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Game overview

Enter Aventuria as human, elf or dwarf and fight your way through up to 100 levels against a horde of orks and goblins in Skilltree Saga: a casual RPG with Rogue-like Elements.

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Skilltree Saga is a unique casual RPG game that offers rogue-like elements set in the world of The Dark Eye. As a player, you can choose between three different races - humans, elves, or dwarves - and engage in battle with random opponents in up to 100 challenging stages. With numerous skills to enhance and improve, the game offers an exciting and captivating storyline.

The game's story revolves around a nefarious group of orks and goblins led by the evil Dark Ruler Sargul, who are attacking the city of Griffonford. To make matters worse, the daughter of Baron Griffontrue, your beloved, has been abducted, forcing you to follow in pursuit. After being rescued by a master of Elemental Knight, you are given the chance to join this alliance society and undergo intensive training to defeat the sinister spawn that are threatening to occupy Aventuria.

One of the most exciting features of Skilltree Saga is the rogue-like elements the game offers. The game is packed with randomly generated monsters and treasures waiting for the brave Elemental Knight in the margraviate of Griffonford. As you acquire gear, you can equip it to enhance your attributes like Strength, Cleverness, or Constitution. Additionally, you can find potions to replenish your Astral Energy or invest diamonds to purchase even more helpful potions.

Furthermore, the game offers round-based dueling, which requires players to use well-thought-out approaches. With various skills to choose from, you can damage your enemy with wind and water magic or bring them down with powerful fire spells. Be ready to face hordes of orks and goblins as your opponents will be skilled in fighting back, using their skills to make them stronger, tougher to defeat you.

As you progress in the game, you can collect Adventure Points through level ups to enhance your skills and learn new spells. With up to 100 level deep challenging dungeons, you can choose between various adventures that you’ll try to master. On plenty of stages, you’ll encounter dangerous fiends and find twinkling treasure chests or bracing healing fountains. Sometimes, you'll come across a shady goblin merchant that could sell you items on your troublesome journey. However, if you fail your quest, you'll restart anew, becoming more experienced. Only the mightiest ones will challenge the heavy end bosses and can immortalize their name as a hero in the hall of fame.

In conclusion, Skilltree Saga is a must-play game. Follow the developer group on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to keep track of future updates. If you happen to run into any problems or have any feedback, send them an email at
Headup GmbH
Release date
Sep 10, 2015
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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