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As the last troll defender, fight enemies by tile matching swords, potions, shields and treasures. Unlock new enemies, weapons, classes and skills.

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Guard the Troll Den against ruthless enemies in 'A Troll's Tale - Troll Patrol', a unique puzzle game that fuses the tile-matching and RPG genres. The game presents you as the last hope for the den, which is in danger of being destroyed by a horde of wicked humans. They come from distant castles and kingdoms to quench their thirst for blood and revenge. However, you must not give up your inheritance. You must hold your ground, pick up any weapon available and fight to protect your home, your family, and your legacy.

The assailants come in waves, but with skillful moves, you can connect sword tiles to weaken them. When they strike you, connect potions to recover your health or connect shields to increase your defense. You can also connect gold tiles to discover valuable treasures that help you defend your den and keep the interlopers away from your possessions.

Unlock over 50 types of enemies, six weapon types, and six playable classes to make your combat strategy more powerful. Choose from over 15 quests with multiple outcomes and over 40 event cards with different choices and consequences. With over 50 active and passive skills and powerups at your disposal, the game offers a long-term thrilling experience.

You can also improve the cave for permanent bonuses and compete against other players on the leaderboard while earning achievements. Download 'A Troll's Tale - Troll Patrol' and face a myriad of challenging puzzles and battles that keep your adrenaline pumping for hours on end.
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