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Lead a nation through political drama, corruption, and tough choices in the text-based RPG Suzerain, with nine different endings.

As the elected President of Sordland, you must take charge of the nation during a turbulent period filled with political intrigue and danger. This text-based RPG places the weight of power squarely on your shoulders, as you navigate complex conversations with members of your cabinet and make tough decisions that will shape the future of your country. With a 400K-word branching narrative, every choice you make has ripple effects that will influence the security, economy, and diplomacy of Sordland. You'll have to draw on all of your leadership skills to build alliances and navigate the treacherous waters of politics, all while keeping a close eye on current events that could impact your decision-making process. Your values and beliefs will be tested at every turn, and the decisions you make will impact not just your country but also your family and closest relationships. Will you be true to the oath of office you've taken, or will the pressures of the job force you to compromise your principles? With nine major endings available, your legacy is entirely in your hands. But every decision you make is final, thanks to an autosave feature that prevents you from loading earlier saves. So choose your path carefully, and be prepared to deal with the consequences of your choices. Critical acclaim has been heaped upon Suzerain, with PC Gamer describing it as a combination of a choose-your-own-adventure-style visual novel and a Paradox-esque game, while Rock Paper Shotgun notes the game's realistic portrayal of politics. VICE hails the game as one of the most fascinating political strategy games in recent years, thanks to its nuanced and detailed dilemmas set against a backdrop of mid-20th century history in a fictional world. Experience the full story of Suzerain by purchasing the game through in-app purchases. Available only in English, this game is perfect for anyone who loves political intrigue and drama.
Torpor Games
Release date
Jul 25, 2022
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Suzerain: Democracy is for suckersKing Clean
Republic of Sordland | SuzerainThe Templin Institute
Suzerain | Review in 3 MinutesThe Escapist


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