GamesThe Wild Darkness

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Unknowingly summoned to another world, find food and crafting materials to survive against hostile monsters and death in a mysterious forest.

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Deep in the midst of a mystical forest on an enigmatic planet, a wizard is conducting an intricate incantation in the obscurity of the night. Once the ceremony is accomplished, a beam of light cascades down from the heavens. Confusion ensues as you awaken disoriented in the midst of a peculiar forest, wondering where on earth you are and what kind of place this is.

You have been inexplicably transported to a foreign realm against your will, and the mysterious environment surrounding you is all unfamiliar territory. Your foremost priorities are to scavenge for sustenance while evading and defending yourself against the dreadful creatures that lurk under the cover of darkness. Stray too far off the beaten path, and you are doomed to fail.

The stakes are high in this game, and dying is not an option - it would only require you to commence from scratch all over again. However, with each untimely demise comes an overwhelming amount of knowledge and expertise in the construction of vital tools and totems that can direct you towards victory.

This game commands meticulous concentration and perseverance, but your expedition will undoubtedly spark a sense of gratification and joy. Summon your courage and embark on this unparalleled gaming experience in a completely unfamiliar universe - your destiny awaits you!
PoPeyed Inc
Release date
May 11, 2020


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