Soulworker Academia

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Play as a new soul worker in Soul Academia, upgrade with new rewards, level-up and participate in combat action with friends. #MMORPG #Academia

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Prepare to meet the new Soulworker in Academy, with the [Kai Aruel] update!! Don't miss out on the 7-day login rewards and level up benefits!

Don't forget to visit the official cafe at:

[Why we should meet at the academy]
โ–  Introduction to the game โ– 
โ–ถ Soulworker reborn as school MMORPG!
With great dorm life, club activities, cafe part-time jobs, luxurious hot springs facilities, exciting water gun fights, BBQ parties, and even a library! The academy is full of great content to enjoy!

โ–ถ Supreme combat action in a different dimension!
In addition to combos and evasions, level up and experience the moment of Soul awakening! Stop time with Soultime when a reversal is needed! Feel the overwhelming power that explodes with potential with each growth.

โ–ถ Strengthened battle contents!
From various mazes to 1:1 personal leagues and 3:3 PVP group battles! Complete the academy's unique battles with dazzling actions!

โ–ถ Various interactions with characters!
As you develop intimate relationships with characters through Soul resonance, more combat skills are unlocked! Enjoy the academy together with cafe dates, park walks, and shopping.

[Why we chose the academy]

โ–  Official community
Get the latest news on Soulworker Academy!
# Official Cafe:
# Official Discord:
# Official Site: https: //

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Photos, media, and file storage
Used to run the game and store game information.

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-Android 6.0 or later: Go to Settings>Apps>Select permission levels>Permission list>Select consent or revocation.
-Android 6.0 or earlier: upgrade the operating system to revoke access permission, or delete the app.
*Note: Some apps may not provide individual consent functionality, and access permissions can be revoked using the above methods.
*If you are using an Android version lower than 6.0, it is recommended to upgrade to version 6.0 or higher, as you cannot set optional access permissions individually.
Developer contact:
Contact: 1670-1519
3F, Sehwa Building, 524 Samsung-ro,
Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Business registration number: 621-85-41557
Mail-order sales report number: 2017-Seoul Gangnam-00329.
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