The Machines

The Machines

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Battle friends in augmented reality with 3D graphics and sound. Destroy enemy bases strategically and climb global leaderboards.

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Become immersed in a world of augmented reality like no other in The Machines, where you can compete against your friends in exciting battles. Prepare to be amazed by stunning 3D visuals, sounds, and gameplay like never before experienced. Employ a range of powerful tactics and abilities to dismantle your opponent's bases and secure your spot on the global leaderboard as a winner.

Winning or losing a battle depends entirely on your strategic thinking, skill, and ability to move tactically throughout the battle while commanding your troops. Every detail in this game has been carefully crafted with precision to ensure that you get the best possible gaming experience.

The Machines uses advanced technology to develop visuals which lacks nothing in fidelity. The battlefield has over a million polygons, with highly detailed assets that have been rendered with high-quality physics. This brings about an immersive visual experience that leaves you awe-inspired.

To enhance your experience, the game employs 3D spatial audio, which is dependent on your real-world position. This feature enables you to move closer to the action for a loud sound effect or stay hidden behind nearby structures and experience the unique sound effect bounce-off.

Playing The Machines requires strategic positioning in augmented reality for you to command your super abilities and tactics, aimed through your phone at different angles. Explore unique opportunities and gain a competitive advantage in the game world.

Battle other players worldwide and claim your rank on the global leaderboard or add your friends through a unique invite link to enjoy exclusive one-on-one battles on the same table while challenging their skills. Show your supremacy on your battlefield and earn a place on your friend's leaderboard.

If you enjoy playing the game, why not leave a review on the Google play page? The game's developers appreciate your feedback.

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