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Toe II Toe: a retro-style, mini fighting game playable on mobile. With basic controls, fight for 20 seconds, against the computer or a friend, anywhere, anytime.

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Prepare yourself for the ultimate retro fighting game experience with Toe II Toe! Step into the ring and battle it out with your opponent in a fast-paced slugfest that pays homage to the classic Gameboy style. Punch, duck, and block your way to victory as you fight to prove yourself.

The controls are user-friendly, so don't worry if you're not a genius. All you need is 20 seconds per fight and one move per button, no need to memorize any complex combos. It's straightforward and easy to play!

Play anytime and anywhere on your mobile device, whether you're in the bathroom, at home, or at work. You can even play solo against the computer AI or challenge a friend for a head-to-head match on the same device. Since it's a mirror match, you won't have to choose rosters, ensuring that the game is balanced no matter who you are up against.

What sets Toe II Toe apart from other fighting games is its simplicity. No need for complex mechanics and time-consuming matches. You can choose to strategize every move or just spam the buttons – the choice is yours. So what are you waiting for? Put up your dukes and become the ultimate Toe II Toe champion!
Release date
Jan 16, 2023
Single player
Split screen



i'm sure the developer is having a very fun time playing this game but there is no tutorial and i have no idea what to do beyond spamming. the bot's attacks seem to do about 3 times what my attacks do so it is very punishing + screen is very small. i want to like it but i just can't. animations are very fluid and i'm impressed

horihorifrom Skich app

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