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Build, craft, hunt and survive in the Wild West. Tame your horse, fight bandits and dominate the PVP ladder in this free online RPG game.

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Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure that takes you back to the Wild West era? Welcome to Westland Survival, an online Western RPG that tests your survival skills. As you step into the red valleys of the Great Oregon Trails, you find yourself in a world filled with bandits and lawmen, all hungry for redemption. Your goal is to build your character, tame your horse and survive at all costs in this harsh new frontier.

In Westland Survival, you must be smart and resourceful to make it in the Wild West. Build a shelter to protect yourself, gather resources, craft workbenches, and get rare materials to build a perfect fortress. You can also collect rare blueprints and craft the strongest weapons and armor to defend yourself against bandits and deadly enemies. And when hunger or frost strikes, you can hunt wild animals for precious furs or tame them to fight on your side.

Unique locations in the open world offer unique resources but pose unique dangers as well. Visit Native American Tribes to craft spiritual items and kill all enemies at the Bandits Outpost, but be prepared to face deadly enemies. A cowboy is incomplete without his horse and a ranch. In this game, build a stable and a ranch and even ride your trusty steed to get around faster and carry extra items. Invite friends to join you as you complete daily quests, earn precious rewards, and participate in the PVP ladder.

With Westland Survival, you can also create alliances, build your own town, and become the strongest Alliance in the Wild West. Moreover, tame any animal you want and have them fight alongside you. From pets to bandits to millions of players worldwide from Alliances, everyone can join in this adventure.

This online Western RPG game also features limited-time events, such as fighting off train raids and saving survivors from bandits. Take advantage of traveling traders who offer their goods for sale to survivors.

Westland Survival is an action-packed online western world video game simulator. It offers the ultimate experience in the Wild West era. The game is filled with pioneers, bounty hunters, and dead spirits. In Westland Survival, you must craft, hunt, mine, and fight to survive. Play both PVE/PVP modes and challenge yourself to become the ultimate survival expert.

With more than 10 million players, Westland Survival is a free-to-play RPG online mobile video game with multiplayer features. Join the Wild West adventure today! For more details and updates on the game, follow Westland Survival on its official Facebook page or website.
Helio Games
Release date
Jun 28, 2018

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