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Game overview

Travel through space to explore real destinations, upgrade shuttle abilities, and collect comics to learn more about Stella's journey in Star Tap, an idle space clicker.

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Embark on a voyage like no other in Star Tap, an idle clicker game that traces the odyssey of Stella across the Milky Way and beyond. Join Stella on her once-in-a-lifetime expedition to authentic planets, the brightest celestial bodies in the 88 distinct constellations, Messier Objects, nebulas, and galaxies!

Star Tap is the perfect game for space enthusiasts as it allows players to travel to real locations throughout the universe such as Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and beyond. Additionally, players can visit some of the brightest stars on each constellation, including Polaris, Deneb, and Vega, as well as beautiful Messier objects without the fear of travelling towards a black hole.

As players make their way through the cosmos, they can customize their starships with new parts and decals that provide permanent stat bonuses. Collect comics about Stella's journey and discover more about her experiences in space and alien mysteries. As you gather resources, strategize and manufacture specialized drones to aid your mission. Are you in need of speed? Utilize the thruster drone. Need resources? Use resource drones. Do you desire to traverse space faster? Get the Starsoul drone.

You can speed up Stella's journey and decrease the estimated time of arrival (ETA) by tapping to increase travel speed. The higher you tap, the faster you will arrive at the next destination.

As you travel further and acquire experience, unlock and improve the shuttle's abilities to advance even more. Discovering it difficult to progress any longer? Utilize your mysterious power to reset Stella's journey and commence from the beginning with powerful enhancements gaining an edge in outer space.

Star Tap is a free-to-play incremental game that doesn't require continuous internet access, making it ideal for gamers and space lovers the world over.
Inzen (iCandy)
Release date
Aug 02, 2017

Gameplay & Streams

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