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Survive and thrive by exploring, mining, crafting and building in a vast world with complex cave systems, dynamic climate, seasons and abundant resources.

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Experience an adventure like no other as you embark on a journey to explore, mine, craft and build in this colossal and intricately designed sandbox game. Dive into gigantic simulated worlds that span thousands of blocks wide, featuring a complete temperature and climate system, an equator, and frozen poles that change with the seasons, giving you a realistic survival experience that pushes you to your limits. Tackle complex cave systems and flowing water and test your survival skills in daunting terrains, including scorching deserts and snowy mountain tops.

But, things won't always be in your favor. As night falls, and your blockhead starts to feel the chill, you realize that you need to create a shelter to keep yourself warm. The campfire you lit earlier has gone out, and you only have a spade, wood, and sticks to work with. Time is running out, and exhaustion is just a few minutes away. Will you dig a cave, create a bed, or refuel your fire? The choice is yours.

You have complete control over your blockheads in this exciting game as you navigate through vast and randomly generated terrain filled with oceans, mountains, forests, deserts, and deep underground caves. Make sure you cater to their needs by providing sleep, food, clothing, and shelter to keep them happy, productive, and efficient. Use the resources they gather to craft tools that will accelerate their work and help them find more resources. Upgrade your workbenches to unlock more advanced items that can aid in your survival.

Venture deep underground, discover rare stones, precious metals, plants, and animals. With a boat, you can explore the vast oceans and use the accurate night sky to guide you. Create fur clothing to brave harsher weather conditions, venture to the North Pole and pick coconuts at a tropical beach. Cook meat over a campfire and build your marble palace. Paint the walls and plant an orchard while riding a donkey!

Immerse yourself in a game filled with adventure, survival, and creativity, with never-ending opportunities to explore and uncover new challenges!
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Single player



Minecraft but terraria

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Gameplay & Streams

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