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Game overview

Auto-chess mode, cool battles, multiple heroes, colorful game modes, guilds, and duels in the continent of Evloyia! Pre-register now.

Welcome to Tap Legends and step into the exciting world of Evloyia! Are you ready to become a courageous adventurer and explore this land filled with thrills and excitement? We can't wait for you to join us. If you're new to the world of Evloyia, don't worry! It's thrilling to enter a new world without any knowledge. As a brave adventurer, you will receive a starter gift and a comprehensive in-game tutorial to help you get started. Pre-register now and help us achieve our goal of 10K, 100K and 1M pre-registers! By doing so, you can win up to 35 Summon Scrolls and 3000 Diamonds entirely FREE. Sign up now by inviting your friends to pre-register with you. [FEATURES] [Auto-combat: Sit Back and Relax] Experience the best of both worlds with the battle-and-rest mode in auto-chess. Let your heroes cast spells automatically without interruptions. The game has user-friendly controls, short and fast-paced fights, 3D models, high-quality animations, and dazzling in-battle effects. With intensive designs and endless possibilities, enjoy every battle with a sense of coolness and excitement. There's no need to worry about repeating tedious flight sequences and getting tired. Your hero squad will fight on your behalf when you're offline, allowing you to claim free gold, experience, and equipment simply by logging in. [Collect and cultivate, and become a legend] Bring all the heroes into your squad and train them to perfection! By visiting the tavern, you'll see the list of powerful heroes waiting for you on your adventure. You're made easy starting from the concise and restricted hero pool to avoid complications. Each hero has their unique skills as well as different race, faction, and class traits. Utilize strategies, build up resources, and acquire traits to form your legendary squad! [Colorful game modes, an exhilarating Adventure] The continent of Evloyia offers an adventurous experience that you'll never forget. On an airship, collect basic resources and level up rapidly. If you want to raid treasurable items, the Infinity Tower is your go-to destination. In the Phantasm Maze, adventurous souls explore they mystery within while dodging deadly traps and fighting fearsome monsters. Beware! Each time you enter, the rewards and challenges will all be different. The Rift of Time bends time, taking you back to the age in which ancient artifacts were hidden. The Bounty Board is also available for daring bounty hunters to embark on brave quests. If all that isn't enough, test your strength in the Brawler Club, where only heroes with immense power prevail. It won't be easy, but the rewards will be worth the effort! [Duel with the elites, and claim the crown] Challenge experienced adventurers within or across the server. Whether you're new or experienced, you'll find an appropriate place to compete. With your skills and power, can you slash your way out of the battles and defeat all elite adventurers? Head to the arena and let your strength speak for itself. [Join a guild and unite] Adventurers don't have to fight alone. You can be rivals or comrades. Join or create a guild and challenge the mighty guild bosses with players from various nations. Participate in Guild War, develop custom Guild Technology, and receive rewards, bonuses, and power-upgrades! With real-time chat, multilingual communication is more seamless and fun than ever. No more hesitation! Take your heroes and venture out into the incredible continent of Evloyia today!
Release date
Jul 11, 2024


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