Thermo Sudoku

Thermo Sudoku

Studio Goya LLC
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Game overview

Thermo Sudoku is a new game by Cracking The Cryptic, featuring grid-based puzzles with increasing digits on thermometer shapes. Play and solve 100 beautiful puzzles.

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Introducing the newest game from the renowned Sudoku experts, Cracking The Cryptic, the most followed Sudoku channel on YouTube. This game is themed with one of the most loved puzzle types, Thermo Sudoku. In this game, players are presented with a Sudoku grid filled with thermometer shapes that follow a specific pattern; digits on thermometers must increase farther away from the bulb. These thermometer patterns interact in unexpected ways, leading to new logical patterns and ideas. Thus, refreshing the typical Sudoku solving experience in an exciting way.

Similarly to their previous hit games; 'Classic Sudoku', 'Sandwich Sudoku', and 'Chess Sudoku', Simon Anthony and Mark Goodliffe personally crafted each hint for every puzzle. Rest assured that each puzzle has been tried and tested by human players, ensuring that each Sudoku is not only difficult but fascinatingly enjoyable too.

With Cracking The Cryptic’s games, players start with zero stars and earn stars by solving puzzles. The more Sudoku puzzles one solves, the more stars they earn and the more puzzles become unlocked. Completing puzzles of different difficulty levels - from easy, medium, hard to extreme - is a test of one’s skill and dedication. As YouTube channel followers know, Simon and Mark aim to make Sudoku players better problem solvers through these games. They always craft the puzzles to teach solvers new skills.

Mark and Simon are experienced Sudoku enthusiasts representing the UK many times at the World Sudoku Championship. Of course, players can find more of their puzzles and many others on Cracking The Cryptic, which is the largest Sudoku channel on the web.

This game comes with 100 beautiful puzzles to challenge players over and over again. Discover Simon and Mark’s superb hints tailored exclusively to enhance players' problem-solving abilities and enjoyment. Start from scratch with zero stars and advance your way up to become a Sudoku master.
Studio Goya LLC
Release date
May 20, 2020
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

A 2020 Thermo Sudoku!Cracking The Cryptic
The Thermo Sudoku With Only 4 Given DigitsCracking The Cryptic
Miracle Man's Thermo SudokuCracking The Cryptic
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