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Recruit mythical heroes, develop strategies, and unite factions to stop Forgotten from destroying Briseland in Tribal Idle BETA.

Tribal Idle invites you to join its official BETA! Explore the world of Briseland alongside mythic heroes and develop winning strategies to defeat bosses and the dreaded Forgotten. Assemble a team of warriors, summon new heroes, and equip them adequately with top-notch items to achieve victory. With the world of Briseland in danger, the five factions must unite to face the deadly threat posed by the Forgotten. These ethereal creatures spread chaos and destruction everywhere they go and are determined to annihilate the world. It's your time to create a dream team with heroes drawn from the different factions. Travel through the devastated lands of the five factions and save victims of the Forgotten's attacks. The five factions are as follows: The Luxans, spanning a far-reaching continent and ruled by an oppressive royal family, have abandoned their gods and are fighting for their freedom. From the north, the Norns are exploring new villages for glory, hunting and fighting for the sake of their ancestry. The Olympus tribe is curious and intelligent, and violence is their last resort. The Quetzals inhabit the temples in the Great Forest and live harmoniously with nature. Finally, the united and proud Xians are keen on sustaining their heritage despite their tumultuous history. Choose from different hero roles based on your strategy. The Ranger is swift and deadly, dealing constant damage thanks to their long-range. Mages are powerhouse fighters with exceptional magic skills to take down enemies. Assassins do their best in the heat of battle, darting between opponents and targeting weaker enemies. Warriors unleash powerful melee attacks from the front line, while Tanks are the rock upon which the team's defense stands, absorbing or blocking enemy attacks. Join the BETA and traverse the territories of the five different factions to defeat the notorious Forgotten and save the world of Briseland from ultimate destruction.
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