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Game overview

Play Tile Rummy, a popular game of strategy and luck. Multiple variations, AI opponents, and customizable options make Pup Rummy a must-have app.

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Get ready to indulge in the engaging game of Tile Rummy, famously known as Rummy Tiles. Strategically place your tiles in sets of three or more similar tiles, with the added advantage of using the jokers as wildcard tiles. Creatively rearrange the already placed tiles to unlock new possibilities, and if you happen to play all your tiles first, congratulations, you win!

Pup Rummy is a globally loved game available in various versions that require luck and skill. This app is packed with numerous game variations, including PLUS mode and lite mode, with limited functions. Upgrade to PLUS mode through FREE, with more ads during the game, or paid in-app purchases with no ads at all, to access all features.

Pup Rummy lets you experience the following features, depending on your chosen mode:

- Play up to 10 distinct built-in game types, or create your own custom game types.
- Play solo with one to three computer opponents or against 16 different players with different skill levels and winning strategies.
- Select either time limit per turn or none at all, depending on the difficulty.
- Undo/redo all moves in your turn, quickly organize groups by color, type, and value with just one tap for seamless gameplay.
- Seek assistance with hints when you are stuck, take a break anytime, and resume playing later.
- Select your preferred tile sizes, adjust the speed of the tile movement, choose among the eight included tile sets, and pick from a selection of included game backgrounds.
- Checkout your scores for each table and reset it whenever required.
- PLUS mode lets you combine the available game rule options to create and experience millions of possible game types.
- The game animations and scrolling parking area make playing easy and enjoyable.

Get started by effortlessly dragging your tiles across the screen. Or better yet, choose matching tiles and drag them in one go. Relish engaging gameplay with animated opponent moves, and use the overview feature to view the entire table and create new combinations.

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