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Forge Shop : Survival & Craft

Game overview

Survive the zombie apocalypse by building, expanding, and running your own blacksmith shop. Craft and sell gear, research new designs, and recruit adventurers to explore and gather resources.

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Step into the world of Forge Shop, where the zombie apocalypse has been raging for six months. As one of the lucky survivors, you are presented with a chance to build and operate your own blacksmith shop. Take on the role of a skilled blacksmith and utilize your talents to create and sell an extensive variety of gear to those striving to survive in this unforgiving world.

Begin your journey by constructing your forge shop using resources gained through exploration. With each upgrade and expansion, you'll be able to cater to a larger clientele through additional workstations, research stations and storage facilities. The quality of your shop is directly related to the ingenuity of the equipment you can forge, giving you an advantage over competitors.

Crafting is key in this game, as it will enable you to produce a wide range of essential gear, weaponry, and armor. From basic tools to powerful weapons, your creations will be critical for adventurers seeking to gain the upper hand over their undead enemies. When pricing your items, be sure to strategize so that you can maximize your profits and reputation.

Staying ahead of the competition requires researching and developing cutting-edge equipment. By unlocking blueprints and discovering novel designs, you can expand your inventory and create even more potent gear. As adventurers travel to your blacksmith shop in search of top-of-the-line equipment, your innovation and expertise will entice them to make purchases.

Negotiating prices with wandering adventurers and heroes is a significant part of the game, and it's crucial to your success. Use your savvy skills to convince them to pay more for your top-tier items. Conversely, you can offer discounts to entice customer loyalty. These clever dealings will earn you better profits and establish a reputation as a highly-regarded blacksmith.

To extend your reach, form alliances within the game. With a team of brave adventurers and heroes assembled, explore the zombie-infested city to collect rare resources crucial for crafting advanced equipment. The more skilled your team, the more valuable resources they can obtain, enhancing your reputation and sales potential.

Forge Shop is about survival through collaboration, not a solitary existence. Interact with other players, join guilds, and trade equipment with fellow blacksmiths. When you encounter zombie hordes, band together with other players to fend them off, and share resources for mutual benefit.

Ready to sharpen your skills and become the most renowned blacksmith in the zombie apocalypse? Forge your destiny, create legendary equipment, and become a beacon of hope for all survivors in Forge Shop!
JoyMore Inc
Release date
Sep 25, 2023
Single player