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The Neighborhood

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Neighborhood is a slingshot game available on AirConsole. Destroy your opponent's home using unique abilities with local multiplayer support.

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This game is exclusively playable on smartphones! Spread goodness among your neighbors and show them what you're made of. The creators of Tower of Babel bring you a mind-blowing game that is geared towards team-based slingshot battles where players take the role of feuding neighbors in an attempt to destroy each other's homes. The game showcases an array of creative weapons that will make your gaming experience worthwhile. The game is designed with interesting and colorful characters and backgrounds that will keep you engaged throughout. The Neighborhood supports up to eight players divided into two teams, making it the ultimate local multiplayer game that will leave you yearning for more.

In the game, each player has a home that has six unique, colorful, yet sinister characters. Each character has a single offensive ability used to attack the opponent’s home. The game is full of amazing abilities including Catacow, Fireworks, Triple Canon, Stone Thrower, Sniper, Babzooka, and Death Bird. The order in which these abilities are used by a character cannot be controlled by the players and can only be skipped if a character dies.

Players use their characters to aim their weapons at sections of their opponent's home, and between the neighbors is a neutral structure that houses yellow boxes that reward players with power-ups if destroyed. The power-ups provide additional defense, so players have to be careful not to destroy their own home or accidentally kill off their characters. The game has a certain level of risk when using certain abilities and power-ups as they come at the expense of destroying your home. Players must be strategic and calculated enough to maintain a healthy balance between resources and characters to obliterate their neighbors.

AirConsole Gaming offers a unique gaming experience through its console offered on a web browser. The games offered range from a minimum of 2 players to as high as 30 players and the library of games is constantly being updated with new additions weekly. Players can also download the AirConsole app for iPhone and Android phones for ease of play instead of using their smartphone browser to connect to the game. All the games and the browser software is free.

Play The Neighborhood to experience this unique gaming experience and explore everything else AirConsole has to offer. Be sure to check out the Privacy Policy on this link for more information.
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