Shinobi Legends

Shinobi Legends

Bairam Aslan
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Game overview

Embark on a perilous journey as a legendary ninja in Shinobi Legends. Unravel a gripping storyline, rebuild your village, engage in dynamic combat, and explore an open-world environment.

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Enter the world of Shinobi Legends, an enthralling open-world mobile game that centers around the adventures of a renowned ninja featured in a popular anime. The story follows the path of a warrior whose village has been ravaged and his love taken from him by a merciless foe. Venture into uncharted territory to locate your missing partner and restore your dignity.

Make your way through a suspenseful plotline as you encounter intriguing personalities, menacing adversaries, and unforeseen allies while pursuing justice and redemption. Unravel the mysteries behind this misfortune as you rebuild your village and restore it to its former glory

Take charge of the rebuilding of your once flourishing shinobi community. Gather essential supplies, recruit skilled villagers, and build infrastructure to aid you on your journey. Make it stand out under the verdant foliage's shade.

Take part in simple dynamic combat utilizing your esteemed shinobi prowess. Engage in real-time battles against your formidable opponents, employing rapid-fire combos, unleashing potent jutsus (special abilities), and applying strategic tactics to conquer enemies with just a swift finger. Gain new abilities as you progress, upgrade your ninja equipment and develop your unique fighting style, matching each challenge that confronts you.

Embark on open-world exploration as you wander freely through your environment uncovering every nuance. Different enemies, obstacles, dungeons, magic portals, and concealed treasures await you as you travel.

It's an odyssey highlighting revenge, redemption, and love. The destiny of your village and the opportunity to reunite with your partner rests in your hands. Will you triumph over the ashes and become the preeminent shinobi?
Bairam Aslan
Release date
Jun 01, 2023
Open world

Gameplay & Streams

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