GamesRoyal Pirates

Game overview

Sail the seas as a captain with a crew of automated pirates, obtain legendary equipment and forge unique alliances to become the ultimate Pirate King.

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The endless sea and sparkling stars bear witness to the world's ever-changing nature. As continents sink and the tides swell, untold tales etched into the ocean's depths await a brave Captain's discoveries. Will you take the helm and embark on a journey filled with decadent ruins, diverse companions, and a rich narrative awaiting discovery?

【Auto-battle system and Hands-free Fun】
Avoid a mutiny by enlisting a specialist crew of mud legged pirates, who will fight with ease and automatic precision!
Elevate your battle tactics and acquire a wealth of legendary equipment and mythical heroes while having some leisure time.
Even when offline, collect generous rewards and continue your conquering of high seas!

【Strategic Domination and Endless Enjoyment】
Become the envy of all seas with over 100 heroes and hundreds of unique skills to explore!
Collect and forge rare weapons and significantly enhance your combat power in this world of swashbuckling adventure!
Utilize the perfect equipment combination and create rich strategies to experience ease of gameplay with little effort.

【Diverse Gameplay, Rich Social Interaction, and Shared Adventures】
Unleash your inner pirate with battles, collection, nurturing, maritime exploration, and mysterious treasures!
Experiment with different lineups and companion positions to triumph over strength with weakness, exploring deeper strategic game depth.
Collect exquisite cards, unlock bond bonuses, and assemble from 12 major factions and 83+ characters, earning the title of Pirate King of the high seas!

【Unwavering Passion and Pirate Alliances】
Tangle with formidable alliance bosses and snatch dominion over the seas, becoming the unrivaled Pirate King!
Join forces with fellow captains to form the mightiest Pirate Alliance and craft your legendary feast!

【Global Competition, Peak Challenge】
Display your seafaring skills and engage in thrilling PvP battles with players worldwide!
Conquer the rankings, hoarding powerful booty and achieving ultimate glory!
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