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Quaddro 2

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Game overview

Quaddro 2: A challenging game that improves your concentration, logic, and problem-solving skills with 80 levels of increasing difficulty and various modifiers.

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Quaddro 2 is a thrilling game that enhances your focus and reasoning abilities. Immerse yourself in 80 levels meticulously designed by our competent team, indisputably ascending in difficulty.


The gameplay of Quaddro 2 is incredibly straightforward yet engaging. You can change the position of the dots freely, ultimately creating either a square with 4 or 9 dots. You hold the freedom to move as many dots simultaneously, which appears as if you are dragging a snake across each level. The dots come in 3 different colors, green, blue and red, but keep in mind that a square can only be generated by dots of the same color.


This game pack comprises a plethora of varying modifiers that will challenge you to think unconventionally and beyond your capabilities.

• Movable Platforms: These transform the level's layout by vibrating pieces of the board both horizontally and vertically.

• Turn Modifier: Rotate boards and its contents in 90 or 180-degree rotations.

• Mirror Modifier: Exchanges platform places

• Wall modifier: "blocks the access certain parts of the level until you perform a specific action"

• Timer Modifier: Dwindling seconds only mean one thing, be quick in your actions, or the level's layout will alter once the timer expires.

Quaddro 2 is enjoyable and quite emotionally satisfying, leaving little room for boredom. Play it now and witness your improvement in concentration, quick thinking and problem-solving skills.
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