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RO: Battle of Ragnarok aftermath discovers humans as the most dominant race with unique features like adventure, 3D world exploration, VFX, PVP, pets, and private homes.

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In the Battle of Ragnarok, the formidable alliance of Gods and Giants fought bravely against Demon King Morroc and the dragons. Though their victory was hard-earned, they couldn't escape the horrors of the war. The God Odin disappeared, the Creator Giant Yimir sacrificed himself to save the weakening Yggdrasil, and the dragons were banished to the dark regions of the Nine Realms as the defeated party. In stark contrast, humans, once the weakest race, emerged victorious and started flourishing. They soon became the most powerful and flourishing race in the post-Ragnarok era.

As time passed, the wounds of the battle began to heal and the survivors of Gods and Giants began to resurface. Even a few humans sighted the elusive dragons. However, Demon King Morroc had regained its power and started desiring the energy of the World of Yggdrasil again.

This captivating adventure of RO begins here.

==== Game Features ====
The new version, 2.0 is now available, offering a new and exciting journey to explore the Next Generation universe.

▶A massive 3D world to explore
The game offers numerous features such as diverse and unique cities, wildernesses, and mazes along with hazardous instances that induce nostalgia. Partner up with various characters to uncover the numerous mysteries of Midgards.

▶VFX that breaks the mold
The game offers breathtaking art styles, real-time rendering and finely-tuned character animations that will delight your eyes. Witness the natural transition from sunlight to weather that gives life-like experience to the world.

▶Extensive and user-friendly class system
All 60 original classes are available now, continuously supplemented by 8 collaboration classes & 3 unique hero classes. Block and control enemies or heal teammates; your role can change with a press of a button. Get surprised with the incredible scenarios that develop through your journey.

▶Unique and personalized outfits
Choose from thousands of looks and headwears to dress up differently every day. The game offers numerous single and two-man mounts that you can collect to fulfil your collection dreams. Invite your friends and have a fashion showdown with them.

▶Realistic social interaction
The game offers convenient party voice chat and various emojis and poses that give you wider communication options with other players. The Exchange and Auction House enables adventurers to trade their loot. Sign a contract with your sweetheart, exchange wedding rings, and have a grand ceremony while millions watch you online.

▶The mightiest king of battle
Multi-mode casual and competitive PVP, GVG gameplay, clash of the mighty, reasonable composition with the most robust strategy, fight for glory together!

▶Cute pets can be caught all over the map
In your journey, monsters can become your allies and serve as pets. Catch, feed, and fuse with them to enhance your affiliation with the pet and merge them into the rare and powerful ones.

▶Private homes with handpicked items
Furniture, collectibles, and ornaments can be custom made by you. Renovate your garden and house layout, welcome your friends, serve them the best cuisine, and have a laid-back lifestyle away from the battlefield.

==== System Requirements ====
The game requires Android version 5.0 or later and minimum RAM of 2GB. For the best experience, 4GB RAM is recommended.

==== Contact Us ====
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