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Rainbow Meteor is an intense arcade game where you choose from 4 characters with unique abilities to defend against a meteor shower.

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Rainbow Meteor is an intense arcade game that requires players to defend against a barrage of meteors using a range of characters, each with their own unique abilities to hit or dodge meteors based on their color. Players will need to hit brown, blue and ice meteors while dodging grey, yellow, fire and lightning ones. However, special attacks can be used on any type of meteor, and rainbow power-ups can change the color of meteorites. Players must avoid taking hits while in an idle position or hitting/dodging the wrong meteors as they'll cause the loss of HP. The goal is to keep your hit points above zero until the end of the level.

The characters in Rainbow Meteor each have their own bios, abilities, weapons, and special moves. For instance, Superhuman is a highly durable superhero with incredible strength, moving at breakneck speeds. His moves include Super Punch, High Speed Movement, Comet throw, and Thunderclap. On the other hand, Mage is a skilled magician who specializes in fire, ice, and lightning magic with moves such as Magic Attack, Intangibility, Magic Asteroid, Mage Beam, and Thunderbolt. Then there's Ninja, the quick-witted master swordsman who throws ninja stars with pure accuracy. He has amazing speed, strength, and skill which he uses to slice mountains and nullify incoming asteroids with Sword Slash, Substitution, Quick Movement, Clone, Shockwave Slash, and Shuriken Spread. Finally, there's Telepath, an immensely powerful psychic who can teleport, create portals, control gravity, and use telekinesis strong enough to manipulate millions of tons. His moves include Barrier, Portal Transfer, Teleport, Telekinetic Meteorite, and Blackhole.

All in all, Rainbow Meteor is a fun and challenging game that demands excellent reflexes, quick thinking, and great focus to overcome its many obstacles. Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate defender against the incoming meteor storm?
Hardai Games
Release date
Apr 02, 2017
Single player


Rainbow MeteorHardai Games
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