Zombie Forest 3: Underground

Zombie Forest 3: Underground

Alexander Tavintsev
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Game overview

Survive against zombies and build a fortified bunker while searching for resources, expanding your shelter and fighting in the arena.

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Imagine waking up in the middle of the night forest, only to witness the start of the zombie apocalypse. You flee from the undead and by a stroke of luck, you discover a hidden hut that contains a fortified basement equipped with everything you need to survive. The goal of the game is not only to survive but to thrive and escape from the cursed forest.

By day, you will be busy constructing and fortifying your new shelter, while exploring the surrounding areas in search of resources, food, and weapons. At night, you will have to defend your bunker from the ravenous zombies to make it to the next day. How you choose to allocate your time and resources will determine your success.

The game features an impressive character editor that will enable you to create a completely unique appearance for your hero. The map is vast, with many places to visit, and you can build various fortifications to protect your bunker from unwanted guests. You can even create additional rooms, making your bunker even more versatile. Keep an eye out for radio distress signals as they lead to new locations.

To make your life easier, there is a merchant on hand who stocks daily updated goods, ranging from the fighting arena prizes to the ability to build and improve vehicles for faster travel. Be prepared for random daily events that can add further complications or ease your survival.

Currency is also an essential factor of the game. You can sell or exchange items found in raids, vegetables nurtured in greenhouses, or medicines crafted in a laboratory. Energy is crucial, with fuel generators, solar panels, and wind turbines being the primary source.

Your actions impact your experience level, with tasks, killing zombies, and reading books influencing each of the five characteristics of your character. Gain special skills and distribute your experience points extensively. Once you equip your character, there are over 50 various one-handed, two-handed, stabbing, pistols, submachine guns, revolvers, shotguns, automatic and sniper rifles, and clothing items to provide a level of armour and protection.

90 essential items such as ammo, food, resources, healing items, books, seeds, car details and crafting parts will keep you going. The game also features an option to improve your items. But, remember, with everything on offer, time management remains the most vital resource.

Gear up, be wise with your resources, brace for the dangers, and ultimately survive!

Alexander Tavintsev
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