developing their unique skills. Equip your heroes with the most powerful weapons to further augment their attributes and become the ultimate hero. Join hand in hand with other clan members, work in guilds, and fight against the mighty demons to win epic loot. When there is danger, hope arises. It's time to heed the counsel of Ezetta Prophecy and save the world in an epic adventure. Get ready to become the Hero! Visit their Facebook page to stay updated. You may also read their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Download the game now and join the fight!
Another Dungeon

Embark on a journey as a Kabi warrior and reclaim your lost power in the pixelated world of Another Dungeon. PvP, unique pets, and easy growth await!

Another Dungeongameduo
Dokebi, a young Kabi warrior, embarks on an adventure to find and restore the lost power of his tribe on the vast continent. Play with your friends and experience the dynamic journey in this MMORPG that features awesome pixel art action. With just a few clicks, you can perform powerful skills while enjoying the easy and simple gameplay. Enter the wide-open fields to not only attack mobs but also battle with other players in PvP mode. Hunt down your opponents and become the mightiest Kabi of all. In this world, time is gold, and you can let your character do the work for you, collecting items to aid in their growth. Customize your warrior with unique costumes that offer different powers and effects that match your playstyle and fashion sense. Moreover, you can collect special Pets to fight alongside you, giving you boosts with various abilities. Get in touch with the game developers by emailing Learn more about the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by visiting and Start your adventure today and discover the lost power of the Kabi in Another Dungeon!
Makoto Wakaido's Case Files: Executioner's Wedge

Solve the mystery of decapitated bodies in a point-and-click, pixel art mystery adventure game. Discover clues and solve puzzles to progress.

Makoto Wakaido's Case Files: Executioner's WedgeEKKE
Can you solve the mystery behind the string of headless corpses?". This is a mystery adventure game in point-and-click style, where you are tasked with solving the enigma behind a series of crimes, all presented in beautiful dot-art style graphics. Do you think you can crack the case? To start playing, simply tap on any part of the screen to move the main character to that location. Tapping on a person or object will show you a list of options to choose from. Collecting information like this will allow you to add notes to your memo, giving you more information on various objects or individuals. Talking to characters or interacting with certain objects will give you even more options and valuable clues to crack the case. During the reasoning stages, you will need to use the information you have collected so far to answer questions presented to you. By putting two and two together, you can make logical guesses as to what the next stage will hold in store for you. This game is recommended for those who love mystery and problem-solving. If you enjoy tales of intrigue and suspense, this is the game for you! With a runtime of around 50-60 minutes, this game is perfect for anyone who wants to solve the case quickly. Plus, if you happen to be a fan of pixel art or retro-style graphics, this game is a must-play!
Aim Lab Mobile

Improve your gaming aim anytime with Aim Lab Mobile. Train for your favorite mobile FPS games, compete on global leaderboards and unlock rewards.

Aim Lab MobileState Space Labs, Inc.
Elevate your precision in the official public beta of Aim Lab Mobile. Get ready to hone your aim with the core Aim Lab Mobile experience now available on your mobile device, and anticipate more enriching content and feature updates on the horizon! The aim trainer that professional gamers swear by has finally arrived on mobile. Developed by neuroscientists, Aim Lab Mobile perfectly amalgamates state-of-the-art performance tracking and analytics with AI-powered training to upskill your gameplay. Whether you wish to refine your aim anywhere anytime, now that training is just a few clicks away! Get a free download of Aim Lab Mobile today and gear up to enhance every aspect of your aim. Make Improvements Across All Facets of Your Aim Embrace a holistic aim training experience or work on specific elements of your gameplay across the 6 distinct categories such as reaction time, precision, and target detection. Improve Your Aim for Popular FPS Games on Mobile Optimize your training with game-specific presets and personalized settings such as aim assist and controls to simulate your favorite FPS games on mobile. Set Yourself Apart and Compete with Your Friends and Fellow Gamers Progressing through the ranks can be phenomenal, especially when it means you can showcase your hard-earned achievements in your profile and climb up the global leaderboards. Push Your Limits in Timed Challenges Join special, time-sensitive events where you can test your skills and win exciting rewards that are exclusively available to the participants.
Tower of Winter

Embark on an epic journey to ascend the Tower in a dark and perilous world. Face devious traps and mythical creatures. Only wise decisions can save humanity.

Tower of WinterTailormade Games
In a world plagued by an unforgiving winter, the inhabitants rely on a combination of sorcery and steam technology in an endless battle for survival. But as conditions continue to deteriorate, rumors begin to circulate about the source of the never-ending frost, which is believed to be dwelling in a tower located at the northernmost point of the continent. Experience an epic adventure that will test your bravery, intelligence, and ingenuity as you embark on a quest to save the world. Along the way, you will encounter legendary creatures, ancient artifacts, cunning traps, and mighty Old Gods that you must overcome to progress through the treacherous environment of the Tower. Every decision you make could be the difference between life and death. Climb the Tower to uncover the final answers to some of the world's biggest questions. Who or what is causing the winter to persist, and why build such a colossus structure in the first place? Can humanity hope to survive once your quest has come to an end? ◆ Game Overview ◆ ■ Immerse yourself in a world of darkness and myth, filled with dangers at every turn. ■ Experience an exciting blend of roguelike gameplay and text-based adventures. ■ Test your strategic skills in turn-based combat that will require innovative thinking. ■ Unlock special abilities and upgrade your hero's skills to strengthen your chances of victory. ■ Face the ultimate test against an unrelenting difficulty that will push you to the brink. ■ Enjoy challenging, tactical role-playing adventures tailored specifically for vertical screens. ---- Interested in playing? Check out our Privacy policy: and Terms of Service: And if you need any further assistance, feel free to reach out to us at
Dungeon & Dice

Roll dice, defeat monsters, collect artifacts, and grow endlessly! Dungeon & Dice offers daily rewards, unique skins, and infinite growth with rebirth.

Dungeon & Dice자이언트다이스
Get ready to slay monsters and constantly grow, all with the power of dice in Dungeon & Dice! If you’ve ever screamed in your mind while rolling the dice, “Please! Come out already!”, then you must know the thrill of defeating monsters and leveling up in the game. This adventure is especially perfect for those who believe in being lucky. Embark on your adventure now with Dungeon & Dice! Every day, 100 jewels and 10+1 artifact tickets are given away to help you on your journey to challenge the legends. Plus, there is a special double jewel service for your added benefit. With endless quests and relic points obtainable for purchasing artifacts, the game provides players with 129 unique and versatile artifact options to choose from. Your character will surely stand out from others and grow even more powerful with the collection of artifacts. You can also customize your character's appearance with a selection of skins that are obtainable through jewels-only draws. Choose your favorite and wear it with pride. The game revolves around the power of dice, where you can stack up your gold buffs to earn your fortune. Become a monster killer and dominate the game if you’re lucky enough! Take your power to the next level by choosing the option of rebirth. This allows you to gain stronger skills and abilities, crush monsters with high damage, and have an unbeatable advantage of combining your “dice” x “combat power” x “artifact”. Climb up the daily rankings and challenge yourself to become number one. With your improved combat skills acquired through rebirth and hard work, it's possible to attain that top spot and earn enormous rewards. Join the fun and embrace the unpredictable fate of Dungeons & Dice: Thrown Fate!
The Bounty Huntress

Join Rhea in a Metroidvania-style game to save kidnapped people and defeat monster infestations. Crispy pixel art & accurate controls with secrets and rewards hidden throughout Aresdale Castle's seven areas.

The Bounty HuntressIC Studio
Join Rhea, a huntress with a mission to rescue the people abducted in the City of Vaunard and taken to the enigmatic Aresdale castle. This Metroidvania genre game offers a challenging adventure for players. Rhea has an impressive set of skills to overcome the obstacles she encounters. With numerous monsters terrorizing the castle corridors, gamers must be vigilant to succeed in their quest. However, the castle also contains hidden rewards amid several deadly dangers. This game demands a combination of agility, patience, and attention to detail to progress. The people of Vaunard are counting on you to save them. The game boasts several enticing features such as metroidvania-style gameplay in detailed pixel art. As Rhea, players get to wield a vast selection of weapons and skills while experiencing precise and intuitive controls. The game features several areas of the Castle to explore and unravel its mysteries. Additionally, the game provides a save system with three slots to keep track of progress. The game is available in 14 languages- English, Spanish, Portuguese-BR, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Dutch, Bulgarian, Polish, and Russian. Created by Antonio Romair Júnior and Rafael Barioni, this game is a must-play that offers an immersive and challenging experience from start to finish.

Defend your town against hordes of Orcs and goblins across 8000 waves of enemies in Towerlands - a fantasy, medieval strategy, Tower Defence & RPG game.

TowerlandsBlack Bears Publishing
Prepare for a journey to the wondrous world of Towerlands, a medieval strategy idle game packed with role-playing elements. Your quiet town is in peril from hordes of orcs, goblins, and other dangerous foes. You must act fast and expand your tiny tower into an impressive stronghold to defend your home. Defense and clash are the name of the game. Use your tactical and striking skills to triumph over every battle, prepare for over 8000 waves of enemy attacks. It's essential to hire and train new warriors, creating a robust army to prevent the destruction of your castle. Unique heroes and modules placed on the tower will help protect your land, merge and combine them in any order for the best battle outcome. Improve your stronghold by building military structures in the city to train your army and provide top-notch weapons. Boost the gold mine and upgrade the Tower and units to keep enemies at bay. With thirty different types of towers, forty combat modules, and fifty characters at your disposal, develop your efficiency by crafting artifacts and special perks. Explore and conquer the vast world map with various points of interest, capturing cities, castles, and caravans of enemies to overflow with wealth. Join forces with friends by creating or joining a clan to fight other clans globally. Every week, participate in the TD Battle of Clans and fight for valuable treasure and glory. Teamwork is essential to succeed! Download Towerlands, and enter into a world of strategy, role-playing, and tower defense. In case of game-related problems, reach out to Play now and let us know your thoughts!
Flash Party

Flash Party gets an upgrade with Stardust Warriors, featuring over 20 distinctive heroes & new mechanism categorized into four types. Join the party now!

Flash PartyXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Join forces, Stardust Warriors! Experience the ultimate version of this exciting fighter party with the new and improved Stardust Warriors! Engage in thrilling battles with Flash Party, a mobile Platform Fighter. Take control of fascinating heroes and showcase your combat skills through attacking, jumping, dodging, and blocking moves. Knock out the opposing team by throwing them off-stage with an array of moves. Choose from 20 plus unique heroes and more on the way! With the arrival of "Stardust Warriors," the fighting style gets a revamp with four different classes, each with its own unique mechanism. Discover your very own style and become the next Party star! [How to Be Victorious] Kick the competition off-stage! Increase your knock-out score by attacking other players' heroes. The higher the KO score, the more susceptible they are to knock out. [Original Characters] Experience a plethora of original and one-of-a-kind characters! From a chubby snowman, a God of Trial descending from heaven, to a high school girl with an apple-shaped head,and an admired idol singer, everyone awaits your arrival in Flash Party battles! With more than 20 heroes on the roster, and more to come, you're sure to find your favorite! [New Fighting Mechanism] Experience an entirely new battle mechanism with the "Stardust Warriors" update! Categorized into four types- All-rounder, Assaulter, Power House, and Impeder, each hero possesses exclusive fighting mechanisms. All-rounder: Attack in three ways to accumulate energy and unleash a Super Neutral Special. Assaulter: Cancel specific attacks with certain movements to remove the ending lag, creating abundant combo openings and variations. Power House: The higher the KO score, the more potent the attack becomes. Impeder: Attack shields to accumulate energy and unleash a Super grab & throw. The Sticker System undergoes a complete upgrade with the addition of the new Colorful Sticker that allows equipping of moves to your hero and builds your unique battle style. [Game Modes] Challenge yourself in various scenarios, levels, rules, and events every day. Participate in entertaining battles such as 1v1, 2v2, 4 Players Brawl, and Soccer Mode. Engage in weekend-limited events and Friendly Battles to compete with your friends anytime, anywhere. Head to the Pinnacle Arena to build up your battle techniques. Try to get a higher rank in modes such as Pinnacle 1v1, Pinnacle Relay, and Pinnacle Team and become the Master Player of the Party! "Lab Mode" offers the latest in game modes under development, giving you early access to brand-new gameplays. Innovation and creativity are the soul of the party! [Costumes] Be the brightest Party Star by collecting Skins, KO Effects, and various Costumes from themed sets. Explore options like the Detective Team, Pool Party, Tales of the Orient, and Cosmic Adventure. [Season: Party Pass] Each season comes with a unique themed Party Pass. Get Season rewards such as Skins, emojis, KO effects, and more by participating in matches or completing season missions.Unlock past seasons' exclusive rewards by purchasing Starcard and unlocking more missions. [To Be a Party Animal] Meet new people, make friends, form teams and compete against one another. Edit your hero banner to showcase your achievements. Compete on the Hero Point and Arena Rank regional Leaderboard, and become the top fighter in your area. Experience Battle Party in various ways with like-minded people. Get the latest Flash Party news by following us on social media. Get access to exclusive events and live broadcasts, meet players with similar interests, and interact with game developers to improve our gaming experience. Official website: Official Twitter: @PlayFlashParty Official Discord: Official TikTok:
Eldrum: Untold

Untold is an immersive text-based RPG with modern twists. Survive and uncover secrets in the world of Tem Khiris. Available in English.

Eldrum: UntoldAct None
Experience the thrill of adventure with Untold – an immersive text-based RPG game that combines old school CYOA features with modern twists. Test out the game for free, but be aware that there is a purchase required to receive access to the full game and continue your journey. Please note that Untold is only available in English. As the protagonist, you wake up stranded on a beach, lost, and distressed from a shipwreck. However, it's not long after that you find a fellow survivor, a nomad, who has faced similar trauma. The two of you team up to seek the truth and vengeance, traveling through the world, gaining equipment and developing your character as you go. The world of Tem Khiris is one of strife and conflict. Warring states and tribes exist everywhere, so be cautious – death may be just around the corner. Your life depends on your choices, as every poor decision could lead to an abrupt trip to the Underworld. The Untold game boasts multiple exciting features, including the nostalgic table-top RPG style, character building, secrets to uncover and over 8 hours of playtime per single play-through. With multiple endings and various play styles, each decision counts, as players craft their path through the epic storyline. Untold is a text-based RPG game that supports phone and tablet use, making it accessible to all. Notably, it is also accessible to blind and low-vision gamers. The game has been reviewed in and, both positively. They stress the game's character development, inventory management system, NPC interactions, and combat features, all of which are well-balanced to deliver a solid gameplay experience. Join the Untold RPG community and discover the power of choice, the thrill of adventure, and the secrets of Tem Khiris today! Follow us on Discord, Twitter, and Facebook to stay informed about any updates and events.
Abandon Ship

Abandon Ship is a tactical combat game where you take control of an 'Age of Sail' ship in a story-filled fantasy world full of peril, pirates, and monsters.

Abandon ShipPID Games
In "Abandon Ship," you'll command an "Age of Sail" vessel and crew, and set off to explore a vast and reactive world filled with grim consequences. Encounter various story-rich islands in different biomes, from the eerie haunted seas to the arachnid-infested Spider Islands. Engage in battles with enemy ships, fortifications, and sea monsters; as you progress, you'll have to weather various conditions, like tidal waves and blizzards, that may affect your strategies. Combat is brutal and tactical, with every battle a challenge on the brink of defeat. But you can use advantages such as diverse weapons and upgrades to conquer the odds and customise your vessel's appearance by capturing enemy ships. As you navigate the challenges, your trusty crew also gains specific skills and traits that help gain an edge in battles. In this unforgiving world, Life can be brutal, experiences deadly. Don't be disheartened; the game ends only when the captain is lost, meaning that even if your boat is destroyed, you can continue the journey by becoming stranded and fighting your way back to the top. Your choices create allies and enemies who may seek help or revenge against you later in the game. You can immerse yourself in various gameplay modes, including the main campaign, overthrowing a Cthulhu-esque cult; Freeplay, which involves rebuilding your ancestors' legacy; and shorter tales such as rescuing your sister in the Combat Campaign or climbing the ranks of Father's children to gain The Kraken in Sword of the Cult. The art style is inspired by classic Naval Oil Paintings, complete with a fantasy setting. The world reacts to your actions, so if you choose to partake in piracy, you should prepare to become the hunted captain.
Limbus Company

Lead the Sinners in a real-time turn-based RPG brawl to claim the Golden Boughs and face Affinities in a unique dystopian metropolis.

Limbus CompanyProject Moon
EMBARK ON A TALE TO SAVE THE E.G.O WHILE FACING THE SIN As the Executive Manager of Limbus Company, take charge of your team of twelve Sinners and journey deep into the buried facilities of Lobotomy Corporation. The aim is to claim the Golden Boughs that lie within. ▶ A Combination of Turn-based RPG and Realtime Brawl Every turn in the game leads to an action-packed sequence. During the combat phase, both teams will act simultaneously. Units targeting each other create a Clash that is settled based on their skill levels and a bit of luck. The winner gets the chance to shut down the loser's skill. So make sure you use the right skills to win Clashes. ▶ Single-handed Skirmishing Chain skill icons across the grid and watch as your units take action based on your commands. Combining skills of the same color leads to greater damage on the opposing team. With simple and practical controls, watch as the Sinners move to your rhythm. ▶ Create Diverse Strategies with Identities and E.G.O Build teams of Identities and equip them with different E.G.O to create strong synergies. Your opponents come with a range of Affinity-based attacks and tricky effects. Abnormalities, for instance, are formidable foes that require tactical planning and team composition to conquer. Unravel their behavior and vulnerabilities to build the perfect team for victory. ▶ Immerse Yourself in the World of Project Moon Experience another story set in the same unique dystopian world as Lobotomy Corporation and Library of Ruina. Journey through this massive, futuristic metropolis with your team of 12 Sinners in search of the powerful Golden Boughs. Enjoy a captivating storyline and a range of events that await. Additionally, all dialogue in the central plot comes fully voiced in Korean. All the best, Dear Manager. - Official Game Website: - Twitter: - Studio Website: - Studio Twitter: - Developer YouTube: User game profiles, including guest profiles, can be connected to an external (Apple/Google) account upon choice. For the Steam versions, launching the game will automatically link the profile to the player's Steam account. Profiles already linked can integrate multiple external accounts.

Virtual world with beautiful graphics takes players to constantly hone fighting skills; dominated by bullets, slings & tactics. Immersive with wild enemy encounters.

MedievalfieldOleksandr Senx
Welcome to a virtual world with stunning graphics where trade, peace, and tranquility reign supreme. Suddenly, the young narrator is under attack, but our hero quickly shows their accuracy. This world is filled with excitement where one must continuously develop their fighting skills to rise to the occasion. This world is filled with different weapons such as bullets and slings that require good tactics and strategy to defeat your opponents. While an aggressive fighting style has shown to be useful, it's the use of a sharp mind and astute thinking that plays a crucial role in battles. So prepare yourself and get into action with your comrades, as danger is always around the corner. You can hear the sound of an enemy detachment approaching. Take aim and fire! But wait, there's more. The rebels are coming, and they are wild, killing each other for plunder and glory. Your task is to draw the cannon and take them out before they get to you. Unfortunately, our last narrator has fallen in battle, and it is vital to maintain decorum, something that the barbarians lack. Aside from the dangers that lurk in this world, it has beautiful landscapes and a breathtaking atmosphere that Mother Nature has put together. You can explore different islands, vast plains, and fields. The Carpathian Mountains are also waiting for you. Join this world and call your friends to experience the thrill of fighting and adventure together. Will you be able to survive the challenges and come out victorious? It's time to prepare yourself and immerse in this fantastic world of combat and strategy.
TerraGenesis: Landfall

Build, design, and manage your own city in space, cultivate resources, and overcome challenges in TerraGenesis: Operation Landfall - a survival city-building game.

TerraGenesis: LandfallTilting Point
TERRAGENESIS: OPERATION LANDFALL is an exciting and realistic city-building game that lets you manage and design your own space city while also trying to ensure the survival of humanity. You'll be tasked with creating and nurturing life on a new world to pave the way for a fresh start for mankind. Grow your city, add new structures, manage resources, and keep your residents happy and healthy with a wide range of building options to choose from. Your mission in this survival city-builder simulator game is to be the pioneer of the first human civilization in space! It's up to you to create an entirely new society in space by managing essential resources like water, oxygen, and food. Use real NASA science as you explore the universe, create cities on barren planets, and expand your culture and survival capabilities. This game is completely free, and you'll need to balance resource production based on your growing population and their needs. Spread life and transform barren planets into thriving civilizations with this game's city-building simulation. You can achieve this by adapting strategies to overcome the challenges space presents and gaining supplies to keep your citizens alive. Explore new worlds and settle new cities in outer space while being part of the universe's continuous evolution. Growing your population and city across the galaxy in this survival simulator game is all about evolution and survival. You'll use the latest technology in construction and resource production to bring life to different planets, and you'll have to navigate random events in space that demand new methods to survive. With TERRAGENESIS: OPERATION LANDFALL game, you can build, manage, and lead your city to ensure humanity's survival in outer space. Discover more about TERRAGENESIS: OPERATION LANDFALL's game by visiting our social media sites, including Instagram, Twitter, Discord, and Facebook.
Gods of Isekai

Gods Of Isekai, a satisfying single-player exploring game with online raid battles, guild alliances, and real-time 3D graphics. Limited time Android exclusive.

Gods of IsekaiRossGirl Co. Ltd
Are you ready to embark on an adventure through the mystical world of Gods Of Isekai? This highly anticipated game is an Android platform exclusive, but fear not PC/STEAM and IOS platforms, it'll be coming soon to you too. Immerse yourself in the game's real-time 3D open world and advanced graphics system, where you'll encounter rich character models, stunning 3D environments, and one-of-a-kind hero skills. The heart of the game is the satisfying single-player exploring mode that takes both tactical commander and summoning abilities to conquer. Along the way, you'll recruit powerful heroes with the ability to bind, stun, burn, poison, and slay anyone who stands in your way. You can also collaborate with powerful guild members to increase your resources and defeat hazardous opponents based on their weaknesses. The game also features an online raid battle PVP system, where you can select and customize the optimal hero avatar for your PVP raid team battle tactics. Choose and organize your team's stats allocation to create a unique raid team that comprises of tanking, attacker, and wizard roles. In this system, you'll summon mighty heroes that use lethal powers to bind, stun, burn, and poison players. In the online guild alliance system, you can travel the enormous online realm with friends from all over the world. You'll fight and challenge alliances that are bigger than you are, and join a powerful guild to work together to defeat deadly alliances. There's also an inventory system that updates in real-time, allowing you to exchange equipment and resources within your guild alliance. You can even assist, guide, and mentor your buddies as they build their battle abilities. For optimum gameplay, the recommended specs for online play are: Android OS, Snapdragon 730 or equivalent CPU, 3GB RAM, and 500 MB of internal drive space required. If you're after a top-tier spec for online play, the game recommends Android OS, Snapdragon 835/845 or equivalent CPU, 4GB RAM, and 700 MB of internal drive space required. Gods Of Isekai is a game that promises an unforgettable journey through a captivating world, where you can become the tactical commander you've always wanted to be.
Iron Order 1919

Join the high-tech, multiplayer battle for Europe in Iron Order, featuring powerful Mechs and Titans in real-time strategy matches with up to 26 players.

Iron Order 1919Bytro Labs
In 1919, Europe is still caught up in the Great War, with different nations vying for dominance. However, with a ceasefire in place, all countries have the opportunity to re-evaluate their approach to the ongoing conflict. The Iron Order has taken over, bringing with it various innovations and technological advancements that have led to the creation of deadly Mechs that roam the battlefield. As a result, traditional soldiers have been reduced to mere bystanders while the Titans, massive Mechs, wreak havoc and collect their gruesome spoils. Iron Order presents you with a unique chance to leave a lasting impression on a Europe ravaged by war. You will engage in a race to drive technology to heights never before seen, with multiplayer matches accommodating up to 26 players. Success depends on wise strategic planning as you lead your nation to victory. Matches are played in real-time on maps based on World War 1 scenarios, with nations divided into smaller provinces boasting distinctive properties that can influence resource production or terrain types. To dominate the map and emerge as victorious, you must stay in complete control of your nation's economic development, technological research, military progress and diplomatic relations with other players. You can collaborate and fight alongside other players, or alternatively, work against them. But be warned, trust is a valuable commodity, and with power within reach, anyone can turn foe. The lore and gameplay for Iron Order are continuously updated, offering different experiences to players. With the game still in its infancy, there are many developments to look forward to, and it would be great to hear your feedback on your journey. Come aboard and experience the thrill of Iron Order! The gameplay for Iron Order features a strategic focus around historical and fantastical units of the era, with weaponry creations inspired by popular Dieselpunk, Teslapunk and Steampunk ideals, revolving around Mechs and Robots. Every unit type features a special “Titan” class that possesses incredible power and utility. Each match allows for up to 26 players to play together, with the maps designed based on both historical events and beyond. The game promises endless excitement and fun!
Life of Mellow

Build and manage your village through four seasons in this survival and simulation game, featuring farming, crafting, and micromanagement.

Life of MellowMondayOFF
Are you a fan of building your own peaceful village and managing it? Welcome to this exciting game that offers you an unforgettable gaming experience! Combining farming, survival, and simulation, this game guarantees you top-notch gameplay that will leave you coming back for more. However, brace yourself for a challenging journey ahead! Here are some fantastic features that the game has to offer: » Strive to stay alive for as long as you can amidst changing seasons. » Experience the gorgeous visuals of all the four seasons. » Gather resources, create buildings and explore new possibilities. » Practice your farming skills, take part in crafting, building, and even survival to advance. » Develop your micromanagement skills to nurture and grow your village. Experience the exemplary game development from the Best Game Developer in South Korea. Join the adventure now and get immersed in this fun-filled experience!
Soul Essence

Soul Essence is a dark fantasy 2D adventure platformer with RPG elements, challenging boss battles, collectible items, and pixel graphics for offline play.

Soul EssenceFreezeNova
Soul essence: Adventure platformer is an exquisite amalgamation of action RPG and 2D action platformer that boasts of pixel art style graphics. You'll play as a classic sword and shield-wielding warrior who can perform numerous blocks and rolls in this 2D RPG action-adventure with a challenging hardcore platformer gameplay that is set in the dark fantasy genre. Soul essence blends Metroidvania and Soulslike features to offer players a modern 2D adventure platformer with pixel graphics, RPG elements, a compelling storyline, and epic boss fights that will keep them engrossed in the game. It is a treat for 8-bit game lovers. Pixel platformer enthusiasts have crafted this 2D game with pixel art graphics, which can be played offline without an internet connection. It is dubbed as one of Russia's top hardcore platformers. If you like platformer adventures with non-linear plots and boss battles, then Soul essence is perfect for you. In addition, the game's pixel graphics and offline mode are a nice touch. Soul essence boasts a deep storyline that players can follow, cross intricate locations like castles, dungeons, shadowy forests, and wastelands while battling fierce opponents, collecting unique items, and upgrading their knights. The platformer levels are challenging, and there are no checkpoints. If the hero dies, progress resets, enemies, and treasure locations also change. Soul essence's adventure game features are fully available in both Russian and English languages. Besides, translations into French, German and Portuguese are in the works. The 2d adventure platformer offers nostalgic gameplay in an action RPG pixel art style. Players can explore various game levels by vanquishing foes and collecting unique treasures and objects. Each opponent has his unique style of combat, including magic, crossbows, shields, and swords. Elements of the RPG genre allow players to gather unique artifacts, weapons, armor, and jewelry to aid in knight-level game progression, with up to 50 levels in the game. An exclusive room is available for epic boss battles every five hours, a Souls series trademark and is quite challenging. Soul essence's pixel graphics are appealing with elaborate items, a demon's appearance effect during battles, NPC, cultists, and pixel animations. It offers an exhilarating adventure through unfamiliar locales, with a randomized in-game store, enemies, and epic boss battles. More than 60 atmospheric, retro-style music and soundtracks enhance the classic dark fantasy experience. Players are at liberty to complete the free levels in offline mode, and the game's hardcore level increases as you progress.
Noir RPG

Guide Sha through the unknown world to find her way back home with the help of a mysterious companion.

Noir RPGRpl SMKN1Katapang
Meet Sha, an average village girl who finds herself suddenly transported to an unfamiliar land. With the aid of a mysterious companion, she embarks on a solitary journey into the unknown to make her way back home. The game is a thrilling adventure that will take players on a wild ride through a vast, unexplored world. Marvel at the beautiful landscapes, from sprawling forests to soaring mountain peaks, all rendered in stunning detail. Encounter a diverse cast of characters, some of whom may be friendly while others are not. With each meeting, players will learn new skills and uncover secrets that will aid them on their journey. Explore mysterious ruins and forgotten dungeons, braving treacherous traps and fearsome monsters at every turn. With each challenge, players will grow stronger and more skilled, ready to conquer even greater obstacles. As players venture deeper into this strange land, the mystery of Sha's unexpected arrival will begin to unravel. Uncover the truth behind her teleportation and confront the forces responsible for disrupting the balance of the universe. Will Sha manage to find her way back home? Only time will tell as players embark on an unforgettable adventure filled with danger, excitement, and intrigue. Join Sha and experience the journey of a lifetime!

Build factories and explore an alien planet in Sandship, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi game where you control a giant, AI-powered sandship.

SandshipRockbite Games
Sandship is a thrilling factory management game brough to you by the creators of Deep Town. Get ready to experience a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world where you are in charge of the last remaining sandship, a giant mega-factory brimming with advanced AI technology. Cruise through barren lands and embark on a journey towards discovering forgotten technologies, trade items, craft, and fight a vicious cult that is after your destruction. Unfold the mysteries of this cryptic world aboard your magnificent sandship. Get creative and design automated factories right from the ground up in this adventure-packed game that is completely free to play. Build your factory and place devices like synthesizers, chemical mixers, and ice guns to increase your automated productivity. Connect your devices to conveyor belts to craft a large variety of materials ranging from copper wires to combustion engines. Upgrade your sandship and add bigger factories to ensure that you produce more complex items seamlessly. Trade the incredible stuff you make to earn credits, XP, and old crates filled with scientific research from the distant past. This ancient knowledge will give your sandship a new level of strength, smartness, and power, just like it was a long time ago. Your helper and engineering mentor Harvey, a tenacious one-eyed cyborg, will show you the ropes of sandship engineering and guide you as your journey progresses, building and maintaining more complicated factories. Overcome the obstacles that come your way as you voyage through the mysterious alien desert, encountering a strange host of robots and aliens that inhabit the planet. While some may be friendly and astounded by your sandship, others may be hostile and eager to destroy it, but you just can't seem to understand why. Complete quests, meet new characters and learn how the world came to ruin in the distant past. Sandship packs in multiple features such as solving factory floor puzzles, building an enigmatic underwell to mine precious resources, or creating your own challenge maps and sharing them with other players. Explore the world around you, uncover lost civilizations, and find out more about their secret histories. Defend your sandship against hordes of extraterrestrial enemies and trade in what you make for credits, XP, and crates containing ancient knowledge that unlock upgrades for your sandship. The world of Sandship never disappoints. Sign up for our newsletter through, and follow Sandship on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and Discord to stay updated. Send a message if you have any questions.

Join Yuhiko on his ninja adventure in Mangavania. Explore dungeons, defeat bosses, and discover new abilities in this retro pixel art platformer.

MangavaniaGarden of Dreams Games
Embark on a thrilling expedition as Yuhiko, an adolescent ninja on a quest to cure his brother by venturing into the underworld in Mangavania, a pixelated platformer game. Encounter a variety of creatures and make new acquaintances in one of the finest games in the genre. Explore dark domains and uncover the game's secrets. Each level in this metroidvania game is crafted to entertain players. Use new talents such as swords, bows, double jumps, wall climbing, dashes, and ledge hanging to advance in your quest. You must also fight numerous hazardous creatures. Bosses must be defeated! Cleanse the lost souls! In concealed spots, look for spirits that will provide you with advice or tell you a story. The game's features comprise old-school pixel art and 8-bit music, as well as controls that are sensitive and adjustable to suit your preferences. Attempt to complete the game as soon as possible and rank up with the time challenges. New levels, mechanics, enemies, and bosses are available for download. Gamepad and keyboard support are available, and this offline game can be played anywhere. PocketGamer stated, "The aesthetics of the game are unquestionably its most appealing feature, with funky 8-bit music that is reminiscent of old-fashioned games like Metroid's original version or Castlevania.
Guitar Girl

Relax with soothing guitar music and help Guitar Girl gain courage to perform on streets and beach through social interactions and inner growth.

Guitar GirlNEOWIZ
Are you a fan of soothing guitar music? Join Guitar Girl on her journey to fulfilling her dream of making people happy through her music. Despite her shyness and self-doubt, Guitar Girl is determined to spread her music to as many people as possible, and you can help her achieve that through social media. Start by building a following for Guitar Girl on her social media channels, and watch her gain the confidence to perform on the streets and the beach. You can show your support by liking her posts, which will encourage her and help her grow. As she becomes more popular, you can even level up her guitar skills to receive more likes and earn her more fans. In Guitar Girl's Social Media Channel, you have the chance to enjoy calming guitar melodies and play along by tapping on the screen. You can also decorate Guitar Girl's room with cute decor and choose from a variety of outfits and guitars to match your mood. Your support and interaction can help Guitar Girl overcome her fears and reach her full potential. Privacy Policy is available here - Explore the world of Guitar Girl and bring some joy to your day!

Ascendance - a text-based game with romance, music, and sound effects. Customize your MC, shape their personality, and choose a love interest. Will you join a new world?

AscendanceAscendance IF
In Ascendance, you play as an average college student who tends to fly under the radar. One day, something extraordinary happens during a lecture that changes everything. Will you embrace this newfound discovery or shy away from the unknown? This unique love story adventure is entirely text-based and relies on the power of your imagination. Although there are no graphics, the game features background music and sound effects that enhance the overall experience. Currently, only the first part of this work in progress is available, with updates to come. You have the flexibility to customize your main character's name, gender, and physical appearance. Moreover, the choices you make will shape your MC's personality and determine their path moving forward. As you navigate through the game, you have the option to befriend or pursue a romance with one of three love interests, each with contrasting personalities. One such love interest is Elya. Despite being perceived as calm, kind, and protective, Elya's real talent lies in his ability to alter his behavior to fit a given situation. He is incredibly intelligent and skilled at dealing with people. However, who is Elya behind closed doors? Ian Ishihara is also a love interest, a free spirit who exudes charm and impulsive playfulness. Ian has little patience for social conventions that don't serve a purpose. Despite his flirtatious reputation, he rarely acts upon it. What else might be hiding beneath his surface? Then there's Joana, perhaps the most determined and resolute character you'll ever meet. Her unwavering devotion to her duties and division often makes her appear intangible, even feared by some. But, whenever she comes to the aid of others, she radiates a warm and luminous energy that's hard to miss. In addition to these compelling characters, you have the option to join one of several divisions, influencing the direction of the new world that's unfolding. And although the game's current language is English, a possible Portuguese translation is in the works. Will you be able to ascend and embrace the unknown, or will you turn your back on it? The choice is yours in Ascendance.
Party Fowl

Party Fowl is a wild party game where your body is the controller. Compete in absurd AR mini-games and enjoy an ultimate showdown of ridiculousness.

Party FowlNex Team Inc.
Party Fowl is an AR party game that lets you use your body as a controller. Whether you're a young chicken or an old turkey, you'll definitely have a lot of fun in a series of outrageous AR mini-games. Compete against your opponent in a hilarious showdown to see who will come out on top. Forget about gaming consoles and remote controls, Party Fowl only requires your phone, tablet, or PC to get the party started. The device's camera will transport you and your opponent into the game where you'll fly your helicopter with your hips, squat down to lay an egg, and flap your wings to feed your chicken. Party Fowl is very easy to set up. Just position your device to ensure that you and your opponent's faces are visible on the front-facing camera. For a more immersive experience, connect your device to a TV. With over 20 mini-games to choose from, there's something in Party Fowl for everyone. From Cat Stack to Viking Volleyball and Cookie Catastrophe, each game is as ridiculous and chaotic as the next. As you play, the laughter intensifies, and even those who are watching the game instead of playing it will have a lot of fun. Party Fowl's creators had three goals in mind when they developed the game – to get people moving, to make them laugh, and to provide them with a way to let go of their inhibitions and embrace their silliness. Whether you win, lose or draw, the most important outcome is the laughter and enjoyment you experience while playing the game. Do you have any questions or comments? Feel free to contact us at We'd love to hear from you and know your thoughts about the game.
Core Defense

Core Defense is a tower defense game with roguelike mechanics, deck building, unlockable rewards, and high difficulty. Learn easily, play in short sessions, and unlock dozens of achievements. Upgrade to the premium version for 20+ difficulty levels and an endless mode. Unlock the mastery expansion for bonuses, 10 more difficulty levels, and supercharge modes.

Core Defenseehmprah
Core Defense is an exceptional tower defense game that incorporates the exciting features of roguelike mechanics while also embracing a bit of deckbuilding. It is amazingly designed to offer a simple yet addictive gameplay experience that will keep you glued to your screen as you strive to surpass each wave, grab more rewards and complete one more run. You do not need to go through any tutorial to perfect your gaming skills; it is effortless to learn. However, it is challenging to master the game due to the insanely high difficulty levels. The beauty of Core Defense lies in its short gaming sessions, which you can pause anytime and continue later. With every run, you will unlock and discover new and exciting rewards and explore different strategies and play styles. The game also features dozens of exclusive achievements that you can unlock. If you upgrade to the premium version, you get to experience the game's amplified difficulty levels, which offer a blissful sense of despair. You also get to test your endurance and see how far you can make it in endless mode. Finally, if you opt to unlock the mastery expansion, you will acquire mastery points that you can use for various bonuses and obtain 10 more difficulty levels to defeat. The game also spices things up with 10 supercharge modes that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Core Defense is a game that you do not want to miss.
Harvest Town

Harvest Town is a pixel-style simulation mobile game with diverse RPG elements, offering an immersive farm life experience. Interact with players, adopt cute animals, and explore surprises all year round.

Harvest TownAVIDGamers
Welcome to Harvest Town - a fascinating rural life simulation mobile game with pixel graphics. Designed with high freedom, the game comprises an ensemble of RPG elements to deliver an exhilarating gameplay experience. # Features 【Farmhouse Construction】From clearing weeds, clipping tree branches to personalizing your cottage with unique decorations, the game offers a wide range of customization options. 【Diverse Species】With the ability to raise your own livestock, including chickens, ducks, cattle, sheep and horses, etc., the game truly immerses you in a realistic farm life experience. Furthermore, you can adopt adorable cats and dogs, taking your gaming journey to new heights. 【Free Exploration】The game features a wide array of fresh gameplay mechanics, including mysterious cave adventures, unlocking the treasure box with a password, a variety of Easter eggs yet to be uncovered and much more! 【Abundant Story】With every NPC having its own unique personality, the game delivers an unforgettable and dramatic experience. Select an attractive NPC to your liking and woo them into tying the knot! 【Interactive Gameplay】Collaborate with other players in online multiplayer racing, market trading, and create a real online player interactive platform. 【Four Seasons】Experience the changing seasons - mild spring, hot summer, nostalgic fall, and cold winter. Embrace the change and decorate your small town beautifully. 【Field Collection】Explore the town and discover hidden surprises such as wood and fruit. Use your creativity to build your own town. More than just a simulation game, Harvest Town amalgamates RPG, Puzzle elements, and interactive gameplay including an online community platform to deliver an exhilarating gaming experience. Harvest town is waiting for you to infuse it with your own unique color and life - so let's paint the town red! #Contact us Do you have any suggestions or issues? Feel free to get in touch with us via our Facebook page or drop us an email at

In Madhouse 13, you awaken in a locked psychiatric facility with a mysterious casefile. Escape the madness and discover the truth.

Madhouse13Heartbeat Plus
As you awaken from a deep slumber, you find yourself confined within the walls of a mental institution. Your picture is displayed prominently on a casebook, while your personal information is kept in a folder. But can you trust what you see before you? The door is firmly shut, the window sealed tight. The flicker of the light casts a wavering shadow, causing doubt to creep into your mind. Is this all just a twisted illusion? Madhouse 13 is the inaugural installment of our thrilling room-escape series. Stay tuned for more updates by following us on Facebook at @gamefpscom. Are you ready to escape the madness and uncover the truth behind your imprisonment?
Tiny Fantasy

Tiny Fantasy is a fun, one-handed RPG with endless hero options, explosive combos, and team tactics to conquer hordes of monsters.

Tiny FantasyMinidragon
Welcome, brave adventurer! Immerse yourself in the world of Tiny Fantasy, an exhilarating free action adventure RPG game where you can hack and slash your way through epic battles! Experience the magic of this game by playing it anywhere and anytime with just one hand. The unique combat system allows you to perform an array of combo attacks and spells through simple swipes and taps. Fight off waves of monsters with your weapons of choice, whether it be swords, arrows, or magic blasts. Knock them off cliffs or obliterate them with powerful attacks! Discover countless heroes waiting to be unlocked and collected, each with their own personality and style that you can choose from. Create massive explosions that disintegrate monsters, explore the various team buffs and followers' skills to increase your chance of survival. Recruit up to three other followers to fight alongside you, each possessing unique sets of skills that can complement yours. With the map serving as a critical component of your adventure, you will need to use it wisely to defeat your enemies. Every level presents a new challenge for you to strategize and outsmart the competition. Defeat bosses to win rare heroes and followers that can help you succeed in your journey. Finally, share your mesmerizing and imaginative experience of Tiny Fantasy on our community platforms! Join us on Facebook (@tinyfantasygame) and Twitter (@tiny_fantasy) to engage with other fans and exchange tips on how best to triumph in this exciting game!

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