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Prank and solve horrifyingly funny puzzles based on famous horror movies, TV shows, and video games in Troll Face Quest: Horror - guaranteed to scare you silly!

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Indulge in creepy entertainment with Troll Face Quest: Horror, the game that guarantees plenty of jumps and scares. This installment of the widely popular game series features a plethora of references to horror movies, TV shows, and video games that will either terrify or amuse you.
Get ready for some bizarre, freaky and totally hilarious features, with an array of puzzles that are both scary and funny. Experience weird and wild graphics and awesome animation while hearing new sound effects that will send chills down your spine. It's an opportunity to pull some pranks on horror masterpieces’ unforgettable villains, killer clowns, demented dolls, and other characters that will make your hair stand on end and test your bravery.
Once again, we follow the adventures of the infamous troll face, who we saw in the previous editions of the game, troll classic movie characters and gaming avatars. In this version, he is taking the trolling prank game to a whole new level by targeting the apex of the horror genre with his chainsaw wielding antics.
Troll Face's journey takes him across the United States and beyond, where he visits beaches with man-eating sharks and encounters killer birds, pesky poltergeists, and spooky puppets. He also checks out some creepy pasta, adding to the horror and fun.
Are you ready to handle this spooky madness by indulging in hair-raising hilarity? Discover if you have the courage to face the evil lurking in the heart of Troll Face Quest: Horror!
Release date
Sep 13, 2018
Single player

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