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Game overview

Soul Essence is a dark fantasy 2D adventure platformer with RPG elements, challenging boss battles, collectible items, and pixel graphics for offline play.

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Soul essence: Adventure platformer is an exquisite amalgamation of action RPG and 2D action platformer that boasts of pixel art style graphics. You'll play as a classic sword and shield-wielding warrior who can perform numerous blocks and rolls in this 2D RPG action-adventure with a challenging hardcore platformer gameplay that is set in the dark fantasy genre.

Soul essence blends Metroidvania and Soulslike features to offer players a modern 2D adventure platformer with pixel graphics, RPG elements, a compelling storyline, and epic boss fights that will keep them engrossed in the game. It is a treat for 8-bit game lovers.

Pixel platformer enthusiasts have crafted this 2D game with pixel art graphics, which can be played offline without an internet connection. It is dubbed as one of Russia's top hardcore platformers. If you like platformer adventures with non-linear plots and boss battles, then Soul essence is perfect for you. In addition, the game's pixel graphics and offline mode are a nice touch.

Soul essence boasts a deep storyline that players can follow, cross intricate locations like castles, dungeons, shadowy forests, and wastelands while battling fierce opponents, collecting unique items, and upgrading their knights. The platformer levels are challenging, and there are no checkpoints. If the hero dies, progress resets, enemies, and treasure locations also change.

Soul essence's adventure game features are fully available in both Russian and English languages. Besides, translations into French, German and Portuguese are in the works.

The 2d adventure platformer offers nostalgic gameplay in an action RPG pixel art style. Players can explore various game levels by vanquishing foes and collecting unique treasures and objects. Each opponent has his unique style of combat, including magic, crossbows, shields, and swords.

Elements of the RPG genre allow players to gather unique artifacts, weapons, armor, and jewelry to aid in knight-level game progression, with up to 50 levels in the game. An exclusive room is available for epic boss battles every five hours, a Souls series trademark and is quite challenging.

Soul essence's pixel graphics are appealing with elaborate items, a demon's appearance effect during battles, NPC, cultists, and pixel animations. It offers an exhilarating adventure through unfamiliar locales, with a randomized in-game store, enemies, and epic boss battles.

More than 60 atmospheric, retro-style music and soundtracks enhance the classic dark fantasy experience. Players are at liberty to complete the free levels in offline mode, and the game's hardcore level increases as you progress.
Release date
Sep 28, 2021

Gameplay & Streams

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