Makoto Wakaido's Case Files: Executioner's Wedge

Makoto Wakaido's Case Files: Executioner's Wedge

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Game overview

Solve the mystery of decapitated bodies in a point-and-click, pixel art mystery adventure game. Discover clues and solve puzzles to progress.

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Can you solve the mystery behind the string of headless corpses?". This is a mystery adventure game in point-and-click style, where you are tasked with solving the enigma behind a series of crimes, all presented in beautiful dot-art style graphics. Do you think you can crack the case?

To start playing, simply tap on any part of the screen to move the main character to that location. Tapping on a person or object will show you a list of options to choose from. Collecting information like this will allow you to add notes to your memo, giving you more information on various objects or individuals. Talking to characters or interacting with certain objects will give you even more options and valuable clues to crack the case.

During the reasoning stages, you will need to use the information you have collected so far to answer questions presented to you. By putting two and two together, you can make logical guesses as to what the next stage will hold in store for you.

This game is recommended for those who love mystery and problem-solving. If you enjoy tales of intrigue and suspense, this is the game for you! With a runtime of around 50-60 minutes, this game is perfect for anyone who wants to solve the case quickly. Plus, if you happen to be a fan of pixel art or retro-style graphics, this game is a must-play!
Release date
Aug 27, 2020
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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