Sheep Dreams Are Made of This

Sheep Dreams Are Made of This

MiniChimera Game Studio
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Game overview

In Sheep Dreams Are Made of This, collect memories as a helpless sheep while racing against an 8-hour time limit. Use "snooze" or pills to continue.

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In Sheep Dreams Are Made of This, you will take on the role of a man trapped in a never-ending nightmare for 17 years and transformed into a sheep who can only run, leap and pick up pieces of his lost memories.

As you gather more fragments, delve deeper into the character's history, and reflect on his life and decisions.

The game features an 8-hour time limit (in real-time, even when the game is not open), which represents a night of sleep. If this time runs out, it means the hero will wake up and you will be forced to start the nightmare from scratch on the next night.

Fortunately, you have some options at your disposal to make the task easier. You can choose to "snooze" in the game to gain an additional 10 minutes before returning to the dream. You may use Snooze up to three times per night, after which you must awaken. Alternatively, you can opt to take a sleeping pill, a more aggressive option which will allow you to sleep until the nightmare is over and eliminate the 8-hour limit.

Sleep tight! ;)
MiniChimera Game Studio
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