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TECHNOCORE: infiltrate a desalination plant, hack security drones to scout for HEX boxes, level up to upgrade your drone and climb the leaderboard.

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Do you enjoy the thrill of the hunt, the satisfaction of hacking and the challenge of getting past security? Look no further than TECHNOCORE. In this high-stakes drone infiltration game, your mission is to sneak past the security measures of a sprawling desalination plant and collect loot boxes. With the option to decode and trade your finds, you're sure to get lost in the excitement.

As you maneuver through the plant, one of their malfunctioning drones becomes an easy target to hack, allowing you to scout out HEX boxes that can be decoded to reveal amazing item parts. However, to tackle increasingly daring loot grabs, you'll need to level up and upgrade your drone. As you earn experience points and RIP, you can toughen up your drone with better body armour and more energy, turning it into a security turret’s worst nightmare.

Beware of the security turrets, though, as they'll shoot your drone until it explodes in a ball of flames if they spot you. But fear not--your dexterity, speed, and cunning can help you fly under the radar and collect all the loot you can.

Are you a competitive player? Look to our leaderboard, where you can compare your skills and earn points for higher ranks. Max, voiced by Altered Carbon author Richard Morgan, provides helpful video tutorials throughout the game.

As you progress, we'll be refreshing the loot on offer so that you can keep discovering and trading NFT rewards. Keep an eye on the GUNZ Companion App, where you can store and decode your HEX boxes, as well as access the GUNZ marketplace.

With outstanding Unreal Engine 5 visuals, an engaging upgrade system, and the ability to pilot a drone, find loot, and survive, you won't be disappointed with TECHNOCORE.
Release date
Aug 21, 2023
Single player

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