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Help Sint collect presents and cookies, deliver them to the right chimneys before dawn, and watch out for slippery roofs, sharp edges, and dangerous birds.

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Christmas is in peril as Sint’s huge sack, carrying gingerbread cookies and presents, has been robbed. Sint needs your help in collecting and retrieving all the lost gingerbread cookies and presents which the thieves have dropped carelessly while making their escape. The mission is to match each lost item to its respective chimney, making sure that all the items are delivered to the designated chimneys before daybreak.

Every chimney has specific instructions on what items they are expecting. The number of cookies to be delivered is also indicated on the chimney, so keep a lookout. Although Sint has the ability to carry several presents, he can only drop them one at a time in the furnace. Therefore, Sint must find a chimney that matches the first present color he picks up, or collect the items in the correct order.

You must ensure that Sint delivers all the items before the sun comes up. Watching the timer at the bottom of the screen will help you keep track. Successfully completing a level with ample time can open up a bonus level for you to play.

To ensure success, Sint must maneuver over rooftops-highly chilled places to be. The roofs are slippery and sometimes have sharp TV antennae. Moreover, there are birds to contend with; some of the birds are malicious and will steal cookies and presents and even attack Sint.

As you collect cookies and presents for Sint to make deliveries, make sure to collect all the chocolate letters, which spell out “SINT,” as these give you an extra life.

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Release date
Nov 08, 2012
Single player


Sint Nicolaas (a.k.a. Saint Nicholas) (Wiering Software) (MS-DOS) [1998] [PC Longplay]La Mazmorra Abandon
LGR - Sint Nicolaas - DOS PC Game ReviewLGR
Sint Nicolaas (Wiering Software, 1998)LoveBerry Gaming
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