GamesToy Odyssey: The Lost and Found

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Go on a Metroidvania-style adventure with Brand, a toy action figure fighting against the darkness to save his owner, Felix. Survive endless randomly-generated levels, battle terrifying bosses, and defend your bedroom fortress.

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Delve into the world that was crafted from your scariest childhood nightmares, with Toy Odyssey; a Metroid - Castlevania style action platformer game. Explore its vast universe with a thrilling narrative, top-notch music and hundreds of modifications to characters that standout among the numerous adventure games.

The game has received numerous accolades, such as “Toy Odyssey is well worth it” by XboxAddict, “Toy Odyssey overall is a fun and engaging experience” by COGConnected, and “What Toy Odyssey does do is very well polished and extremely well done” by GameGrin.

You will join Brand, a toy action figure that has miraculously come to life in this game, as he battles the darkness to save his owner, Felix. The game throws you right into the thick of things, with Brand needing to uncover the mysteries surrounding the house before the nightmares consume him entirely.

As the night sets, embark on an expedition to uncover your childhood demons in the unique rooms of the house. You must complete ultimate quests before defeating the boss that may surprise you. To conquer evil and mend the corrupted house, you must conquer the demonic toys and other enemies.

The game rewards you with resources to build up defenses and have a fighting chance against the evil. If you fail, the darkness will grow stronger. The ultimate goal is to save Felix while defeating the evil that threatens him and his room.

The game has numerous features such as hundreds of weapon, item upgrades, and more than 300 types of enemies. Each foe comes with distinct characteristics and habits related to the toys they once were. You can also rescue friendly toys, gather materials, and build defenses to protect your base.

The game manages to capture the retro look and feel of games from the ‘80s and ‘90s. The platformer gameplay mechanics combine with modern aesthetics, giving you a taste of the past while offering fresh gameplay.

With Toy Odyssey, endless replayability is guaranteed thanks to randomly-generated levels that mean no two nights in the house are the same. By chance, you may find valuable items and even bypass hazardous segments of the house.

You'll need to devise a strategy as each opponent has different characteristics and stats, habits, and behaviors. Your strength and endurance diminish the longer you stay out of bed, making acquiring the right equipment crucial in the game. You can salvage, craft, and buy gear to boost your chances of survival during this epic adventure.

As you venture out into the night, ensure you build formidable bedroom fortresses to safeguard precious toys left behind and prevent further nightmares from occurring. Remember, you are Felix's favorite toy!

Please bear in mind; the Toy Odyssey game is free to download and play, but various game items can be purchased with real money. If you wish to disable in-app purchases, do so on your device's system settings. Moreover, players who download or partake in this game must be aged 13 or above. Check our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more details.
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